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RICHMOND PORSCHE MEET (RPM) 2014 May 31  (NEWS article)
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The home of Tred Spratley and Janine Collins Sherry Westfall & Gary Hunter setting up registration Early bird Robert Overholser of Lufteknic bringing Deane Parker's 912 restoration

Tom Bobbitt,
911 first place
Tim Ashbridge,
second, 911 Turbo
Rich Waddell,
2008 911
Johnny Johnson,
1981 Carrera

Jack Woodfin,
2014 911
Andrew Stevens & Sherry Westfall, 1999 911 Engelbert & Claudia Muelhaupt, 1982 911 "Polar Bear" Jason Stumpf,
2005 911 Cab

George Michaels, 928/944/968 first place Gary Schepker,
second, 1992 968
David Love,
1992 968
Bates McLain,
1986 944

Dan Rogers' 1964 356SC,
356/912/914 first place
Dick Pitman, 1961 356B, "People's Choice" Gary Schepker,
1976 912E
Jonathan Newhall,
1973 914 (at autocross)

Jim Condon, Will Westfall, & Andrew Stevens, Boxster/Cayman first place Holly-Faye & Todd Jenkins, 2007 Cayman S Jaeson Dandalides,
2011 Boxster Spyder
Bob Brown,
2008 Cayman S

Jason Hobbie,
RSR first place
Charles Stanley,
1986 RSR
Bill & Jill Sanders,
Cayenne first place
David Lasch and the concours judges

The Euroclassics Porsche tent Sue Noel set a sales record at the Goodie Store, thanks to expert supervision by Phillip Noel? The Lufteknic display

Alex Smith's new wheels Gary Hunter's 911SC   Carey Lockhart

356 Row 928/944/968 row   Dan Graff's 944 LOTHAR

Beth McKenney's Blue Pearl Water-cooled 911s   Roger Borsink's 993

Dave Cottrell's Parade-winning 1992 Cup car Cayenne row  

Bob Ingram with
Hank & Jolly Weil
The Ingrams in the shade Their Porsche Rally prototype and their Le Mans Carrera

    Matching bag in Dave Cottrell's Martini tribute  

The scenery

  Pat Daily's "Fast Frieda"    

Tred Spratley and Janine Collins with friends by the river Vice President Greg Glassner Lisa and Jonathan Newhall The Cafe Carrera lunch line

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