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The RPM 2007 Driving Tour begins and ends at Euroclassics Porsche, 11900 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA. It takes about two hours to complete. You can also make a shorter (about one hour) but less scenic drive. There is a DECISION POINT at mile 28.6 where you can choose which of these routes you would like to follow.

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Starting at Euroclassics Porsche, zero your odometer [mile 0.0]. Turn right onto Midlothian Turnpike West (Route 60). Pass through eight stop lights and turn right onto Route 288 North [mile 3.4].

Cross the James River [mile 8.5] and exit right [mile 10.3] onto Route 6 West (Patterson Avenue) toward Goochland.

Stay on Route 6, pass the Richmond Country Club [mile 11.9] on your right, pass Luck Stone [mile 13.3] on your left. Note that Patterson Avenue becomes River Road West.

Pass Crosier [mile 19.0]. Look for the "North Pole" on your right [mile 19.1], the James River Correctional Center on your left [mile 20.8], and a yellow mansion on your left [mile 22.8].

At the stoplight [mile 24.4] turn left onto Route 522 South (Maiden's Road) toward Powhatan.

Cross the James River [mile 24.8].


For the short tour, turn left onto Route 711 (Hugenot Road) just past the BP station [mile 28.6] and jump to the instruction below by the picture of the Route 711 sign.

For the long tour, continue straight on Route 522 South.

Just after Tilman's Farm housing development, turn right onto Route 621 (Cosby Road) [mile 29.4].

Cosby Road becomes Route 684 (Cartersville Road). Go straight through the stop sign [mile 33.3].

Pass through "Provost."

Cross the silver iron bridge [mile 34.4].

Pass the Little Zion Baptist Church [mile 37.9] on your right.

Pass Oakdale (ca. 1835) [mile 38.1].

Cross Muddy Creek [mile 40.6].

Look for Greenwood (1849) on your left [mile 41.2].

Turn right onto Route 45 (Cartersville Road) at the stop sign [mile 41.7].

Keep right on Route 45 [mile 42.4] while passing Blanton and Pleasants, Inc. store on the right.

Cross the James River [mile 43.0]. Note the defunct stone/iron bridge on the right.

Cross railroad tracks [mile 43.3].

Turn right onto Route 618 (Whittcamp Road) [mile 44.5].

Pass Clover Forest plantation (ca. 1761) on your right [mile 45.9].

Note the old red barn (photo at beginning of instructions) on your left [mile 46.1].

At the T intersection [mile 47.6] turn left onto Route 616 (This is Stokes Station Road, although not labeled as such at the intersection).

Turn right onto Route 625 (Three Square Road) [mile 49.3]. There is an old red brick farmhouse on the left [mile 49.9].

Pass Chief Cornerstone Baptist Church on your right [mile 50.7].

Turn left at the stop sign at the T intersection [mile 50.8] onto Route 600 (Rock Castle Road).

Pass Bolling Hall farm on your right [mile 52.7].

Turn right onto Route 6 [mile 54.6].

Pass Goochland High School [mile 57.2] on your left.

Go straight through the stoplight [mile 57.9] and stay on combined Route 6 / Route 522 South.

Drive through the town of Goochland, turn right at the stoplight [mile 59.7] onto Route 522 South (Maiden's Road). Cross the James River [mile 60.2].


Turn left onto Route 711 (Huguenot Road) just past the BP station [mile 64.0 on the long tour].


Reset your odometer [mile 0.0].

Pass the Citgo station on your left [mile 6.5].

Pass Millwood (1750) on your right [mile 7.4].

Continue through the stoplights over Route 288 [mile 12.8].

Huguenot Road becomes Robius Road at the stoplight [mile 14.2].

Pass Keswick Plantation on your left [mile 14.5].

Robius Road becomes a four-land divided highway at stoplight [mile 15.4].

Turn right onto Route 147 West (Huguenot Road) at stoplight and RR crossing [mile 18.2].

Turn right onto Alverser Drive at the stop light [mile 19.1] at the DSW/Office Depot plaza.

Pass through the 4-way stop at Old Buckingham Road [mile 19.2].

Turn right at the stoplight onto Route 60 West (Midlothian Turnpike) [mile 19.6] and right into the Euroclassics parking lot [mile 19.7].

You made it!


This tour was prepared by Don Charles, Sherry Westfall, and Jim Condon.