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Shenandoah Region web forum: Members of a web forum can post emails on the web for others to read. A regional web forum should make it easier for small groups to organize and coordinate Porsche-related activities quickly without requiring a flurry of emails and phone calls among the participants.

The websites of many PCA regions host open forums that can be read by anyone. However, even large regions usually fail to maintain active discussion threads; and a dead forum makes a website look bad, like broken windows in an abandoned house. Also, electronic communication on a public forum may need heavy moderation to ban objectionable comments, flame wars, etc. To provide the benefits of a forum but avoid those problems, I created a "restricted" forum called Shenandoah PCA using Google Groups. You must become a member of this group to read or post messages; it is invisible to nonmembers.

If you would like to join the group click here, and then click on "Sign in and apply for membership," click on "create an account", and fill in the blanks. Google will send me an email with your request, which I will approve if you are a member the Shenandoah Region PCA. After you have become a group member, you can log in to read or post messages at any time by clicking on the Shenandoah Region Forum link.

Thanks to Jeffrey Elmore for suggesting the forum, which I hope will help our members get together for small impromptu events. If you have any questions or comments about the forum, send me an email at