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Autocross at Verona, 2014 Aug 10   (NEWS article)
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Pete Zimmermann &
Jonathan Newhall
Jeffrey Elmore
setting up
Sherry Westfall,
signing waiver
The pavillion, from
the parking lot

Walking the walk and
talking the talk
Autocross course tools Jeffrey Elmore,
FTD = 78.529 s
Ray Schumin,
2000 Honda S2000

Rick Ebinger,
1974 914
Jonathan Newhall,
1961 Bugeye Sprite
Timmy Bradley,
2002 Corvette
Lynn & Jason Combs
2001 Corvette Z06

Timothy Russell,
1991 Toyota MR2
Cam Abernethy,
2004 Turbo Cab
Richard Gray,
2000 911 Cab
AC Dove,
2006 BMW M5

John Schmidt,
2014 Focus ST
Mike Kilmer,
1983 911SC
Sherry Westfall,
2007 Cayman S
Jim Condon,
2007 Cayman S

Neil Landes,
2005 MX5
Andrew King,
2001 Boxster S
Paul Sponseller,
2008 Cayman
Eric Huggins,
1998 911

Andrew Foxx,
2013 Subaru WRX
Lupe Zarate,
1996 BMW M3
Larry & Kevin Bowman,
1982 Nissan 280ZX
Harry Newman,
1988 924S

Thomas Goode,
2013 Focus ST
William Stewart,
1986 Mercedes 190-16V
Beverly McNeill,
2013 Boxster
Brennan McCray,
2000 Mustang

Pete Zimmermann,
1961 Bugeye Sprite
Michael Capiccioni,
2014 Chevrolet Sonic
TJ Horne,
2003 Mustang
Mark Lotts,
1991 VW Fox

Brian Chan,
2010 Boxster
Ray Schumin
in the queue
Some of our
faithful workers

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