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Daytona 2013 – by Greg Glassner (NEWS article)
Photos by Greg Glassner (first two rows) and by Dan Graff (next three rows) Click on any photo to enlarge it
Dan and Johnny Graff Dick Hatch and Dan Graff Daytona Holbert & Akin past winners More Daytona past winners

Hurley Haywood, 5X Daytona champ Matt Plumb, 2nd in Conti GT Oliver Hilger of Porsche AG Motorsports Patrick Long and Patrick Lindsey

Greg Glassner and Johnny Graff Daytona past racers    

More Daytona past racers

Still more Daytona past racers Famous Porsche racer Greg Glassner The infield at night

Dan Graff also contributed three short movies showing the DP start, the GT and GX start, and a night restart after yellow.

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