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This "Book Exchanger" series of book (and DVD, magazine, etc.) reviews originally appeared in our newsletter, The Heat Exchanger.

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"100 Porsches and Me" (DVD) by Andre Shaffer May 2008
"917 X 17: The Cars and Drivers in Studio" by Jeffrey Zwart Mar 2011
"The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein Jun 2009
"Book of the Porsche 356" by Brian Long May 2008
"A French Kiss with Death" by Michael Keyser with Jonathan Williams Jan 2009
"McQueen's Machines" by Matt Stone Aug 2008
"Legendary Race Cars" by Basem Wasef Nov 2009
"A Passion for Porsches" by Denis Jenkinson Oct 2008
"Porsche 956 & 962: Immortal Endurance Racers 1982–1994" by Karl Ludvigsen Mar 2011
"Porsche: A History of Excellence" by Randy Leffingwell Apr 2011
"Porsche: Sixty Years" by Randy Leffingwell Nov 2008
"Porsche: The Rally Story" by Lawrence Meredith Sep 2008
"Porsche 996: The Essential Companion" by Adrian Streather Jun 2008
"Porsche High-Performance Driving Handbook, 2nd Edition" by Vic Elford Jul 2008
Porsche Magazines (Cristophorus, Excellence Magazine, GT Porsche,...) Jun 2008
"Sports Car Racing in Camera 1950–59" by Paul Parker Feb 2011