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Mike Shutty created the "911 Heritage Rally" for the Shenandoah Region to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 911. The rally took place on May 22, 2004, starting from the Shell station at exit 91 off Route 64 just east of Staunton and ending at Mike's log house near Summerdean. This photo shows some of the cars parked in Mike's field at the end of the rally. Sherry and I liked the route so much that we saved the rally directions and retraced it a year later. Mike's rally directions include questions (Q) about 911 history. We have reproduced them along with the answers (A), so you can print this page and take the trip as a rally (fold back the answer column) or as a fully guided tour (by looking at the answers).
The Shenandoah Valley is noticeably cooler and less humid than places east of the Blue Ridge, so this route is a great escape from the summer heat of Charlottesville or Richmond. Bring your camera to photograph some of the prettiest farmland and historic farm houses in Virginia. The trip takes about 1/2 day plus driving time to and from the Staunton area.
1. Starting at the Shell station at Exit 91 off Interstate Route 64, turn L (left) onto Route 608 and go to the stoplight. Q: The 911 is powered by a
a) 6 cylinder motor (go straight)
b) 4 cylinder motor (go left)
c) 8 cylinder motor (go right)
[Confirmation: Pass under a big power line.]
[The correct answer is a), so go straight at the stoplight and look for the confirmation landmark that should appear within one mile. Also, the entire route is on paved roads. If you end up on gravel or dirt, you are lost.]
2. Continue until you see Mule Academy Road (Route 642); go left.    
3. At Route 250 Q. The only year for the 2 liter long-wheelbase 911 was
a) 1967 (straight)
b) 1968 (left)
c) 1969 (right)
[Confirmation: Pass Baptist Church on the left.]
4. Soon after passing the church, turn L on Route 1319 (not Route 1360); then turn R on Route 641 (this all happens quickly, so look carefully). [Confirmation: Go over a hump with a crosswalk painted on it.]  
5. At the 4-way stop sign, go L on Route 608. Go around the 15 mph turn and continue on.    
6. At the junction of Route 795 Q. The last series using the original 911 bodywork was built between 1984 and 1989 and was generally known as the
a) 911 SC series (straight)
b) 911 Carrera series (left)
c) 911/964 series (right)
[Confirmation: Pass a "school bus stop ahead" yellow sign.]
7. At Barrenridge Road Q. The first liquid-cooled 911s were designated by what model number?
a) 996 (straight)
b) 993 (left)
c) 964 (right)
[Confirmation: Pass St. James Lutheran Church on L. Go for a while.]
8. At the next stop sign Q. The first production 911 Turbo was offered in
a) 1974 (straight)
b) 1975 (left)
c) 1976 (right)
[Confirmation: Pass over a bridge; see a stone chimney on R.]
9. Pass the road to Barrenridge; continue until you come to Route 642 (do not go straight). Q. Fuchs forged alloy wheels first appeared on the 911 in
a) 1967 (left)
b) 1970 (right)
[Confirmation: Pass a cemetery on R.]
10. At the "Y" junction of Barrenridge and Eureka Mill Q. The last year that carburetors fed a 911 engine was
a) 1970 (straight)
b) 1971 (veer right)
[Confirmation: Stop sign within 0.2 mile at Eakle Road]
11. At this junction with Eakle Road Q. The G-50 transmission with its improved synchronizing system was introduced in what model?
a) 911 Carrera (straight)
b) 964 Carrera (left)
c) 993 Carrera (right)
[Confirmation: Pass house with three front gables and a tall windmill]
12. Pass Criket ... enjoy this road until you get to a stop sign. Q. The last year of the 2.7 liter engine was
a) 1976 (left)
b) 1977 (right)
[Confirmation: Pass ZZ Machine Corp. on L.]
13. Stay on this road and enjoy this road until you get to a stop sign by a small grocery. Q. The first year of the new transmission that located reverse gear below fifth (the 915 tranny) was
a) 1971 (straight)
b) 1972 (left)
c) 1973 (right)
[Confirmation: Pass a big Red Barn on R.]
14. Pass Round Hill School Road, but take the next L on Dam Town Road. Enjoy this road; pass Routes 927, 926, and 777. At the stop light Q. The largest displacement 911 engine in a standard production model thus far (in 2004) is:
a) 3.6L (straight)
b) 3.7L (left)
c) 3.9L (right)
[Confirmation: Pass a middle school and a high school.]
15. Veer left while passing Cedar Creek Lane onto Route 744 (not Route 616); take a sharp R hand curve. At the 4-way stop sign Q. The first aluminum (vs. magnesium) engine casing was employed in which 911 series?
a) 911 SC (straight)
b) 911 Carrera (left)
c) 964 Carrera (right)
[Confirmation: See a wishing well in a front yard on right (#295).]
16. At the next intersection Q. A 911 powered by a 1965 SC engine was called the
a) 911 SC (straight)
b) 912 (left)
[Confirmation: Pass a church on the R with cemetery behind a row of trees.]
17. At the next stop sign Q. Consider a 1973 911T: What does the "T" stand for?
a) Turbo (left)
b) Touring (right)
[Confirmation: Pass Shutterlee Mill Road on L. (Continue straight)]
18. Cross a river; pass Roman Road; go into a small town. At the far edge of town, at the intersection of Middle River Road Q. The very first GT3 911 was a version of what model?
a) 993 (straight)
b) 996 (left)
[Confirmation: Pass a large tan farm house with a big old white barn on R.]
19. Pass Mount Pleasant (historic house); at the Yield sign Q. A pressure-fed chain tensioner was introduced for which 911 model (thereby providing a long-awaited solution to the timing-chain tensioner problem for some earlier cars)?
a) 911 Carrera (left)
b) 911 SC (right)
[Confirmation: Pass a big old Mill on R.]
20. At the next stop sign (near an Exxon station) Q. The first year of the 911S was
a) 1967 (left)
b) 1969 (right)
[Confirmation: Pass a Power Station on R.]
21. Take the next R after the power station. [Confirmation: Pass a "deer crossing" sign next to a small barn on R.]  
22. At the next stop sign Q. The highest-mileage 911's without an engine rebuild tend to be which model?
a) 911E (straight)
b) 911 Carrera 4 (left)
c) 911 SC (right)
[Confirmation: Look for the Mail Box in the form of a Blue Tractor on R.]
Now for some directions without questions (to give your Porsche mind a rest)...
23. Pass Byrd's Wrecking yard; go for a while, then turn L on Trinity Point Road (Route 833).    
24. After a bit, you will come to a stop sign: Go West!! Then turn towards Swoope at the first possible chance. If you pass a blue house on L, then you have gone too far.    
25. Continue until you get to a stop sign at a T. Q. The last air-cooled 911 was the
a) 964 Carrera (left)
b) 993 Carrera (right)
[Confirmation: Come to the intersection of Cattleman Road.]
26. Turn onto Cattleman Road.    
27. At Trimbles Mill road (Route 707) Q. The horsepower rating (HP DIN) of the very first 911 was
a) 130 (straight)
b) 160 (left)
[Confirmation: Pass a blue and white barn with Hex symbols on R.]
28. At the T Q. The lightest (i.e., curb weight) regular production 911 was also the first 911S.
a) True (left)
b) False (right)
[Confirmation: Pass a small church on R. It is along a side road, so you can only see the steeple at first.]
29. At the junction of Mish Barn road (that goes to Middlebrook) Q. The 912 was discontinued in 1969 but returned for one year only. When was the 912 re-introduced for one year?
a) 1976 (straight)
b) 1978 (left)
[Confirmation: After making your decision, go one mile and you will see Mike's log house on your L. This was the end point of the 911 Heritage Rally.]
Sherry and I continued as follows:
Continue southwest past Mike's log house on Summerdean Road (Route 602) to McKinley.
Turn left onto McKinley Road (Route 682) and continue until you reach Route 252.
Turn left onto Route 252, which will take you through Middlebrook.
About one mile past Middlebrook, turn right onto Howardsville Road (Route 701).
Route 701 will bring you to Routes 11 and 81 about 10 miles southwest of Staunton, ending this scenic tour.
Jim Condon & Sherry Westfall