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Dominion Raceway Tour, 2016 Apr 16  (NEWS article)
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President Clint Shuler and
tour leader Randy Bell
John Kessler's,
two-wheel Porsche
Bruce Russell's immaculate 911 Targa Bartek Drewnowski's 996

Herb Distefano's
Macan S
Gathering for the drivers' meeting

  Mark & Marty Doherty's new 991! The bridge over the road course at Dominion Raceway The short oval, grandstands, and main building

Repairing the base layer on the main straight Jim Lorimer, director of the Driving Club From the roof of the main building we got the bird's eye view of the short oval track.

Teams setting up for the night's race on the oval Co-owner Steve Britt describing Dominion Raceway plans Inside the main building, where we had lunch Pit out on the left; front straight on the right

Photos below by Mark Doherty

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