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ALMS RACE AT VIR, 2012 Sep 15  (NEWS article)
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Tuffy von Briesen and Roy Wilkinson raising the flag Early morning view of NASCAR bend from the Porscheplatz The medevac helicoptor arriving Dan Graff with Seth Neiman (Greg Glassner photo)

The Playboy MX5 cup race Kenny Shreves working on a Flying Lizard Porsche (Greg Glassner photo) Flying Lizard pit stop (Keith Welty photo) Get your deep fried Twinkies and Oreos here!

Kerrigan Smith, Director of Track Operations at VIR Werkstatt's Kenny Shreves is also a mechanic for Flying Lizard Cole Scrogham, Strategist of Green Hornet Racing A mechanic with a heat gun scraping off a tire

Emmett and Maxine Richardson in the paddock This car won the P2 class Winner of the GTC class The TRG GT car was driven by Spencer Pumpelly and Emilio Di Guida

F2000 cars on the front straight Closeup of an F2000 car exiting turn 4 The Oreca FLM09 that won the PC class This Ferrari 458 finished third in GT

Zone 2 Rep and master of ceremonies Tom Zaffarano TRG drivers Spencer Pumpelly and Emilio Di Guida at the Porscheplatz, describing driving the TRG GT car Porsche Motorsport also visited

Greg Glassner won a tour of the hot pits Scott Leopold of Werkstatt Steve McCaughan and Sherry Westfall Jason Robson brought a Porsche from Flow of Charlottesville

An "ARMCO Green" custom paint job Porsches at South Bend during the touring laps The starting grid was opened before the 4-hour enduro Getting photographed with the eye candy

Bling! Alex and Gail Smith at the starting grid Yes, Virginia, there is a Michelin man

The Porscheplatz tent was just past turn 4 A sample of the Porsche Corral The track view from the Porscheplatz tent The clear overall winner set a 1:36 lap record

This Corvette won in GT The Flying Lizard's #45 driven by Bergmeister and Long were second in GT The BMW 55 (4th in GT) at a pit stop The Green Hornet GT exiting Oak Tree

Sherry and wheels from the Muscle Milk P1 car Three photos by Emmett Richardson: The P2 winner squeezes by a GT3 in Turn 4, the Flying Lizard #45, and the pileup in Turn 1 during the start of the 4-hour race.

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