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RPM 2017
by Jim Condon          Posted 2017 June 12

Here are the results from the June 4 RPM autocross at the Richmond International Raceway (RIR) bus lot, by time and by class. Click here to see Engelbert Muelhaupt's photos of the RPM autocross.

Shenandoah PCA small logo Shenandoah Membership Milestones, June 2017
by Bruce Russell, Membership Chair

   10 Years: Michael Painter, James Grichar

     5 Years: Eric Parlet

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   May 2017 Membership Report
by Bruce Russell, Membership Chair        Posted 2017 June 3

Primary Members–266
Affiliate Members–154
Total Membership–420

Four new members:

  • David Coon of Waynesboro – 2006 911 Carrera S
  • Michael Evans of Charlottesville – 2014 Cayman
  • Daniel Kuchenberg of Stuarts Draft – 2005 Boxster S
  • Stephen Schmitz of Charlottesville – 2006 Cayman S

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Jason Wavell's 911SC in front of the Borsink's home RPM Concours Judging Clinic
by Jim Condon          Posted 2017 May 27

This event, organized by RPM Chair Sherry Westfall, began with members meeting at Zion Crossroads for a short but scenic morning tour up to Gordonsville and then back down to Keswick, where Roger and Gail Borsink live. Roger opened his Porsche garage to us, where we could see his immaculate cars — a classic 993, a 996 turbo S with the X50 power package, and a shiny almost-new (just finished its 2000 mile breakin) 991 GT3 — in their pristine environment. His garage has all the conveniences needed for detailing and minor mechanical work, and the walls are decorated with car photos, advertisements, and illuminated signs sporting manufacturers' logos. Click here to see the day's photo gallery.

The official justification for this event (as if any were needed) is the 2017 RPM concours judging clinic, led by long-time Head Judge Dave Lasch. Dave explained that the RPM concours is "tops only," meaning that judges do not look underneath the cars to see if the mufflers are rusty. However, the judges may ask owners to open compartments for inspection (e.g., trunk lid, gas cap cover, glove compartment,...). The areas being judged are listed in the five RPM concours judging sheets, which you can find by clicking here. Dave calls the RPM concours "family friendly" to distinguish it from much stricter concours like Amelia Island or Pebble Beach. The main judging criteria are cleanliness, condition, and care; period correctness is not required. At RPM, all cars in a given class (e.g., air-cooled 911 or Boxster/Cayman) will be judged by the same judging team (four judges doing the actual inspections, plus a team leader). The judging team gets to spend only five minutes looking at each car, so the individual judges can't judge everything. They should pick a few items to inspect on all of their judged cars in order to treat them as consistently as possible.

If you would like to volunteer to be a Concours Judge, just email Dave at

After the clinic, Roger gave a guided tour of his Porsche garage and three Porsches to a very interested audience, and he fielded a number of enthusiastic questions.

Finally, all good PCA events end with food. In this case, a great outdoor buffet lunch provided for free by member Raif Antar. If you liked what you ate, or wonder what you missed, visit his Basil Mediterranean Bistro in Charlottesville.

Hank Weil and his 1985 Widebody Carrera Crozet Car Show
by Bruce Russell          Posted 2017 May 24

The 4th annual Crozet Car Show was held at Claudius Crozet Park on Saturday, May 20th. All the proceeds from the entry fees went to benefit the Crozet Park. We were blessed with great weather for the event.

Shenandoah Region was well represented at this event. As a matter of fact, all entries into the "Foreign" class were Shenandoah members' Porsches!

Some of the Shenandoah members in attendance were Hank Weil, Mark Doherty, Rick Ebinger, Bruce Russell, Jeff Elmore, Iain Frazer, Eric Huggins, Johnny Johnson, Jeff & Linda Sivers, Steve Upman, Tim Messer, Jason Wavell, and Peter Chapin. Not all the members attending displayed their cars, but we did have nine beautiful Porsches that were on display.

The show had eight classes of cars. The "judging" was done by the show entrants. Each entrant received a ballot and could cast a vote for one car in each class. Seven of the classes covered American muscle cars, antiques, and motorcycles. There was one "Foreign" class.

Once all the ballots were collected and tallied, the winners were announced and "piston" trophies were presented to each class winner. The "Foreign" class was won by our president, Hank Weil! Hank brought his beautiful 1985 911 "Turbo Look" Carrera: it's a beauty!

A good time was had by all attendees. Click here to see Bruce's photos from the event.

Eric Huggins being buzzed by an aerocone Autocross #1 at Verona
by Jim Condon          Posted 2017 May 19

The Shenandoah Region PCA ran its first official autocross of the 2017 in the main parking lot at the Augusta Government Center in Verona. Randy Copeland set the FTD at 42.531 seconds in his 2017 Turbo S, just one millisecond faster than Alex Burkhart in his 2004 Subaru STi! Perennial threat Engelbert Muelhaupt was third at 43.464, and John Kessler was fourth in a new 2016 BMW M4 GTS. Click to read the results for all 40 drivers listed by time or by class. To see the photo gallery that goes along with this report, click here. Engelbert also contributed a large gallery of photos; to see them, click here.

The course started out with a long drag race across the lot, which Randy demolished—the new Turbo S gets to 60 mph in only 2.5 seconds. On the other hand, the parking lot started out wet, and several drivers got a little sideways on the long diagonal straight, either by hitting the throttle too hard at the beginning or by braking too late at the end. The sun finally came out and dried off the pavement for the second heat.

Our Autocross #2 will be held in a parking lot at the Richmond International Raceway on the morning of Sunday, June 4, as part of the Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM). To learn more about RPM, click here.

Shenandoah PCA small logo Shenandoah Membership Milestones, May 2017
by Bruce Russell, Membership Chair

   25 Years: Peter Chapin

   20 Years: Roger Borsink

   10 Years: John Harter, Eric Huggins

     5 Years: Martin Burks

Tip Top Breakfast:
by Hank Weil          Posted 2017 May 11

The Shenandoah Region PCA Board decided to have several casual Saturday Club breakfasts to increase the opportunity to meet with other Club members and enjoy talking about cars, Porsches, and anything else of interest. The first breakfast of 2017 was held at the Tip Top Restaurant, 1420 Richmond Road, Charlottesville, VA on May 6. The weather was a bit ominous and probably kept a few members from taking out their Porsches.

Our host, Club member and owner of the Tip Top, Terry Vassalos, had set aside two tables for 20 members. The restaurant was packed and it was great to have our own space to meet and eat breakfast.

The event was designed to be a casual get-together to renew friendships, meet new members, and just sit and talk while enjoying a great breakfast. The initial turnout was good. There were 14 Club members who came out to meet and discuss our favorite topic, Porsches. We all spent about 90 minutes at the restaurant before leaving to get on with our respective Saturdays.

The next Club breakfast is scheduled for June 17 at the Pickle Barrel at 12912 Plaza Drive in Centerville, VA at 9 AM. Click here for the announcement and a map. We will be back at the Tip Top on July 15. Click here for more information. Come on out for a casual get-together and some good food and friendship.

2017 Autocross School at Verona
by Jim Condon          Posted 2017 May 7

Shenandoah Region's annual autocross school was held on April 8 at the large parking lot of the Augusta Government Center in Verona. To see the photo gallery that goes along with this report, click here.

Professor Rick Ebinger gave the autocross lecture and led the course walk to point out features of the course and techniques for getting around it as efficiently as possible. Meanwhile, volunteers including Mike Kilmer, Erik Boody, and Ray Schumin used chalk to mark the locations of cones, both upright cones defining the course and horizontal cones pointing to the on-course side of the matching upright cones. For the first time and for the indefinite future, the "keyhole" region has been deemed "off limits" because it brings cars to close to hard abstacles such as concrete walls and parked vehicles. Rick likes to set out lots of cones in patterns like the traditional Chicago Box to make drivers think about which cones actually matter and which are only distractions. This time he created a unique new cone pattern shaped like a flying flock of geese.

Next the drivers were divided into two groups, one starting with a braking and turning exercise, and the other to drive through a slalom. Later the two groups switched so everbody did both exercises. Finally, everyone drove the full autocross course that included both exercises and more.

Shenandoah Region PCA autocrosses draw a variety of cars besides Porsches, and this event was no exception. The photos show representation by BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Jaguar, Mazda, Mini Cooper, and even Radical (in Ferrari colors). Jonathan Newhall's Jaguar now sports a 505 cubic inch Chevy that produces 700+ horsepower, enough to keep Jonathan busy driving even on fresh R-compound tires.

The first "real" autocross of the 2017 will be on May 13; click here to learn more and to register.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   April 2017 Membership Report
by Bruce Russell, Membership Chair        Posted 2017 May 2

Primary Members–264
Affiliate Members–155
Total Membership–419

Five new members:

  • Richard Barringer of Palmyra – 2017 Cayman GT
  • Mark Capansky of Woodstock – 1999 911 Carrera Cabriolet
  • Leila Fiery Hamar of Keswick – 2003 911 Carrera Targa
  • Weston Hatfield of Harrisonburg – 1995 911 Carrera
  • Tony Madsen of Harrisonburg – 1960 356

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Wordplay 2017
by Mark Doherty          Posted 2017 June 18

Back for its tenth year, Wordplay 2017, benefiting Literacy Volunteers of Charolttesville/ Albermarle (LVCA), delivered an exciting and enjoyable time for all attending, and raised $35,476! Held at the Paramount Theatre on the 27th of April, some in the audience described the event as "Jeopardy" on steroids. Wordplay is a team-based competition for people who love words, vocabulary, pop culture, history, literature, and raising money for a worthy charitable cause. Ably represented by Jeff Elmore, Mark Francis, and the veteran team member Deane Parker, our team held their own against the many other teams and did the Club proud by their performance! Thanks too to Sherry for her role in organizing the Club presence, and to Bruce Russell and Kim Butcher for serving as Team alternates. Congratulations and thanks to our team!

For more information about the many services offered by the LVCA to community members, including opportunities to make a difference by volunteering as a literacy Tutor, please visit

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   March 2017 Membership Report
by Bruce Russell, Membership Chair        Posted 2017 April 2

Primary Members–258
Affiliate Members–136
Total Membership–411

Two new members, two transfers into the region, and one transfer out:

  • John Birk of Mineral – 1985 911 Carrera
  • Roy Eakins of Madison – 2006 Carrera
  • Daniel Porada of Palmyra from Connecticut Valley (CTV)
  • Jason Stumpf of Henrico from First Settlers (FST)
  • Carter Peaseley of Richmond to First Settlers (FST)

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photo of Upper
Shirley Winery building The Upper Shirley Winery on the James River Upper Shirley Winery Tour
by Jolly Weil          Posted 2017 Mar 29

The winter has not been terribly bad this year and we were teased in February and March with unseasonably warm weather. When the weather turned cold in early March and we had a late snow storm, there was some trepidation about scheduling Shenandoah's first drive in March. I'm sure a lot of us kept looking at weather forecasts to make a decision about participating in this early Spring drive. We lucked out and Saturday, March 25 turned out to be an extraordinary, warm and sunny Spring day. It certainly was great to get the Porsches out of their winter hibernation and take a beautiful, scenic ride through the Civil War battlefields to Shirley Plantation. Click here to see the photo gallery for this event.

Our tour leader, Katrina Stumpf, provided the participants with wonderful descriptions of the Civil War battles on the drive. The battles included the Cold Harbor and Gaines Mill, a two-week engagement that left more than 18,000 soldiers killed, captured or wounded. It was General Robert E. Lee's last large-scale field victory.

Next on the tour were the Glendale and Malvern Hill battlefields. Glendale was the 5th of the Seven Days' Battles on June 30, 1862 that resulted in the Union's retreat. The outcome was inconclusive although there were 7,400 casualties. The lessons learned from these battles raised both the military and political stakes of war in profound ways.

The brisk drive from Mechanicsville to the Upper Shirley Winery was 28 1/2 miles of beautiful scenic Virginia countryside. There were some great twists and turns and the group of 12 Porsches had a blast navigating these country roads. Once at the winery, we crept slowly up the gravel drive to avoid rock chips and were directed to park on the side lawn of the winery overlooking the James River. What a great view!!!

We were led to our own reserved, private seating area on the back porch overlooking the scenic James River. We no sooner shook off the drive and sat down when the food started to make its way to our tables. What a great selection of food that included burger sliders, crab cakes, cheese plates, veggies, chips and dips, fried pork rinds and probably one of the greatest chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, and I have had a bunch over the years.

The wine tasting was first rate and we had the honor of the owners, Tayloe and Suzy Dameron, of the Upper Shirley Winery overseeing the tasting. Tayloe is also a Porschephile who has owned three 911s. He provided specific details on each of the wines we were tasting. It was a great opportunity to learn about the varieties of their wine offerings. Wine could be purchased by the glass once the tasting was completed. Some folks left soon after the tasting, but others hung around to enjoy the wine, the surroundings and to catch up on all things Porsche. A great time was had by all particularly for those who had the opportunity to drive a great country road with the top down.

photo of Don Coleman
entering Turn 12 2017 Zone 2 DE at VIR
by Jim Condon          Posted 2017 Mar 23

For most area track junkies, the Zone 2 DE (Drivers Eduction) event at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) is their first speed fix after a long slow winter. This year's Zone 2 DE took place on the last weekend of winter, from Friday, March 17 through Sunday, March 19. To see the photo gallery that goes along with this report, click here.

Weather is always a factor in March. This year featured a sunny but exceptionally cold Friday morning, starting out at 25 degrees. Cold engines develop more power because the air is denser, and cold tires are harder and less sticky. Combined with drivers who haven't been practicing for months, these factors make for some exciting driving—sometimes too exciting. Several experienced drivers in the Red and Black run groups started driving hard before their tires warmed up and made off-track excursions, a few ending at tire walls. The rest of the weekend was calmer.

Sherry Westfall was the Volunteer Coordinator for this DE, and she spent most of her time with volunteers at the gate between the paddock and the cold pits, doing "grid tech" inspections of cars and drivers entering the track. They made sure that drivers had the right wristbands, their helmet chinstraps were fastened, their Hans tethers were attached, there was no loose "junk" in the car, etc. As the husband of the Volunteer Coordinator, my "honey do" list included working on the tech inpection line each morning and making sure that minors riding in the charity laps had the proper waivers and wristbands. We had plenty of time to work because we couldn't drive while our Cayman S is still "in the shop" recovering from a defective valve.

Shenandoah Region drivers included Past (Passed?) President Clint Shuler in the White run group (the first to go out each morning) and Hamish Brookeman in the Red (instructors) group. In the Black group were John Kessler (track 911), Randy Copeland in his powerful 2017 Turbo S, and Bill Speidell driving another quick car, a Cayman GT4. In the Blue run group were Robert Brown (2008 Cayman S) and Don Coleman (a stealth 996 Carrera recently rebuilt with a GT3 drivetrain hidden inside). Some friends from nearby regions were Jacob Kay (First Settlers Region) in the "DOG SLOW" 2008 Cayman S shared with a fast woman, his wife Jenny. Kurt Mittmann of FSR drove a 1999 BMW M3, and Damien Walsh showed up in his 1997 Boxster. The PCA National DE Chair Alex Bell brought his new GT4, Bob Mulligan (one of the chief instructors) drove a new-to-him GT3, and Dan Dazzo (another chief instructor) got his 2011 Cayman S back on the track. Finally, no Zone 2 DE would be complete without the father/son team of Steve and Spencer Williams from the Blue Ridge Region.

Adding variety to the "regular" Porsches were a Crawford DP car, a NASCAR Chevrolet, and the number 412 Porsche 930 with paint that changed color from voilet to blue, green, or gold depending an the angle of the sunlight (see the bottom row of pictures in the photo gallery).

200 Yards of Porsches
by Michael Beaudrias          Posted 2017 March 15

Bettie and I are just back from our annual trip to Amelia Island for the Concours (and auctions!) where the highlight this year was the first PCA Werks at Amelia.

The Concours is well worth going to as it is essentially two fairways of 300+ cars of every type from 1900 to brand new on the Ritz Carlton golf course. Every year has a theme and an Honoree. This year Al Unser was featured and they had a display of 20 or so cars he had raced from Dirt Track to Indy 500 winners. They also celebrated the Cars of Brumos Racing and had a number of their historic race cars. I took some pictures but you get a better sense of the scope by going on-line and seeing all the professional photos. There are about 25,000 attendees but it does not feel as crowded as Pebble Beach as things are pretty well spread out.

photo GT1 at Amelia 2017
This GT1 could have been yours for only $5.7 million
The auctions are another highlight and we make a point of going to Gooding when we can. There were Porches ranging from a $60,000 1986 911 Carrera to $5,700,000 for a 1998 911 GT1. I made Bettie drop out at $5 million. Again best to go to the Gooding site and see all the results with better pictures than I took although I do have a picture of Caitlyn Jenner and her 2011 997 GT3 RS. Being only interested in the car, Bettie had to point out to me who the owner was.

Last, but not least, the PCA Werks which was held on a golf course right across the street from Gooding on Friday. I am told there were 600 cars registered and that sounds right as there were four rows that extended all the way down the fairway. Unfortunately our camera battery died so I could not take pictures but I suspect PCA will publish many (click here) as there were many talented looking cameramen in evidence. My sense was it was 90% 911s including a group from The Ingram Collection (which we need to get back and see!). There seemed to be very few "spectators" as most appeared to be attendees looking at (and talking about) one another's cars.

If you are thinking about going (and it is something we high recommend for your bucket list), it is about 600 miles/10 hours from Midlothian an easy but boring drive down 95. Hotels (Ritz, Omni) are pricey and likely sold out. Not much more Hotel wise on the Island (or nearby) but there are a lot of Condos/Houses for rent which allow you to walk/shuttle to everything. We are fortunate to have relatives in Brunswick and friends in Jacksonville. Tickets for the Concours are $120 day of but $85 in advance.

You should GO!!

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   Febuary 2017 Membership Report
by Bruce Russell, Membership Chair        Posted 2017 March 1

Primary Members–261
Affiliate Members–156
Total Membership–417

Three new members and one transfer into the region:

  • Alan Arruda of Williamsburg – 2001 Boxster S
  • Jason Hensley of Mt. Solon – 1987 944
  • Clare Weidman of Eagle Rock – 1986 911 Carrera
  • John Odden of Powhatan from First Settlers (FST)

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PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   January 2017 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2017 February 11

Primary Members–257
Affiliate Members–154
Total Membership–411

One new member and two transfers out of region:

  • John Dean of Charlottesville – 2016 911 Carrera Cabriolet
  • Sebastian Feuerlein to Suncoast Florida (SFL)
  • John D. Rower to Spacecoast (SPC)

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

Updated Goodie Store:
by Kim Butcher          Posted 2017 Jan 15

Check out the updated Goodie Store at We offer a variety of items beyond just clothing, and have added several new products! If you don't see something you would like to see offered, please contact me, Kim Butcher at with comments and/or suggestions.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   December 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2017 January 3

Primary Members–261
Affiliate Members–156
Total Members–417

Five new members, including:

  • Michael Klemann of Culpepper – 2007 Cayman S (Black)
  • Igor Tiosso of McGaheysville) – 1999 Carrera (Black)
  • John Weisgerber of Weyers Cave – 2001 Boxster (Black)
  • Bruce Wilcox of Harrisonburg – 2012 911 Carrera (Red)

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

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