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Porsches at the 2018 RPM concours 2018 Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) concours cars on the Virginia Crossings lawn. The Porsche corral is in the background.

Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) 2018
by Jim Condon        Posted 2018 June 17

Rain in the forecast threatened the 22nd annual RPM concours on Saturdy, June 2, but the rain didn't happen. Not only that, but the courtyard lawn at the Virginia Crossings Hotel and Conference Center in Glen Allen was sufficiently dry and firm that hotel management agreed to allow both concours and Porsche corral parking on the grass. Click here to see the photo gallery covering both the concours and the Saturday awards banquet.

Chief concours judge Dave Lasch met with his concours judges what looks like a "hanging tree" (see photo gallery); the judges all wore yellow polo shirts instead of black robes. These judges scored cars entered in five classes: 356, early 911, water-cooled 911, 924/944/968/928, and Boxster/Cayman. After the judges picked the class winners, representatives of concours title sponsor Euroclassics Porsche chose one to be the overall "best of show" winner. The class winners were John Ashford's 1957 Speedster, Jacques Leblanc's 1987 slantnose turbo, Bruce Russell's 2012 Carrera S, George Michaels' 1991 928 GT, and the 2018 Cayman GTS entered by Sherry Westfall and Jim Condon. The "best of show" award went to George Michaels' 928 GT, and the People's Choice winner was John Ashford's 1957 Speedster.

An excellent buffet lunch was served in the dining room. After lunch, cars lined up for a tour, designed by Randy Bell, to Hanover Tavern.

The Saturday Evening awards banquet was sponsored by Dorn's Body & Paint. Before dinner we heard Dan Rowzie recall his adventures co-driving a 911 RSR with an IROC racing engine in the 1975 running of the legendary "Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash" (a.k.a. Cannonball Run) outlaw race from New York City to Redondo Beach. They included eluding police in new Jersey, getting a ticket in Texas, and passing competitors at 130 mph to psych them out.

After dinner the concours awards were presented and lucky numbers were drawn for prizes.

The 996/VW The 996/VW Lemons car: Is it coming or is it going? The Drivers Club at Dominion Raceway
RPM Autocross

by Jim Condon       Posted 2018 June 8

The Drivers Club at Dominion Raceway is the title sponsor of the 2018 RPM autocross. Next year the RPM autocross will be at the Dominion Raceway itself.

Optimistic drivers who braved dire predictions of rain on June 3 were rewarded with a high-speed autocross on a parking lot at the Richmond Raceway Complex (RRC), formerly known as the Richmond International Raceway (RIR). Storms circled around the autocross site but never made a direct hit, so the asphalt remained dry throughout the event and, as an added benefit, the air remained mercifully cool.

The RRC parking lot is very long, so Rick could a design fast course with three straights, a hairpin turn, a slalom, a spiral to bring down speeds just before the finish line, and enough runoff room that everybody stayed clear of the fences.

Jonathan Newhall kept his ailing 914 running long enough to grab another FTD at 45.275 seconds, followed closely by Richard Gray in his 996 Turbo at 45.475 seconds. Engelbert Muelhaupt slayed a number of cones but managed a clean run at 46.004 seconds to fill out the podium. The vehicle attracting the most attention was a 2000 996/VW Lemons car driven by Justin Loehlein, Chris Cann, and Robert Harrison. Inside it is mostly VW and the rear end is the front of a Passat. The front end looks like a Porsche 996, so this chimera has been called a "Porschat". As the photo suggests, it seems to be approaching from both ends.

The class winners were:

  • p03    Mike Kilmer (1983 911 SC)               50.985 s
  • p04    Jeffrey Elmore (1999 Carrera 4         46.398 s
  • p05    Jim Condon (2018 Cayman GTS)       46.209 s
  • i01     Jonathan Newhall (1973 914)           45.275 s
  • lad     Sherry Westfall (2018 Cayman GTS) 48.318 s
  • Here are all of the results, sorted by time and by class. To see the photo gallery covering this event, click here.

    Porsche of the Week Photo Porsche of the Week
    by Jim Condon        Posted 2018 June 8

    Claudia Muelhaupt's photo of Engelbert autocrossing his very green 1971 911T was named the PCA national Porsche Photo of the Week. The photo was accompanied by the text below.

    Porsche of the Week Photo by Claudia Muelhaupt. Shenandoah Region.

    "Our 1971 911T was completely restored by my husband, Engelbert, nine years ago, and many sheet metal parts were replaced in the process, such as the complete floor, rocker panels, front suspension pan, etc.

    "He made the flares, from fiberglass, to fit the 17 x 8– and 17 x 9–inch wheels with Hoosiers sized 245 mm in front and 295 mm at the rear.

    "He runs the car in F–Prepared in SCCA class and in Improved Porsche in PCA with the Shenandoah Region."

    Congratulations to both Muelhaupts!

    Shenandoah PCA small logo Shenandoah Membership Milestones, June 2018
    by John Odden, Membership Chair

       25 Years: Bruce Russell

       10 Years: Steve Heim

         5 Years: Dan Shenk

    PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   May 2018 Membership Report
    by John Odden, Membership Chair        Posted 2018 Jun 5

    Primary Members–266
    Affiliate Members–154
    Total Membership–420

    New members:

    • Mark Baker of Charlottesville, VA – 2000 Boxster

    Transferred out:

    Steve Carter to Chipley, FL

    Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

    Jonathan Newhall's 
3-wheeler Jonathan Newhall's 3-wheeler Autocross #1 at Verona
    by Jim Condon       Posted 2018 May 17

    For our first autocross on May 12, designer Rick Ebinger squeezed a lot of mileage into the limited area of the main parking lot that we can still use at Verona. His course included two concentric counterclockwise loops, a drag race, a real slalom, a fake slalom, and four transitions between the asphalt and concrete parts of the parking lot. It was fast but long enough that Alex Burkhart took 45.001 seconds to capture the FTD, and Jonathan Newhall had the shortest time in a Porsche — 45.190 seconds. The fastest lady was Langlee King, at 46.642 seconds in Will King's Honda S2000. Jim Condon and Sherry Westfall completed the 2000 mile run-in on their new Cayman GTS just before this autocross and drove it at speed for the first time.

    Here are all of the results, sorted by time and by class. To see the photo gallery covering this event, click here.

    Porsches on the Blue Ridge Parkway Peaks of Otter Tour
    by Jim Condon       Posted 2018 May 14

    Dan Kuchenberg and Jason Wavell organized a very successful tour along the Blue Ridge Parkway on April 28. It started at the the Humpback Rocks visitor center, made a short detour for a pit stop at Montebello (the "facilities" at the Humpback Rocks visitor center were still closed for the winter), and ended at the Peaks of Otter visitor center and restaurant. Most importantly, Dan made sure to pick a perfect sunny spring day so the Boxster and Cab drivers could go topless. The trees ranged from nearly bare at the highest altitudes to still blooming somewhat lower to green and leafy in the lowest gaps.

    To see the photo gallery covering this event, click here. The oldest car was Alex Sullivan's red 1966 911T, and there were two red air-cooled Carreras. A Panamera, a Cayenne, and a Macan represented the four-door contingent. Check out the photo Larry Markley's beautiful 997 Turbo S Cab with the XOTK license plate.

    Purely by coincidence, at the Peaks of Otter we encountered an independent PCA tour led by Vic and TJ Friedman from the Hurricane Region. They handed out chocolate gold "coins" with the Porsche Crest to Shenandoah members.

    After lunch we drove home our separate ways, and Sherry Westfall discovered a number of Trilliums blooming by the road near Petites Gap, about 10 miles north of the Peaks of Otter (see the final photo in the gallery).

    Shenandoah PCA small logo Shenandoah Membership Milestones, May 2018
    by John Odden, Membership Chair

       15 Years: Johnny Johnson

       10 Years: Cam Abernethy

         5 Years: Richard Gray

    PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   April 2018 Membership Report
    by John Odden, Membership Chair        Posted 2018 May 5

    Primary Members–264
    Affiliate Members–156
    Total Membership–420

    New members:

    • Wesley Siever of Broadway, VA – 2013 911 Carrera S
    • Kenneth Schmalzbach of Palmyra, VA – 2014 Cayman S
    No members transferred into or out of the Region this month.

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    The Shenandoah Gearheads Wordplay 2018
    by Mark Doherty     Posted 2018 May 5

    Many thanks to the Shenandoah PCA "Gearheads" Mark Francis, Kim Butcher, and Jeffrey Elmore for helping to make the 11th annual Wordplay a roaring success. The Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville and Albermarle send their thanks to the Team, and to the Club for both participation and generous sponsorship. If you have never attended this event, please be on the lookout for the announcement of next year's edition. Great fun, a worthy cause, and Jeopardy on steroids! Click here for photos from Wordplay 2018.

    Jacque Landry waiting for Ray Schumin to release him
    onto the slalom exercise
    2018 Autocross School at Verona
    by Jim Condon       Posted 2018 May 5

    To see the photo gallery from this event, click here.

    The 2018 autocross school began on a nice bright sunshiny April 14 morning following an unusually cold and gray early spring. Rick Ebinger brought his new and very green truck with the autocross supplies box and set up an autocross course marked with numerous cones and flour lines to guide novice drivers. Professor Ebinger also delivered the autocross lecture and led the track walk for autocross students.

    Two exercises were set up inside the autocross course: a braking box and a slalom. Drivers were separated into two groups so both exercises could be run simultaneously. That left enough time that everybody got many runs on the full autocross course during the afternoon. Erik Boody set up the starting lights and timer so drivers could monitor their progress, but no times were recorded. The first "official" autocross at Verona is scheduled for May 12.

    Shenandoah PCA small logo Shenandoah Membership Milestones, April 2018
    by John Odden, Membership Chair

         5 Years: Beverly McNeill

    PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   March 2018 Membership Report
    by John Odden, Membership Chair        Posted 2018 April 1

    Primary Members–268
    Affiliate Members–156
    Total Membership–424

    New members:

    • Ed Hiter of Harrisonburg, VA – 2007 911 Carrera 4
    • Rafael Ravelo of Monroe, VA – 2001 911 Carrera
    • Chris Hammond of Troy, VA – 1987 911 Carrera
    • John Fowler of Millboro Springs, VA – 1981 911 SC Targa

    Transferred in:

    Kevin Sheets of Crimora, VA from the Outer Banks of N.C. (First Settlers Region)

    No members transferred out of the Region this month.

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    Shenandoah PCA small logo Shenandoah Membership Milestones, March 2018
    by John Odden, Membership Chair

       25 Years: Brian Fox, Joe Digirolamo

       10 Years: Bob Brown

         5 Years: Dean Reavis

    PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   February 2018 Membership Report
    by John Odden, Membership Chair        Posted 2018 March 1

    Primary Members–265
    Affiliate Members–156
    Total Membership–421

    New members:

    • Stewart Whitehurst of Charlottesville, VA – 2001 Boxster S
    • Sean Miller of Charlottesville, VA – 2011 911 Turbo
    • Bruce Vlk of Charlottesville, VA – 2004 911 4S
    • Ed Rehorn of Earlysville, VA – 1974 914 2.0

    No members transferred into or out of the Region this month.

    Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

    Dorn's Body & Paint, Mechanicsville Tech Session—Dorn's Body & Paint, Feb 24, 2018
    by John Odden          Posted 2018 March 1

    Barry Dorn, Vice President of Dorn's Body & Paint greeted 16 Shenandoah Region members with coffee and a bountiful array of pastries for an introduction to the advanced elements of collision repair of premium vehicles. Dorn's Body & Paint is one of two Porsche Factory Certified repair centers in Virginia and the only one in central Virginia. Dorn's is also factory certified for Tesla, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo. Factory certification requires extensive personnel training and a broad investment in equipment to meet manufacturer's specifications.

    To see the photo gallery from this event, click here.

    We were presented with the complexities of working with the combination of a steel structure and aluminum panels. Due to galvanic action of dissimilar metals, the two materials cannot come in contact with each other. Very specialized bonding materials must be used to insure the two materials do not interact. With the increased government mandated mileage requirements of motor vehicles, the automobile manufacturers are using more aluminum to reduce weight and increase fuel economy. We learned that there are very few collision repair operations that have the ability to work with aluminum. An interesting point with aluminum is that it has no "memory" whereas steel has memory. Steel is inclined to resume its original stamped shape and aluminum does not. This makes repair of aluminum a very challenging undertaking.

    We had the opportunity to view a current model Range Rover which is all aluminum including the frame rails. The vehicle had a front end collision which damaged the initial 18" of aluminum frame rail. The engine and transmission required removal to perform the repair. Dorn's cut out the damaged portion and welded new aluminum frame rails to the existing frame. This required, in additional to aluminum welding, eight different factory specified rivets and a special bonding compound manufactured by 3M which is only available for purchase from the UK. The Range Rover was on a special jig to insure proper alignment of the frame. The repair cost for this vehicle was approximately $50,000.

    All in attendance received a very detailed education on the sensors that current automobiles have. These include backup cameras, distance detectors, blind spot monitors, and adaptive cruise control. Barry Dorn, who is on many national collision-repair boards and councils, shared with us that the paint thickness is a critical component for these sensors to function properly after a repair. An additional layer of paint can make a sensor inoperable. Paint thickness is now a critical component to collision repair. The sensing safely systems in current automobiles are called ADAS, Advance Driver Assist Systems. After a collision repair, it requires twelve hours of calibration to recalibrate all of these safety systems. Porsche, Audi, Tesla, and Mercedes Benz are the leading manufacturers providing these advanced systems.

    A common maintenance service to prolong tire life and reduce wear is a front-end alignment. Barry shared the common service provided is typically "toe and go". The two other critical adjustments besides toe adjustment are castor and camber. Today's cars monitor the steering angle through a Steering Angle Inclination Sensor. These sensors must be reset after each front-end alignment. Not having these important sensors reset to the new settings can cause a vehicle rollover in a crash-avoidance maneuver. How many shops actually address the Steering Inclination Sensor? Less than 1% have the equipment to perform this very important component of a front-end alignment.

    We were treated to a delicious lunch from Panera Bread and our choice of YETI thermal mugs with the Dorn's Body and Paint logo and Porsche Collision Repair Center embossed on them. Flow Porsche provided a beautiful 2018 metallic gray Porsche Panamera for us to view during our session at Dorn's.

    Shenandoah PCA small logo Shenandoah Membership Milestones, February 2018
    by John Odden, Membership Chair

       20 Years: Brian Dodge

       10 Years: Deane Parker

    PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   January 2018 Membership Report
    by John Odden, Membership Chair        Posted 2018 February 2

    Primary Members–263
    Affiliate Members–156
    Total Membership–419

    New members:

    • Dick Pitini of Powhatan, VA – 2017 Macan GTS
    • Scott Roberts of Stuarts Draft, VA – 2008 Boxster
    • Roger Briney of Charlottesville, VA – 2003 Boxster
    • Ron Perry of Waynesboro, VA – 1978 911 SC

    One member transferred into the Region:

    • David Lane of Charlottesville, VA – 2006 Boxster S

    No members transferred out of the Region.

    Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

    A thank you note from the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

    Daniel Wendell polishing Steve Upman's Carrera Tech Session at Automotive Aesthetic
    by Jim Condon          Posted 2018 January 24

    Daniel Wendell, the owner of Automotive Aesthetic in Charlottesville, opened his shop to a large contingent of Shenandoah PCA members and other "car guys" for a tech session on January 20. Daniel is a lifelong PCA member from a PCA family.

    To see the photo gallery from this event, click here.

    After gathering for coffee, donuts, and talk, we sat down and learned about detailing from Daniel. He covered the three stages of detailing: (1) decontamination, (2) rejuvenation, and (3) preservation. For decontamination (washing) he recommended the "three bucket" system. The first bucket is for wheels, which should be done first because they are usually the dirtiest part of the car. He uses special chemicals that attack the iron in brake dust, dissolving it into a red liquid that can be rinsed or wiped off with a soft brush. For washing the paint he uses separate "clean" and "dirty" buckets with plastic grids on the bottom where dirt can settle out. This reduces the chance of adding swirl marks to the paint by washing it with a dirty mitt. For drying he uses a blow dryer or a thick microfiber towel.

    The second stage is rejuvenation — polishing, removing scratches, correcting paint flaws, etc. Knowing how to do this and having the right tools (e.g., orbital polishers, paint depth gauges) is important, and is often best left to the pros.

    The third and final stage is protection, which can be anything from simple waxing to applying "glass" or "ceramic" coating to covering with plastic film. Daniel recommends carnuba wax primarily for show cars and garage queens because it is not very durable. He also applies Modesta glass coatings and plastic films. His takeaway message is that the skill of the person doing this work is critical.

    After a question-and-answer session, Daniel demonstrated polishing on Steve Upman's 911 Carrera. Daniel also rents garage space for people to store their cars. For example, Dave Lasch stores his recently restored 356SC there because he doesn't have a suitable garage at home.

    The tech session concluded with pizza and drinks for all.

    Shenandoah PCA small logo Shenandoah Membership Milestones, January 2018
    by John Odden, Membership Chair

       20 Years: Erik Boody, John Angle

       10 Years: Paul Sponseller

         5 Years: Ken Nachman, Alex Sullivan

    PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   December 2017 Membership Report
    by John Odden, Membership Chair        Posted 2018 January 4

    Primary Members–261
    Affiliate Members–155
    Total Membership–416

    New members:

    • Neil Raines of Harrisonburg, VA – 2014 Boxster
    • John Robertson of Charlottesville, VA – 2011 Cayman S
    • David Tyson of Scottsville, VA – 2002 911 Turbo

    No members transferred into or out of the Region

    Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

      Pat Daily — Celebration of Life
    by Jim Condon          Posted 2017 December 18

    A celebration of long-time Shenandoah Region member Pat Daily's life was held on December 17 at 2:00 PM at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond. Click here to see photos from this event.

    Pat's wife Sandie, his daughter Shannon, and his Porsche friend Dick Pitman recalled different aspects of Pat's full life and many contributions to his family, his friends, and his country. Others who spoke included his brother and sister, his son-in-law Hamilton, a business associate, and a member of his model airplane club. After this celebration of life, Pat was honored by the U.S. Navy at the Virginia War Memorial, after which the flag shown at the left was presented to Sandie.

    Pat's 1963 356B was parked outside and will pass into the care of Shannon and Hamilton. Shenandoah Region members present included Dick Pitman, Alex & Gail Smith, Bruce Russell, Deane Parker, Hank Weil, John Odden, Jim Condon, and Sherry Westfall.

    Pat with "Fast Frieda" at the 2009 RPM concours    Remembering Pat Daily
       by Dick Pitman        Posted 2017 December 12

    Pat was introduced to me over 20 years ago by a Retired USMC Aviator who worked with Pat at UNOS. Pat was the "Executive Director for Operations" at the "United Network For Organ Sharing" in Richmond. My friend said, "Pat has a car like yours"—meaning a 356! OK, I'm in!

    Pat had retired from the US Navy Medical Service Corps as a Captain (0-7). His last command was as the Commanding Officer of the US Naval Hospital Subic Bay Philippines. One evening he and his bride Sandie were out for supper and he struck up a conversation with their waitress. He asked her where she was born and she told him, "Naval Hospital Subic Bay"! Pat said, "When you go home I want you to look at your birth certificate and see if Capt Pat Daily signed it."

    Autocrossing at Southside Speedway
    My Marine pilot friend, Pat, and I had lunch one day, driving our 356s so we could see each other's. Pat said, "You have to come to RPM!" I said "Whats that?" "Richmond Porsche Meet, dummy, it's at Alex Smith's place." OK, sounds like fun if there are more Porsches like ours! "You'll love it" and I did.

    So thats how our friendship started! How could you not have a friend with such a big smile and outgoing personality?

    Pat would auto cross FAST FRIEDA at Southside Race Track on the Sunday mornings after the RPM Concours and really got it going. Pat loved to drive his Heron Grey, NOT WHITE, 1963 356B Coupe. He would lead the driving tours after the Concours at Alex's with me in trail behind him, with a bad valve, pedalling like crazy trying to keep up.

    You couldn't miss Pat's car with the badges. Lately Pat's passions went to building and flying scale model radio controlled airplanes with a group named "Maxecuters." These were and are truly works of art. They would fly them at Mike Dale's place in Remington. Mike was a former RAF pilot and retired President of Jaguar North America. I am truly sorry I never went up there with Pat, always too busy!

    Robert Overholser did a very nice tribute to Pat on the Monday after Pat's passing. I noticed if you scroll down there is a comment from Shannon, Pat and Sandie's daughter. They were both very proud of their lawyer, horsewoman daughter who was recently named as one of Richmond's "Top 40 Under 40" in Style Weekly's 2017 listing.

    The past few weeks we would see each other at the Richmond Cars and Coffee. Of course the other 356ers and Porsche folks like Sean Rooks, Greg Snell, Engelbert, Chris O, and sometimes Eric would show up. It was only at the last C&C did we all see each other and Pat was having a great time talking to folks and taking pictures as he always did.

    If you didn't know Pat in the first 30 seconds of meeting him, you soon would and be ever more glad that you did.

    We will all miss so very much him. A true gentleman, professional, loving husband, father and friend. God Bless and Fair Winds Pat!

    Michie Tavern
    Annual Holiday Party at Michie Tavern
    by Jim Kaczorowski          Posted 2017 December 7

    'Twas the night of our party and all 'bout the roadhouse,
    not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
    Pineapple garlands were hung by the chimneys with care,
    in hopes that Porschephiles soon would be there.

    Volunteers were all snuggled so as not to be frozen,
    with tickets for raffle gifts soon to be chosen.

    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
    that Hank sprang from his seat to see what was the matter.
    When what to his wondering eyes should appear...
    but a chorus of members bringing lots of good cheer.

    With a number of drivers so lively and quick,
    he knew in an instant they'd love prizes to pick.
    A bundle of toys they held tight to their chest —
    which Marines would deliver 'til no one could rest.

    Then the bar got abuzz with drinks and with beer,
    with talk of cars and the holiday now drawing so near.

    Our meal was traditional with chicken and pork —
    so tender and good, cut with only a fork.

    Sherry Westfall & Rick Ebinger
    Then Santa appeared, a real jolly old elf,
    and we laughed when we saw him in spite of our self.
    He spoke not a word and went straight to his work —
    giving a prize from each container for a Porsche...not a Merc.

    And laying a finger aside of his nose,
    a spare seat at a table he so happily chose.

    Rick gave prizes to best racers by class,
    to let Hank tout honored guests: both "laddie" and "lass."

    When all was done and applause had been given,
    I heard Hank exclaim ere we roared out of sight:
    Happy Holiday & Merry Christmas! ...and to all a good night!

    ('til next year my friends)


    Click here to see the photo gallery for this event.


    Jim Condon & Santa
    Santa's lucky raffle winners by category:
    (compiled by Marty Doherty)

    • Jim Condon – Porsche Driving Experience
    • Chris Beverage – VIR 2018 Season Pass
    • Cam Abernethy – Zone 2 Driver Education Pass
    • Klaus Hagspiel – Dominion Raceway Track Pass
    • Lisa Newhall – SRPCA Autocross 2018 Entry Fees
    • Anne Kaczorowski – Flawless Finish Gift Certificate
    • Bunny Turner – Mxautocare Gift Certificate
    • Jett Blatter – Newhall Mobileworks Gift Certificate
    • Cathy Austin – Massage Envy Gift Certificate
    • Claudia Muelhaupt – Perception Motor Werks Gift Certificate
    • Lynne Stockton (formerly Taylor) – Overstreet European Motors Gift Certificate
    • Jeanne Welty – Vivace Restaurant Gift Certificate

    The Shenandoah Region supported Toys for Tots at the 2017 Holiday Party.

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