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FSR DE at VIR Oct 19–20
Fall Fling Oct 20–21
Fall Foliage Tour Oct 21
Planning Meeting Nov 9
Turkeys in the Frunk Nov 17
Holiday Party Dec 2


Susan Bryant
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Susan Bryant face
Susan Bryant
Susan joined our region in 2011. Notice the "I TARDIS" license plate on her yellow 2004 Boxster S in this picture of her driving at VIR in the 2011 Euroclassics DE, with Rick Ebinger in the right seat. What does "I TARDIS" mean? "I'm late"? Or does it refer to the machine that Dr. Who uses to travel anywhere in time or space (See this article in Urban Dictionary).
Here is Susan and "I TARDIS" covering a lot of space in very little time at one of our autocrosses.
Finally, here are Susan and "I TARDIS" standing still on Herb's lawn during the 2011 Anniversary Party and in a mall parking lot (photo by Rick Ebinger).