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HIGHLAND MAPLE FESTIVAL TOUR   March 12, 2011  (NEWS article)
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Parking gendarmes Dan Graff and Bates McLain Porsche-only parking at Porsche of Charlottesville. A Ruf, a 993 cab, and a 356 cab in the showroom

and a new Carrera GTS! Porsche sales manager
Jason Robson
General manager
Tyrone Lewis
Porsche salesmen Stan Powell and John Slaughter

A 1967 911 at Churchville Deane Parker leading Bruce Russell to Monterey Bob and Debbie Broeking Jim Colbaugh

Roger Borsink Dave and Judy Juergens Steve McCaughan Keith Welty

Walt and Rebecca Machalski
Greg Glassner Rudy DeCanio Mark and Marquita Doherty

Johnny and Lisa Johnson Dan and John Graff Malcolm Hopker and
Cindy Brown
Gary Hagar and
Andy Turner

John and Sharon Kline Tony Davis and
Lisa Shortridge
  Sherry Westfall and
Jim Condon

Herb Distefano Dan Ehrman and Bonnie Falbo arriving in Monterey The traffic jam going into Monterey Blue Grass, VA

The pancake cafeteria   The pancake assembly line Club members chowing down

Scenery along the way