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Back of the Dragon Drive Oct 1

Fall Anniversary Party Oct 8

Euroclassics HPDE at VIR Oct 10

Holiday Party, December 4, 2016  (NEWS article)
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Charlie Wintzer, Gary Hunter, Randy Bell, and Hank Weil Hank Weil, Robin & Charlie Wintzer, and Mark Doherty The dining room Sam Morris
setting up the bar

Door prizes: German steins compliments of Mark Doherty Joy Shuler Paul Austin Janie Hunter

Sherry Westfall and
Howie Dunbrack
Jill Klippel and Gary Hagar Bill Sanders and
Chauncey Hutter
Eric Andkjar and
Ann Bowers

Tim Mabes with Mary Jean & Bruce Russell Eric Huggins Ginger Elmore Beverly McNeill and
Andrea Messer

Bonnie Falbo Jim & Anne Kaczorowski Cam & Lisa Abernethy, Kim Butcher, and
Dick Pitman
Larry Markley, Genie & Charlie Passut, and
Karla Bell

Bates & Colin McLain,
Dan & Jakob Graff,
and Bill Blodgett
Mark Doherty
(new Veep)
Karla & Randy Bell
(new Veep)
Lynne Taylor and Carey Lockhart opening gifts

Rick Ebinger handing out autocross trophies Jeffrey Elmore and Jonathan Newhall
tied for first
Mike Kilmer accepting trophy, Henry Haefele in foreground Chris Beverage of Flow Porsche picking up his door prize

New president Hank Weil receiving the President's Cup from outgoing president Clint Shuler      

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