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Jim Condon & Sherry Westfall
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Our first Porsche was this 1989 964 Carrera 4, purchased with about 70,000 miles on the odometer in the spring of 2003. We sold it in the fall of 2004 shortly after buying our current Porsche, a 1999 996 Carrera 2. The 996 is light years ahead of the 964 in performance, but I occasionally have "seller's remorse" because the 964 was so pretty.
The 996 was our wedding getaway car on October 30, 2004. We're still happy with the car, and with each other.
Now it is a daily driver plus autocross and DE car. The "ELFER" license plate doesn't mean we use it for hunting elves. Elf is the German word for 11, and 911's are sometimes called elfers (try Googling "elfer Porsche").
These photos show social chair Sherry at the 2006 RPM and Jim driving in an autocross at Verona in 2008. Sherry was profiled in the December 2008 Heat Exchanger's Member Moment, and Jim's profile appeared in the March 2009 Member Moment.