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A concours d'elegance is a gathering of "elegant" cars to be admired and compete on appearance and originality. The Shendandoah Region's annual concours takes place at the Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM). The photo on the right shows Herb's brilliant white 1991 964 cabriolet being judged at the 2006 RPM concours. Each car starts with a "perfect" score. The judges have five minutes to inspect the car inside and out, and they subtract points for flaws in various categories—originality, cleanliness, wear, exterior finish, interior condition, engine cleanliness, maintenance, operation, and presentation. The RPM concours is an informal "tops only" event; dirt under the car doesn't count. Depending on the participant, preparation for the concours can range from "wash and shine" to making the car look and run better than when it left the Porsche factory.

Here are .pdf images of the judging sheets used at the RPM concours: 1 2 3 4 5