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Tredegar Iron Works and Shirley Plantation Tour, 2013 Feb 24  (NEWS article)
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About half of the Confederate cannons were made at Tredegar. A "thousand ton" press A ruined wall and charred wood frame

The bulldozer was named after this metal flattening press. Bricks and iron contrast with these pansies

Cecilia Mittmann and Don Henck Kurt Mittmann Jeff and Linda Sivers Tracy and Gary Hunter

Dick Pitman Cynthia and Rudy DeCanio Pipes and turbines for water power

Tour leader Sean Kane Old and new Richmond Lynne Taylor models a Goodie Store jacket Bob Addison and Carolyn Hayden

  Sherry Westfall Mike Cirino Lunch at M Bistro

Arriving at Shirley Plantation Veep Greg Glassner The Porsche-only parking lot

Frank Keegan with Regina and Bob McDonough Alice, our Shirley tour guide The main house The kitchen

The 350+ year old Willow Oak on the river side of the main house A bottle in the kitchen  

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