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RICHMOND PORSCHE MEET (RPM) 2015 June 6  (NEWS article)
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Phillip & Sue Noel prepping for the concours Dick Pitman's 356 won People's Choice (again) Cory & Karey Lindsey's first place 1961 356B George & Pam Michaels' winning 928

The Noels'
first place Boxster
Tim & Dani Ashbridge,
first place Cayenne
Hank & Jolly Weil,
best air-cooled 911
Roger Borsink's
first-place 991 GT3

The Ingram family brought their "viola metallic" 918 that looks black in the shade, violet in the sun (see the photo below). Notice the "big green" brakes. Gas on one side, electricity on the other

  Special guest
Bob Ingram
Alan Hogan,
Jeannie Ingram,
Weldon Scrogham,
and Bob Ingram
The Ingrams' "other" car,
a viola metallic 1997 993 turbo

The registration tent Kerrigan Smith,
parking choreographer
Lineup along the James River Frank Keegan
arrives in style

Dave Lasch instructing the concours judges Mike Early's 981 Boxster being judged Bruce Russell Jim Lorimer of Dominion Raceway

Manny Alban,
PCA past president
911 tails Hayward Taylor
is into green (and blue)
Phil & Sue Noel
at the Goodie Store.

Euroclassics Porsche can sell you a bicycle or a car John Slaughter and Jason Robson with two cars from Flow Porsche of Charlottesville

Lufteknic's new project car John Schmidt's Carrera
is back on the road
  David Israel's new #37 track toy

At least 117 Porsches
were shown
Ginger Elmore relaxing
by the James River
The Café Carrera  

Portico restaurant: the gimmick rally destination. Winners received Wolf Gourmet cookware, thanks to Erin Israel and Hamilton Beach. At the Euroclassics Porsche tech session we heard about the Porsche Active Safe feature and watched an Xpel protective coating application.

President Clint Shuler gave the introductory remarks at the Awards Dinner. Alex Smith with a collage celebrating his 19 years running RPM Gimmick rally leader
Randy Bell
Guest speaker
Bob Ingram

Jolly Weil with her "best air-cooled 911" award Dick Pitman's 356 won
the "Peoples Choice" award

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