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Back of the Dragon Drive Oct 1

Fall Anniversary Party Oct 8

Euroclassics HPDE at VIR Oct 10

2015 October 15 Euroclassics/Shendandoah DE at VIR (NEWS article)
Photos by Art of F & S Enterprises Click on any photo to enlarge it
David Israel Emmett Richardson   Frank DePew

Mark O'Callaghan Alex Smith an Ariel Atom Justin Andress

Jack Woodfin   Mike Early Danielle Ashbridge

Melinda Cagle,
David Sweat
Page Hunt Charles Passut Richard Gray,
Vince Groome

  Robert Stanford,
William Boyd
Joe Wiggins  

Peter Foster,
Doug Miller

    Reed Hogue John Hunt

Eric Nilsen Craig Hicks Richie Whitt Brett Jacobson

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