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PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA December 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–243
Affiliate Members–151
Total Members–394

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Miguel Arrospide of Richmond, VA–2013 Porsche 911
  • Terence Burke of Richmond, VA–2013 Porsche Cayenne
  • Robert Caswell of Charlottesville, VA–1984 Porsche 911
  • James Cox III of Mechanicsville, VA–2013 Cayenne
  • Harold Eskey and Lynn Reams of McGaheysville, VA–2006 Porsche 911
  • John & Nancy Hellerman of Afton, VA–1999 Porsche Boxster
  • Peter Moxon of Williamsburg, VA–2000 Porsche Boxster
  • Richard Shelton II of Crozier, VA–2013 Porsche Panamera
  • Christopher Grady of Richmond, VA–transfer from First Settlers Region–2010 Porsche Carrera S

Farewell to the following members:

  • Michael Evangelista of Youngsville, NC–transfer to Hurricane Region
  • Keith Hathaway of Reston, VA–transfer to Potomac Region

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Holiday Party: The 2012 holiday party was held at Historic Michie Tavern near Monticello on the evening of Sunday, December 2. The reception began at 5:30 PM, and tours of the Tavern Museum were offered during the reception. Dinner began at 6:30 PM after Mel Brannan said grace and Director of Operations (and Boxster owner) Sam Morris gave a brief history of the tavern and described the upcoming buffet. The style, as always, was traditional Southern cooking: fried chicken, pulled pork, Virginia ham, black-eyed peas, beets, stewed tomatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, iced tea, hot cider, etc., etc., followed by peach cobbler with ice cream. As always, nobody went home hungry.

After dinner, Election Chair Phyllis Scrogham introduced our newly elected 2013/4 officers: President Sherry Westfall, Vice President Greg Glassner, Secretary Lynne Taylor, and Treasurer Carey Lockhart. Sherry thanked the outgoing Treasurer, Bob Duntley, the outgoing Secretary, Herb Distefano, and all of the 2012 volunteers for their services to the club. She also thanked Flow Porsche of Charlottesville and Euroclassics Porsche of Richmond for their support.

Alex Smith created a new "Presidents Trophy" honoring all of the Shenandoah Region presidents starting from Cole Scrogham, the first president. Driving Chairman Rick Ebinger presented the 2012 autocross awards to Mike Kilmer (class P03 winner), Jeffrey Elmore (class I01), Sherry Westfall (Ladies class), Jim Condon (class P05), and Ed Weidner (class P04 and Autocrosser of the Year). The event ended with a drawing for a variety of door prizes.

More photos...

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA November 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–236
Affiliate Members–147
Total Members–383

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Frederica Barney-Yates of McLean, VA–2013 Porsche Cayenne
  • Carl Carden, Jr. of Prince George, VA–2013 Porsche Panamera
  • Robert Eanes, Jr. of Chesterfield, VA–2013 Porsche 911
  • Steven and Denise England of Arrington, VA–1961 Porsche 356
    (Transfer from Blue Ridge)
  • Robert Lee, Jr. of Glen Allen, VA–2013 Porsche Boxster
  • Walter McClure of Midlothian, VA–2013 Porsche 911
  • Sebastian Symeonides of Richmond, VA–2013 Porsche Cayenne
  • Junior Taitague of Midlothian, VA–2012 Porsche Cayenne

Farewell to the following members:

  • Stephanie Sheridan and Lous Giusto transferring to Palmetto Region

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New Boxster Test Drive
by Keith Welty & Greg Glassner
2012 Nov. 30

We promised President Sherry a report on interesting Porsches at the Hilton Head Concours de Elegance Nov. 4. Unfortunately, there were few there, the emphasis in 2012 being on Ford Cobras, Shelby Mustangs, and Model T Fords.

However Porsche was there offering drives around the island behind the wheel of the 2013 Boxster S, so we signed up for one.

Manufacturers do these test drives of new models at select shows and races around the country, figuring this is where the sports car enthusiasts gather. We've driven a new BMW and an AMG Mercedes in years past at Hilton head and a Jaguar XF on the roads around Road Atlanta. Over Labor Day weekend, I drove a 550-horse Jaguar XKRS over the winding roads around the Lime Rock Park racetrack. So if you are interested in taking a spin in someone else's new $80,000–$130,000 car, look for these booths at the events you attend.

Porsche was quite trusting with the Boxster, letting Welty and Glassner share one with few directions beyond staying behind the instructor who led our pack—and being responsible for any speeding tickets we accumulated. (Yes, the police got wise to the routes the Porsches were taking.)

Hilton Head is a pretty crowded place on show days, so blasting off from a standing start was about the extent of putting the Boxster S though its paces. The cornering capacity far exceeded the available road conditions.

Keith has owned a Boxster for a number of years, so his comments are more relevant than mine:

"My impressions of the Boxster S based on our too-brief time with it are that its style is less retro and it now now looks as if it is aspiring to be a 918. It's edgier and very striking. This was a bigger change than from the 986 to the 987.
"The interior is a very nice improvement, certainly more upscale but all very familiar too.
"It has definitely more power but largely, I suspect, because of one we drove being an 'S' instead of the base Boxster, which I have.
"Handling? I have no idea how much better. When you start with a car as good as good as the 986/987, you need to be a skilled driver, which I'm not, to notice the improvement.
"All the buttons were fun to push but on our drive I couldn't tell too big a difference for the suspensions settings. Of course we were on pretty smooth roads and not cornering too hard," Keith observed.

Any new sports car impresses the heck out of this 1983 944 owner. But I have driven Keith's car and I found I fit in the 2013 model much more comfortably. (I haven't lost that much weight, have I?)

Also, the driver's foot well seemed roomier for my size 12EEE sneakers, but that could be because the 2013 Boxster S pretty much does the gear selection and clutch work for you.

Keith suggested we use our positions as Heat Exchanger scribes to pry a Boxster S from Porsche for a longer road test.

I'm all for that.

PCA Plates for Virginia: The Potomac Region has launched a campaign to get PCA license plates. The key to getting this plate approved by the Legislature is to have 450 prepaid applications. Thus Howard Hill and Dick Seltzer of Potomac are soliciting expressions of interest from all Virginia PCA members. The cost of these plates will be $10.00 per set.

Election Results: The ballots have been counted! The Shenandoah Region Porsche Club of America has elected the following slate of officers for the 2013–14 term:
President: Sherry Westfall
Vice-President: Greg Glassner
Secretary: Lynne Taylor
Treasurer: Carey Lockhart

Congratulations go out to these four outstanding individuals. Our club is fortunate to have such a talented team of individuals fill these leadership positions. The new officers will begin their term January 1, 2013.

The election committee would like to thank all members who participated in the election. A record number of votes were cast.

Election Committee:
   Virginia "Ginger" Hurst
   Linda Sivers
   Phyllis Scrogham, Chair

Porsches and Pastrami: Porsches and Pastrami is back at Durty Nelly's, Gary Hagar presiding. We met for lunch at 1 pm on a beautiful Sunday, November 11. The parking lot was filled with Porsches, including the white 1981 930 that Jeff Sivers recently bought in California, drove back to Virginia, tore down, repainted, and (mostly) put back together in time for the event. It sounds like a real beast.

After lunch we drove to the Old Stone Jail museum in the big city of Fluvanna. Carolyn Talley, Chuck Westrater, and Judy Mickelson of the Fluvanna Historical Society led us on an informative private tour of Maggie's House, the 1800's jail, and the old courthouse.   More photos...

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA October 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–228
Affiliate Members–146
Total Members–374

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Neal J. Culiner of Midlothian, VA–2012 Porsche 911
  • Joseph H. Milbank of Charlottesville, VA–2009 Porsche 911C2S
  • John Schmidt and Jenefer Brouse of Charlottesville, VA–1984 Porsche 911

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Fall Foliage Tour: Phil and Susie Audibert's Scintillating Seventh Fall Foliage Tour ran as scheduled on Sunday, October 28, despite Hurricane Sandy. We didn't even get rained on! The tour started at the Food Lion parking lot in Gordonsville, as shown in the attached photos. We drove north on a road familiar to many (Rt. 231 north) to Madison County and then took back roads to Rochelle, Jack's Shop, Wolftown, Hood, Eheart's Corner, and Burnley Station. The tour included a stop at Horton Vineyards (Cellars) for a private tour of the castle-like winery. Winemaker Michael Heny explained the winemaking process clearly and let us taste some unfinished and finished wines to show how wines change during the winemaking process. After the wine tour, we drove about a mile up the road to Stonefire Station for a buffet lunch in their ballroom. Election chair Phyllis Scrogham handed out paper ballots for the election of Shenandoah Region officers. If you didn't vote then, you can still vote electronically at any time through November 20. President Sherry Westfall described upcoming events (Porsches and Pastrami at Durty Nelly's and the holiday dinner at Michie Tavern).

Euroclassics/Shenandoah DE: Mark Cooke of Euroclassics Porsche and Alex Smith of the Shenandoah Region PCA set up the eleventh annual Columbus Day (Monday, October 8) on the VIR Full Course. There were three run groups, the first of which followed a pace car driven by Euroclassics mechanic Wayne Hall. The "red" and "white" groups were for more experienced drivers. Instructors were available for drivers in all groups.

The track was wet most of the day, so everybody got to practice the art of racing in the rain. Click here to see the event photos, all of which were kindly provided by Art, the VIR photographer from F&S Enterprises.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA September 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–235
Affiliate Members–152
Total Members–387

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Todd E. Baldanzi of Glen Allen, VA–2013 Porsche Boxster
  • James P. Belk of Richmond, VA–2012 Porsche 911
  • Bernard T. Bress of Charlottesville, VA–2013 Porsche Panamera
  • Henry W. Mills II of Crozier, VA–2013 Porsche Cayenne
  • David C. O'Leary of Louisa, VA–2012 Porsche Panamera
  • Christine E. Patrick of Charlottesville, VA–2004 Porsche Cayenne S
  • Daniel B. Walker of Moseley, VA–2013 Porsche Boxster
  • Douglas Welsh of Locust Grove, VA–2010 Porsche Carrera 911
  • Marc L. Wise of Richmond, VA–2013 Porsche Cayenne

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The Shenandoah On-Line Goodie Store is Open! Choose from 25 items in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to show your Shenandoah spirit. Go to the Shenandoah Goodie Store web page page either (1) by moving your mouse cursor over MARTS on the navigation bar above and then clicking on GOODIE STORE or (2) by clicking here. You will find helpful hints for those who may need a little guidance or are not the most computer-savvy as well as comments on particular items. The ordering process is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Fall DE, First Settlers Region: The First Settlers Region ran their popular fall DE at VIR on Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23 (South Course) and on Monday, September 24 (Full Course). The sunny but cool and dry fall weather was a welcome relief from the humid summer heat. The South Course is more technical than the Full Course, with a shortened back straight leading into a pinching off-camber hairpin turn appropriately called "the bitch." The bendy South Course is great opportunity for Cayman drivers to catch high-power cars that are faster on the Full Course smiley face. Many Shenandoah members drove in one or both parts of the event: Mel Brannan, Hamish Brookeman, Rachael Clark, Jim Condon, Holly and Matt Einstein, the racing team of David, Erin, and Sean Israel, John Kessler, Emmett Richardson, and Sherry Westfall. Rachael's Audi A4 suffered from turbo troubles, and Mel's 964 caught fire on the track. Fortunately Mel got out quickly and put out the fire before any serious damage was done to his engine. Click here to see the event photos.

ALMS race at VIR 2012 photo

ALMS scores a big hit at VIR: PCA Shenandoah members all over the place
by Greg Glassner     September 20, 2012

The American Le Mans Series descended on Virginia International Raceway's sinuous 3.2-mile road course Sept. 15 for the inaugural VIR 240.

With track records sure to tumble under an assault by the rapid ALMS prototypes and GT cars, thousands of spectators—including about two-dozen PCA Shenandoah members—descended on VIR. Picture-perfect late summer weather didn't hurt either.

The Pickett Racing Muscle Milk HPD P1 car driven by German hotshoes Klaus Graf and Lucas Luhr ran off and hid from their P-1 and P-2 rivals during the four-hour enduro, finishing four laps ahead of the Dyson Lola Mazda shared by Chris Dyson, Guy Smith, and Johnny Mowlem.

Much closer was the GT battle, which saw Corvette's Ollie Gavin and Tommy Milner edge the Flying Lizard Porsche 911 GT3RSR of Patrick Long and Jorg Bergmeister and the Ferrari F458 Italia of Scott Sharp and Johannes van Overbeek. The Dirk Muller/Bill Auberlin BMW was fourth in class and the second Flying Lizard GT3RS of Marco Holzer and team boss Seth Neiman was fifth in GT.

The win sewed up the GT title for the Corvette team, despite the best efforts of BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari. However, the Porsches have been showing late-season promise, with the Flying Lizard and Team Falken Tire 911s both grabbing victories. Kenny Shreves of Charlottesville, who spins wrenches for Flying Lizard, was a busy man all weekend.

The P-2 class was won by the Level 5 HPD of Scott Tucker and Christophe Bouchut over the Morgan-Nissan of Martin Plowman and David Heinemieir-Hansson.

Colin Braun and Jonathan Bennett took Prototype Challenge honors over the identical Oreca-Chevrolet of Marino Franchitti and Rudy Junco. Venezuelan. Alex Popow finished third in class, but sewed up the driver's title in PC.

The all-Porsche GTC race also came down to the final lap. Leh Keen and Cooper McNeil took their Porsche GT3 Cup to victory over the identical car of Jeroen Bleekemolen and Henrique Cisneros, when the leading Porsche of Chris Cumming and Martin Ragginger had to pit for fuel.

The pole-winning Green Hornet Racing, Fusion Trade Porsche of Peter LeSaffre and Damien Faulkner finished a credible fourth in GTC despite some problems during the grueling four-hour race. A cut tire from a close encounter with careless P-2 competitor put them a lap down. PCA Shenandoah co-founder Cole Scrogham (son of Weldon and Phyllis) is Team Strategist for Green Hornet.

It was difficult not to stumble over somebody with PCA Shenandoah ties at VIR. Kerrigan Smith, who grew up in PCA as the son of Alex Smith of RPM fame, is the Director of Track Operations. Kerrigan and his crew did a great job of managing a huge turnout, putting on a great race and winning over many new VIR converts who filled the hillsides and bleachers on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

No ALMS race report is complete without a shout out to the group that put together another wonderful Porscheplatz. It provided PCAers with a panoramic view of the first five turns, an oasis in which to grab a bottle of water or soft drink, and a hub of good information and some swag. This reporter won a drawing for a hot-pits tour, but gave it to PCA Shenandoah member Keith Welty. (I've hung around a lot of NASCAR, Can-Am, World Endurance, Super Vee, and even F-1 pits back in the day. Besides, I was worried that my Triple-X girth might not slip easily into an IMSA flamesuit!)

However, I did talk my way into a ride aboard a PCA member's 1992 911 for the PCA parade lap and enjoyed it immensely. (Thanks, Mike!) ALMS merges with the Grand-Am series in 2014, but VIR should have the blisteringly fast ALMS cars back one more time next year.

I can't wait.      More photos...

photo of lineup for first sessionLining up for the first session

Autcross #6 at Verona

The final autocross of the 2012 season was held under threatening skies at the Augusta Government Center on September 8, but the rain held off just long enough for everybody to get in six runs. Rick and Erik set up a fairly fast course that the higher-power cars did well on. Harry Hoffon got the 52.729 seconds FTD in his 2009 Corvette Z06, followed by Jeffrey Elmore at 53.640, Jonathan Newhall at 53.988, and Rick Ebinger at 54.879.   More photos...

Here are the results sorted by time and by class.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA August 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–230
Affiliate Members–153
Total Members–383

Welcome to the following new members:

  • David Dean of Manakin Sabot, VA–2013 Porsche 911
  • Iain and Linda Fraser of Ruckersville, VA–1989 Porsche 911
  • Kristian Gathright of Mechanicsville, VA –2013 Porsche 911
  • Christopher Miele of Moseley, VA–1998 Porsche 993
  • Robert Wheeler of Powhatan, VA–2013 Porsche Cayenne
  • Richard Whitt III of Glen Allen, VA–2012 Porsche 911 C2S
  • Charles Williamson of Richmond, VA–2011 Porsche Carrera S

Welcome to the following transfer members:

  • Don and Christine Manley of Arrington, VA (from Northern New Jersey Region)–1988 Porsche 944
  • Charles and Robin Wintzer of Chester, VA (from First Settlers Region)–2000 Porsche Boxster

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Mike Kilmer and Andy Turner photoMike Kilmer and Andy Turner
Autocross #5 at Verona

To balance out the exceptionally fast autocross at the Augusta Government Center in July, this time (August 18) we had a very technical course that was all slaloms, loops, and Chicago boxes. A lot of cones bit the dust, but there were only a couple of minor spins. The weather was perfect: sunny but only 75 degrees. Matt Ehrlich had the FTD, 59.918 seconds, in his 2011 Subaru WRX; and he was the only driver to break a minute. Next was Harry Hoffon in a 2009 Corvette Z06, with a 60.436. Jeffrey Elmore (60.704) squeaked by Rick Ebinger (60.734) in the Porsche "improved" group. Jonathan Newhall drove the recently upgraded (new tires and coilovers) Foreign Affairs' 2008 Cayman S; it was the fastest Porsche at 61.534 seconds. Steffen Clark drove his three-wheeler Colt (see the photos). The next (and final) autocross of the 2012 season has been rescheduled from September 1 to September 8.
More photos...

Here are the results sorted by time and by class.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA July 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–223
Affiliate Members–152
Total Members–375

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Randolph M. Bell of Richmond, VA–2011 Porsche Boxster
  • Sebastian Feuerlein of Crozet, VA–2007 Porsche 911
  • Edward N. Flanagan III of Moseley, VA–2013 Porsche Boxster
  • Mark E. Goodwin of Staunton, VA–2000 Porsche 996
  • Richard Hofheimer of Richmond, VA–2002 Porsche 911
  • Patton H. Roark of Chesterfield, VA–2012 Porsche Cayenne
  • Pamela K. Saylors of Richmond, VA–2012 Porsche Cayenne
  • Richard D. Wraase of Chesterfield, VA–2013 Porsche Boxster

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

Historic Pharsalia Tour: On a sunny Sunday, July 29, members of the Shenandoah Region PCA (plus Carlos and Adaire Toro from Chesapeake) drove from the Mountainside Grill in Crozet to Pharsalia, an antebellum plantation nestled high on the slopes of de Priest Mountain in Nelson County with spectacular views of the Tye River valley, orchards, and vineyards. Rich in history, Pharsalia was originally built in 1814 by Thomas Massie and was given to his son, William, as a wedding gift. The property is now in the hands of the fifth-generation Massie family. Many of the plantation's original dependencies remain including the brick kitchen, laundry, slave quarters, and ice and smoke houses. Pharsalia is only open to the public by group reservation or for private events, so we had a special opportunity to experience one of Virginia's grand old homes. After a southern-style catered lunch, owner "Foxie" Morgan gave us an extensive tour of the plantation house and grounds. Pharsalia is another of our region's hidden gems; if you didn't go on the tour, you should have.    More photos...

August History Quiz by Harry Kennison:            August 2012

Here is this month's history quiz to test your knowledge of the infamous and famous within the Porsche Club of America's Shenandoah Region as we travel in the "wayback machine" to 2009. Click and drag down on the scroll bar to uncover the answers.


  1. Who took over as president of the Shenandoah Region in 2009? (I'll give you a hint—he drives a sinister-looking 928 GTS and has amassed more speeding tickets going to and from Regional events than any other member.)
  2. Who hosted the inaugural "Porsches & Pastrami" event in March 2009 and where did the points-of-interest drive take them that day?
  3. Who won the "People's Choice" Award for the best-looking Porsche at the 2009 Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM)?
    A. Deane Parker with his 2007 special edition, orange Boxster S
    B. Rick Ebinger with his 1974 green 914
    C. Johnny Johnson with his 1974 911 Carrera Targa
    D. Vic and Carol Rola for their beautiful Porsche 911
  4. Who did himself proud at the 2009 "Rumble at the Oak Tree" event held at Virginia International Raceway and what did he do to gain his competitors' respect?
  5. In September 2009 the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge regions got together for lunch at Raif Antar's Basil Mediterranean Bistro. Mick Mickelsen from the Blue Ridge Region made a grand entrance in his gorgeous red 1965 356C to the event. What made Mick's car so unique?

Bonus Question: What was unique about the final Autocross course held at the Augusta Government Center in Verona in 2009 and who won the event?




  1. Bill Sanders stepped up from his role as vice president to take over the presidential duties from Herb Distefano in January 2009. Bill is also known for having one of the slickest looking 928's in the country and seems to have a propensity for acquiring more speeding tickets on his way to and from Porsche Club events than any other member. Bill is a two-time holder of the "Dubious Achievement" Trophy awarded to the Shenandoah member receiving the most recent speeding ticket on his or her way to a Porsche Club event.
  2. Gary Hagar served up the first of several "Porsches & Pastram" casual Sunday events that started off with lunch at his Durty Nelly's Pub & Wayside Deli in Charlottesville followed by a points-of-interest drive around the Albemarle County area. Thirteen Shenandoah members turned out for the inaugural event in March 2009 but after a delicious lunch, the tour was canceled due to rain and snow.
  3. D. The "People's Choice" Award at the 2009 Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) went to Vic and Carol Rola for their beautiful 911.
  4. Shenandoah member Matt Einstein in his 2006 997 GT-3 Cup car went off on the first lap of the "Rumble at the Oak Tree" race at Virginia International Raceway near Danville. After letting the entire field pass before he got back on track, he cut through the field to take fourth place gaining the respect of everyone including the corner workers. In the endurance race, Matt came in third overall and first in class despite breaking his shifter on the third lap.
  5. Mick Mickelsen made a grand entrance at the Shenandoah–Blue Ridge luncheon in September in his bright red 1965 356C that appeared to be powered by two pink Flamingos attached to the luggage rack on the rear deck lid.

Bonus Question Answer: Driver Education Chair Rick Ebinger decided to change things up for the last Autocross event of the year held at the Augusta Government Center in Verona by offering the 48 participants two autocrosses for the price of one. Rick set up the course so it could be run clockwise and counter-clockwise allowing drivers to set two times. When the dust settled, each driver's times were added together to determine the Fastest Time of the Day. Rick ended up with the third fastest combined time and first among the Porsches in his "forever young" 1974 914. Evans Reynolds was second among the Porsches in his 1988 911 and Erik Boody was third driving Rick's 914. Cristina McCann was the fastest among the Porsche lady drivers in a 2008 Cayman belonging to her father, Paul Sponseller. Cristina, who ended up fastest overall in the Ladies Class for 2009, later received the "Autocrosser of the Year Award" at the Holiday Awards banquet for her spirited drives and continual improvement.

New Boxster (981) Launch: The new model 981 Boxster was launched at the King Family Vineyards on the evening of Friday, July 13 by Flow Porsche of Charlottesville. At least 25 Shendandoah Region members attended to meet old friends, enjoy the scenery, drink the wine, eat the hors d'oeuvres (they were too fancy to be called "munchies"), and see the 2013 Boxster up close for the first time. Flow also brought a Cayenne, a Panamera, and a 991 Cab.

See more photos of this event and the Euroclassics launch to follow this article. The new Boxster has a bigger footprint—the wheelbase is 2.4 inches longer and the front track is 1.6 inches wider—but the weight is lower, only 2910 pounds for the Boxster S with the manual transmission. Some of the weight loss comes from aluminum doors and trunk lids.

The Euroclassics Porsche launch was held on the morning of Saturday, July 14 at the Euroclassics showroom in Midlothian, VA. Light breakfast refreshments were served in the adjacent room. The styling of the new Boxster takes some cues from the Carrera GT, including the sloped console and sculpted doors leading into the air intakes just behind the doors. The 3.4 liter engine of the Boxter S puts out 315 hp and has a 7800 rpm redline. Other go-fast goodies include dynamic transmission mounts and Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV), the latest electronic incarnation of the limited-slip differential. The basic Boxster S starts at about $60,000, but it's easy to add $20,000 in "must have" options.

Photo of Alan Sweet's 2012 Carrera GTS Alan Sweets's 2012 Carrera GTS
Autocross #4 at Verona

Rick and Erik set up an exceptionally fast autocross at the Augusta Government Center on a very hot Sunday, July 8. It featured a straight extending from the northeast corner of the small lot behind the trailer to the southwest corner of the main parking lot, and many cars had to shift into third gear by the end. Four drivers stayed under 50 seconds, and there were four women driving. Suzuki driver Chris Salzman took his girlfriend for a ride and proposed on the course! This video shows it happening. His time was 2 minutes 58 seconds, good for an STD.

Here are the results sorted by time and by class. More photos...

Checkered flag for the enduro race Checkered flag for the enduro race The 2012 "Rumble at the Oak Tree" Club Race and Advanced DE at VIR

This year's "Rumble at the Oak Tree" club race and advanced driver's education (DE) sponsored by Zone 2 featured a race class for BMWs in addition to the two Porsche race groups—the "red" group for low-power and "black" group for high-power cars. (See the photos that go along with this text.) As usual, the weather was very hot for this late-June event. The sprint races were on Saturday and the enduro took place on Sunday. The DE sessions were sandwiched between the racing sessions, and the DE drivers got plenty of track time. Shenandoah members present included Rick Ebinger (volunteer for timing and scoring), Sherry Westfall (volunteer for almost everything), Jim Condon (DE driver and volunteer for DE tech), and Mel Brannan (DE driver). Dan Ehrman drove his Boxster down to VIR on Sunday and watched the enduro races.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA June 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–217
Affiliate Members–152
Total Members–369

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Bernard Robinson of Chesterfield–2012 Porsche Cayenne
  • Kathleen Watkins of Richmond–2012 Porsche 911

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

Dinner And A Silent Movie: We met at Mario's Pizzeria in Orange on Saturday, June 16 for a Shenandoah membership meeting and dinner. After dinner, Keith and Jeanne Welty led us on a drive through the scenic countryside of Orange, Madison, and Culpeper counties. Six of the eight Porsches were Boxsters or Cabriolets with the tops down to soak up the maximum scenery. Tours just before sunset can be especially scenic because the light is mellow, not the harsh glare of the noonday sun. Our destination was Library of Congress–Packard Campus of the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center (map), just east of Culpeper. Prior to 1998, this facility, a.k.a. Mount Pony, contained a secret bunker for Federal Reserve senior officials and a massive vault with pallets of cash that would be used to replenish the money supply in the aftermath of World War III.

Now this state-of-the-art facility is where the Library of Congress "acquires, preserves and provides access to the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of films, television programs, radio broadcasts, and sound recordings". We went into the recreated movie theater from the silent era, complete with an organ on the stage that could be lowered during the movie just enough that the organ didn't block the screen but the organist was visible to the audience. We saw two shorts and then the main feature "Bare Knees," a 1928 romantic comedy from the Flapper era. The live organ accompanyment greatly added to the experience of watching a silent movie. After the movie, most of the audience left, but we stayed behind for a special presentation on the history of the facility, the efforts being made to preserve old movies (some of which are on highly flammable nitrate-based film that must be stored in concrete vaults because it is so dangerous), and a demonstration of the Wurlitzer theater organ. Such organs are designed to mimic a full orchestra, and they also contain a "toy box" of sound effects such as sirens and foghorns.

This film center and theater is one of the area's hidden gems. If you haven't been there, check it out and go sometime. You will like it.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA May 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–212
Affiliate Members–150
Total Members–362

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Martin Burks of Charlottesville–2007 Porsche Boxster
  • Philippe Hills of Richmond–2012 Porsche Cayenne
  • Bernard Snead of Richmond–2012 Porsche 911
  • Alan Sweet and Rebecca Donald of Stuarts Draft–2012 911 GTS

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

Shenandoah's Sixteenth Annual Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM): On Friday, June 1 Kevin Leonard arranged a dinner at Belle Vie European Bistro attended by the few hardy souls who braved the stormy weather in their Porsches. Fortunately the sky was clear (and cool) on Saturday for the tops-only concours along the banks of the scenic James River at the home of Court and Kathy Spotts. Eighty six Porsches were on display, ranging in age from four 356's to Alex Smith's shiny new 991. David Cottrell brought two outstanding exotics: his red Carrera GT and a very original Andial 964 cup car, one of only three still known to exist.

Dave Lasch led two teams of judges for the cars formally entered into the concours. The concours categories and their winners are:

  • 356: (1) Dick Pitman, (2) Chris Acker, (3) Pat Daily
  • 911 (air cooled): (1) Roger Borsink, (2) Don Henck, (3) Jeff Sivers
  • 911 (water cooled): (1) Alex Smith, (2) Rich Waddell, (3) Mark Smith, (4) Don Coleman
  • 968: (1) Gary Schepker
  • Boxster/Cayman: (1 tie) Bob Brown, Mike Acanfora, (3) Jim Condon and Sherry Westfall (car shown by Andrew Stevens), (4) Deane Parker, (5) Damien Walsh
  • People's choice: Rich Waddell
Concours photos...

The concours concluded with a catered lunch at the famous "Cafe Carrera."

In the afternoon, Sherry Westfall led a gimmick rally/fun drive to the historic Foundry Golf Club on scenic Fine Creek. The Foundry was built in the early 1800's to manufacture arms but never actually produced any. It is now a golf club, not a country club, for serious golfers. From there we went to a tech session on the Porsche 991 at Euroclassics Porsche. Chris Stone showed a series of slides explaining the technical marvels of the 991. Cars are becoming amazingly complicated machines. I hope they will remain reliable! The evening awards banquet at the Martin's Grant clubhouse featured Ms. Connie Nyholm, co-owner and developer of Virginia International Raceway (VIR), telling us about our favorite race track. Here are some photos from the tour, tech session, and banquet. Check out Connie's black 356 necklace. Not only does she run VIR, she is a vintage racer who currently owns and drives an Allard J2.

The weekend finished with a Sunday autocross on the 1/3-mile banked oval track at Southside Speedway. Twenty bold Porsche drivers plus Samuel Reiman in a 1997 Dodge Stratus braved the scary boilerplate and concrete walls of the Speedway to drive Rick's surprisingly fast course. Bobby Smith had the FTD (35.912 seconds) as usual, in his blue "improved" 1973 914, but he was followed closely by Jeffrey Elmore at 36.239 seconds and Rick Ebinger at 36.590 seconds on new tires. The first three "unimproved" finishers were Emmett Richardson at 38.363 seconds, Jonathan Newhall at 36.365 seconds (just 2 milliseconds slower!), and Jim Condon at 38.495 seconds. Here are all of the autocross results by time and by class, and here are the autocross photos.

More photos to come...

May History Quiz by Harry Kennison:            May 2012

Here is this month's history quiz to test your knowledge of the infamous and famous within the Porsche Club of America's Shenandoah Region as we travel in the "wayback machine" to 2008:


  1. In 2008 Weldon and Phyllis Scrogham added a unique Porsche race car to their collection. What was it and why was it significant?
  2. Shenandoah Club President Herb Distefano related an "unpleasant personal experience" that happened to him while driving his 2005 911 Carrera Coupe. What was it and what Porsche design shortcoming made it worse?
  3. The Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) Concours found a new "home" in 2008. Where was it?
  4. In 2008 a very special sponsor of the annual Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) was recognized for their continued financial contributions to this showcase event. Who was it and why is his or her contribution so significant?
  5. The Heat Exchanger underwent some major changes in 2008. What were they?

Bonus Question: Synergy Racing's annual "Fall Fling" at Virginia International Raceway included a banquet with a nostalgic theme. What was the theme and what was the centerpiece for the banquet?




  1. Weldon and Phyllis Scrogham added a historically interesting Porsche race car to their stable which strangely never turned an actual lap in competition. It was none other than the ill-fated 1980 Porsche Indy Car to be driven by Danny Ongais in that year's Indy 500. Its speed in early testing caught the eye of other teams who, led by racing legend A. J. Foyt, successfully lobbied USAC, the governing body, to reduce the Porsche's turbocharger boost to slow it down. One month prior to the start of practice for the 500, USAC issued a technical bulletin cutting the Porsche allowable boost and the Company immediately responded by canceling their Indy Car program. The car came to the Scrogham's garage complete with a spare engine.
  2. Herb Distefano's "unpleasant personal experience" involved a right rear tire blowout in his 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera with less than 7,000 miles on the tires. After fishtailing to a stop on the side of the road, Herb thought he might be able to use the air pump and "fix flat" container provided by Porsche with the car to get him down the road to a gas station. Unfortunately, the inside sidewall of the tire was destroyed and there was no inflated spare tire for this model by factory design. Herb, who admitted to forgetting his Sunday school lessons once or twice during the incident, had to order a new set of tires (five-day wait) and arrange to retrieve his car. According to Herb, there's no easy fix as an inflatable spare takes up 100% of the trunk space, or you have to place it in the jump seats in the rear.
  3. The 2008 Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) found a new home for the Concours event which was hosted by Howard and Leanne Faunce at their lovely James River front home. The Faunces hosted the RPM Concours event four years. Due to bridge construction near the Faunces home, the 2012 Concours event will be moved from the Faunces to the home of their neighbors, Court and Kathy Spotts, who aren't even Porsche owners, yet! Their address is 6101 River Road, Richmond, Virginia and directions to this year's RPM Concours event can be found here.
  4. At the 2008 Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM), Club President Herb Distefano gave a special "shout out" to Joy Tupper for her continued financial support of the Shenandoah's annual premier event. Joy was the mother of Gail Smith and Alex Smith's mother-in-law. Unlike other RPM sponsors who had products or services to sell members, Joy supported the premier Shenandoah event because of her love for Porsches and the Shenandoah Region. Joy passed away in 2010.
  5. Phil Audibert stepped down as the Heat Exchanger's award-winning editor, a post in which he had served for six years. Rebecca Morgan and Mark Stubbs were named the new editors of the Heat Exchanger and wasted no time dramatically changing the publication to an 8.5" x 11" format featuring glossy, color cover photos and a fresh, design inside. Wow!

Bonus Question Answer: At the 2008 "Fall Fling" banquet the theme was "James Dean," legendary movie star and Porsche racer. The center piece of the banquet was silver 550 Spyder provided by none other than Weldon Scrogham.

Bruce Russell photo Russ's Ramblings by Bruce Russell:             May 2012

I have to admit that I was very saddened with the passing of Dr. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche on April 5th. Dr. Porsche (aka Butzi) did more to define the Porsche marque than anyone else in the history of Porsche A.G.. Butzi designed the 911 which was introduced to the world in 1963. The iconic 911 is the sports car that the world associates with Porsche and it has been that way for 49 years. An incredible achievement in my opinion.

I will always remember the 1963 picture of Butzi sitting on the left front fender of the new 911. He had a smiling look of approval on his face; I wonder why!

I attended two of Shenandoah Region's events during the last month, although there has been a full slate of events to pick from. There has been a couple of very nice driving tours and the Autocross season is off to a "flying" start.

On May 5th, the Shenandoah and First Settlers Regions had a joint event here in Richmond. The event started with First Settlers' regular monthly breakfast meeting at the Silver Diner. These breakfast meetings are fun and a good to time for me to catch up with PCA friends who live here in Richmond and belong to the First Settlers Region. After the breakfast, the "party" moved a mile down Broad Street to Concours Detailing.

Concours Detailing is known in the Richmond area for making something ordinary look exceptional, and they do it very well. We were treated to demonstrations of how the Concours technicians work their magic. Cleaning and detailing a car is not rocket science, but is does take having the proper equipment, car care products, and time. Of course, there is a proper sequence of steps to achieve the "exceptional" look. The folks at Concours took us through all the steps as they actually detailed a car. They explained what products and equipment they use to achieve that Concours look. Many questions were asked during the demonstrations and a lot of very good information was shared.

Concours also demonstrated their installation of clear paint-protection film to a new car. I am always amazed at the demonstration of applying the film to the forward-facing surfaces of a car. If you have ever tried to apply the film yourself, you will appreciate seeing a professional installation with NO air bubbles under the film. I have the 3M paint-protection film on my Carrera. I love it because it saves the front of my car from the perils of "road rash" and the acidic damage caused by squished bugs. I also have the film on my wife's new Honda Accord. Good stuff.

I couple of my work colleagues from the police department joined me for the breakfast and the Concours demonstrations. One of the gents is a British sports car guy and the other gent has a 1966 Sting Ray. They do not own a Porsche, but they love sports cars and that is fine with me.

The event ended with a wonderful catered lunch provided by Concours Detailing. We were treated to "world-class" BBQ and fixin's from Buzz & Ned's BBQ. Buzz & Ned's is a Richmond institution and is not to be missed if you like Virginia BBQ. Thanks to the folks at Concours Detailing for the great event!

On May 17th I attended a rare mid-week event at the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) in Ruckersville. I know you have seen the crash testing videos of a new car being driven at 45 mph into a solid wall as the crash dummies get hurled around inside the car...this is the place that does that testing. I must confess I never knew this facility was located right in our backyard!

The event was organized by our member Keith Welty, and Keith did an outstanding job. I was surprised how well attended the event was for a Thursday morning. Maybe we should have more weekday even...hint, hint.

The event started with an hour-long presentation about the IIHS, how it is funded, what types of crash testing they do, and some of the empirical studies they released on car safety. The presentation was done in a huge hangar-like room. Probably 30+ cars they have crash tested are on display; this is just a sample of all the cars they have tested. They even have a 1959 Chevrolet Bel-Air that they crash tested against a new car. Trust me when I tell you the old cars were built like tanks, but did not provide very much occupant protection in a crash. No, there were no crashed Porsches on display.

The young lady making the presentation was extremely knowledgeable about all the crash test vehicles that were on display and the results of all those tests. My head was spinning and she just moved on to the next topic.

The highlight of the day was the actual crash test of a new Chevy Malibu into a tractor-trailer rig. If you have ever driven behind a tractor-trailer, you will note a metal bar that hangs down from the rear of the trailer. This bar is to prevent a car from going under the trailer in a frontal collision. If the bar were not there, the crash would have catastrophic consequences for the automobile's occupants because the car would ride under the trailer and cut the top of the car off. The test we observed from the observation balcony was the Malibu driven at 35 mph ramming into the rear of the trailer to test the strength of the metal bar.

If you had been driving the Chevy Malibu, you would most likely have survived with only minor injuries if any at all. The metal bar on the trailer did its job and the car handled the crash very well. Let me stop and digress for a moment. In my job with the police department, I respond to numerous automobile crashes. Today's cars are very safe, especially those with the side and side-curtain airbags. We see more injury from the airbag "explosions" that occur during a crash than from actual crash damage to the vehicle. But remember, if the airbags did not deploy the chances are very good your injuries would be much more serious; airbags work.

After the excellent tour and demonstration at IIHS, we all adjourned to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch and fellowship. All in all, it was a very fun and informative day. I drove back to Richmond at 35 mph!

Our Region management team has a great slate of events planned as we head into summer. RPM is right around the corner; I hope to see you there.

Until next time, drive safe.

Bob Brown taking the checkered flag at Oak Tree Bob Brown taking the checkered flag at Oak Tree First Settlers Region Spring DE at VIR

The weather was perfect for the First Settlers Region Spring DE (driver's ed) at VIR, May 18–20. (See the photos that go along with this text.) Shenandoah Region drivers included "Mad Mel" Brannan, Hamish Brookeman, Bob Brown, Rachael Clark, Jim Condon, Matt and Holly Einstein, David Israel, Erin Israel (just back from a maternity leave), John Kessler, Scott Leopold, Emmett Richardson, Sherry Westfall, and Ed Weidner. Mel's 964 is distinctly faster on the straights, thanks to a new supercharger. Jim and Sherry brought their 2007 Cayman S to the track for the first time. Congratulations to Ed Weidner (first time at VIR) and Bob Brown (first full DE). From the Richmond Area, Steve Sarfaty drove his recently-detailed and still shiny BMW, and Scott Reisenweaver brought his new track weapon, a GT3. Tom Bobbitt came back from Florida to drive his GT3RS.

A crashed Chevy at the IIHS
A Car Crash and Lunch: Located in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Greene County is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a non-Government and non-profit agency whose mission is "reducing the losses—deaths, injuries, and property damage—from crashes on the nation's roads," and reducing the claims that the insurance industry has to pay, no doubt. Keith Welty made a reservation with the IIHS so we could tour their facility and watch their test of a Chevrolet Malibu underriding a semitrailer on May 17.

The tone of the tour was set as soon as we entered the building. In the foyer were two old wrecked Chrysler LeBarons. Their real on-road crash was the first in which air bags in both cars deployed. Both cars were totaled, but both drivers walked away. (To see the cars described throughout this article, look at these photos.) Then our tour guide rounded everybody up and led us to a huge room filled with wrecks from the many IIHS test collisions. The IIHS is to be commended for its extremely informative displays and clear presentations.

To illustrate how much safer modern cars are than older and supposedly stronger cars, the IIHS crashed a modern Chevy into a big old 1959 Chevy. Both cars were totaled, but the front of the modern Chevy crumpled and sacrificed itself to save the passenger compartment, which remained intact. In contrast, the stiff hood of the old Chevy got pushed into the passenger compartment, which partially collapsed and failed to protect the driver.

The original government crash test simply drove every car into a barrier, which is equivalent to a head-on collision with a car of the same mass (weight). This test made small, light cars look good but failed to take into account conservation of momentum. In real collisions, light cars tend to do worse than heavy ones. The tiny "Smart Car" did well in the government barrier test but badly when the IIHS crashed it into a Mercedes.

Rollovers account for many fatalities, so the IIHS built a rollover simulator, a giant press that squashes the roof of a car by applying a force equal to four times the car's weight. If the roof collapses more than a few inches, the driver is likely to be hurt.

Most crashes are not head-on, so the IIHS simulates a wide variety of collisions, including straight-on collisions in which the cars are offset and sideswipe each other and "T-bone" collisions in which one car hits the side of another. Not only do these IIHS tests provide a lot more safety information than the old government tests, the published IIHS safety ratings spur car manufacturers to redesign their new models and make them safer. If you must crash, do it in a heavy new car!

The collision we watched involved a Chevy Malibu crashing into the rear of a parked semitrailer. This didn't test the car itself, but rather the collision bar below the rear of the semitrailer. A badly designed collision bar can decapitate the front-seat passengers (see the photo of another Chevy Malibu that underran a badly designed bar). Shortly before the crash, we were led into another large room with the semitrailer waiting at one end, and the victim car was at the end of a long tunnel at the other end. 750000 watt floodlights were turned on, and the movie cameras rolled. The car was accelerated to about 50 mph and crashed into the truck. I had expected to hear the sound of crunching metal and shattering glass, but all I heard was a loud "Bang!" like a gunshot. It was the sound of the airbags going off. Unfortunately, the IIHS does not all me to post photos of the crash itself; the crash data are proprietary.

This tech session was a real eye-opener. If you missed it this time, be sure to catch it when you can in the future. Everybody paid attention and left with a new appreciation of crash safety. Except possibly Jim Condon and Sherry Westfall, who drove in the DE at VIR later that weekend.

Photo of Steve Garstang's Boxster kicking up a spray of water Joseph Moshier's 1977 911S
Autocross #2 at Verona

Our second "official" autocross was held at the Augusta Government Center on Saturday, May 12, and the weather was great. Rick set up a very nontechnical (read "fast") course with high-speed turns into and out of the longest straight. Brandon Brickner drove a 51.638 second FTD in his 2011 Subaru WRX, closely followed by Rick Ebinger in Susan Bryant's 2004 Boxster S and Jeffrey Elmore in his "improved" class 2000 Boxster S. Jim Condon and Sherry Westfall benefitted from new R-compound Nitto NT01 track tires on their 2007 Cayman S, which they were testing in preparation for the May 18–20 FSR DE at VIR. The Mazda Mafia of Ray Schumin, Mick Seal, and David Miller was quick, as usual. Jonathan Newhall showed up with a "new" car, a 2004 GTO. Here are the results sorted by time and by class.    More photos...

photo of Porsches arriving at
Concours DetailingA line of Porsches arriving at Concours Detailing on Broad Street in Richmond
Breakfast at the Silver Diner, Concours Detailing Tech Session, and Concours Judging

The First Settlers and Shendandoah Regions held a joint event in Richmond on Saturday, May 5. First, we had breakfast at the Art Deco style Silver Diner (see the breakfast photos). After the breakfast, we drove to Concours Detailing to admire the special cars on display and for a tech session that demonstrated car detailing, installation of protective plastic film, and repair and restoration of leather upholstery. The tech session was followed by a great barbeque lunch provided by Concours Detailing, and finally an informative talk by Dave Lasch on concours preparation and judging at our upcoming RPM. Concours Detailing photos...

Comments on the Concours Auto Detailing Event
by Don Henck (with assistance from daughter Adrienne)

Over 35 Porsches from the First Settlers and Shenandoah regions of the PCA gathered at the Silver Diner for breakfast in Richmond on Saturday, May 5. They were headed to Concours Auto Detailing on West Broad Street to watch Lewis Ward and his crew perform magic and to hear a presentation on Concours judging.

A BMW M-3 sat in the washing bay and presented itself very well. It was clean and tidy, and I did not see how they could improve on it much. However, I was wrong. After a wash, three stages of finer and finer buffing, and a final hand washing, the red M-3 popped. It was stunning! Imagine what Lewis and his crew could do with a real car like a Porsche.

I had pre-arranged to have the 3-M film replaced on the dog legs of my '96 Iris Blue 993 as the old film was dull and blemished. The new film allowed the paint to shine through very clearly without scars and provided much needed future protection.

Not only does Concours Auto Detailing do great work, they also have excellent taste in food. Buzz and Ned's Real Barbeque, provided by Concours, was outstanding. An easy Saturday including blueberry pancakes, barbeque, and Porsches is hard to beat.

We concluded with a presentation and discussion on Concours judging led by Dave Lasch. The Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) on June 2nd provides an opportunity to have your car judged in an informative, low-key event. Judging is done through a consistent, friendly, and educational process. The Concours experience enables the owner to improve his or her car as areas that need improvement are pointed out by the judges.

See you at RPM on June 1–3!

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA April 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–211
Affiliate Members–154
Total Members–365

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Donald Behnke of Mineral, VA–1968 Porsche 912
  • James Malone of Charlottesville, VA–2012 Cayenne

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

Photo of Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards sign Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards
Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards Scenic Driving Tour

The recently unreliable weather gods smiled on our April 29 scenic driving tour from the Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards in North Garden to King Family Vineyards in Crozet. Pippin Hill has a new tasting room and restaurant located at the top of a hill with spectacular views of nearby farms and mountains. After lunch, Lynne Taylor and Sherry Westfall led a scenic tour through western Albemarle county. Lady Porsche drivers included Beth McKenney and Robin Wintzer. We ended up at King Family Vineyards for a late-afternoon wine tasting.    More photos...

Photo of Steve Garstang's Boxster kicking up a spray of water Steve Garstang and his amphibious Boxster
Autocross #1 at Verona

The Shenandoah Region's first "official" autocross at the Augusta Government Center on Saturday, April 28 was distinguished by a rare and unexpected monsoon beginning about 11 AM, just as the first heat of Porsches started. The rain quicky washed away the flour lines marking the course, and the visibility was poor, so more than one driver got lost on the way to the finish line. The corner workers braved the weather under umbrellas or, in one case, under the old semitrailer near the course. Fortunately, the rain tapered off around noon, and by the end of the day the sun was shining and the parking lot was dry. Everybody's times improved significantly as the course dried out, and three Mazdas had the fastest times, aided by the fact that the "other" cars were the last to run. The fastest Porsche was Brian Lay's 1986 911, and the FTD went to David Lingenfelter in his 1997 Mazda MX5. Here are the results sorted by time and by class.    More photos...

Photo of Bernie and Harry Kennison Bernie and Harry Kennison on tour
Homestead Resort Scenic Driving Tour–April 15, 2012
By Bernie Kennison

My first driving tour with the Shenandoah Region and I'm addicted! Yes, I previously assumed these tours were just a bunch of men "burning gas." And, yes, I've even been put out on the highway by the side of the road and told by my husband, Harry, to "watch me go by really fast." It's the price we pay for being the women who love them (the cars I'm talking about).

Anyway, every tour won't be as scenic and beautiful as this one; the temperature was perfect for "top down" motoring. Having set out from the Target in Waynesboro near the front of the pack of nine Porsches, I found it was better in the second half of the tour when we were near the rear because you got to watch all those gorgeous Porsches ahead of you. The sound of the engines is pretty neat too! Every stop sign is the equivalent of tearing out of the pits in a Formula 1 car at Spa [home of the Belgian Grand Prix]. I never sought out my "Adele" CD, as the sound of the Porsches was more than enough music for my ears. The fisherman on the rocks and rapids along the Maury River Road reminded me of the movie, "A River Runs Through It" and, of course, the vistas were amazing.

We met new friends from the First Settlers Region, Rob and Regina McDonough. Turns out Regina picked the colors of their spectacular linen and natural leather interior 911 Carrera S Cabriolet. If you need help picking the colors for your next Porsche, Regina is your go-to person and I believe she'll help you out in exchange for a large bottle of body lotion from the Homestead Spa.

I also met Amy Harmon and her husband Paul. As it turns out he's a child therapist who assured me that 13 year-old girls who glare at you (I have one living next door!) will change when they're 17. Only four more years to go for some relief! I'm more convinced than ever that a two-seater Boxster is definitely the way to travel during those four years.

So, to summarize my first Porsche driving tour: top-down 82 degree weather, beautiful scenery, interesting people, excellent lunch at the Homestead Casino restaurant, and, yes, the roar of the engines. Oh, and Mike Cirino is better than having your own Garmin GPS as he tells you not only where to go but even lets you know if there's a bump in the road. One more thing, the "Sweeper" driver did an excellent job too! Her business card should read:
   Sherry Westfall
   President & Master Sweeper Driver
   Porsche Club of America Shenandoah Region

For those of you who couldn't make it, you missed a great tour! How about the same drive next year?
More photos...

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA March 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–205
Affiliate Members–152
Total Members–357

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Eric Lund of Charlottesville, VA–1974 Porsche 914
  • Paul and Sarah Zelinke of Charlottesville, VA–1995 Porsche 911

Farewell to the following members transferring out:

  • John Bennett and Michael Lysczek of Culpeper, VA to Potomac

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

Photo of Rex McClure's yellow outlaw 911 at the autocross Rex McClure wrestling his hot 911T around the keyhole
An Autocross School and Test & Tune

The Shenandoah Region's first autocross day at the Augusta Government Center included an autocross school plus a "Test & Tune" on Saturday, March 31. The morning was devoted to instruction and practice. Rick Ebinger divided the drivers into two groups based on their autocross experience, and he took the beginning group to the keyhole at the east end of the course to explain how autocross courses are designed and driven. Meanwhile, Erik Boody took the more experienced drivers to the south end of the parking lot for practice runs. After about an hour, the two groups switched locations. Then there was a brief break, and the two groups each got two sets of three runs on the full autocross course. The timer was set up so drivers could check their progress, but the times won't count for points in the "official" autocross season that will begin on April 28.

The autocross school and "Test & Tune" were successful in attracting a number of new drivers in both Porsches and in other marques. We can only hope to have such good turnouts (and such good weather) throughout the autocross season. More photos...

Photo of Tom Zaffarano at the 2012 Zone 2 DE Zone 2 Rep Tom Zaffarano drove car #1 2012 Zone 2 DE at VIR

The first track event of the year for most of us is the Zone 2 PCA DE (driver's ed) at VIR. It is very popular because it is well run and because DE junkies are desperate to get back on track after a long winter layoff; its main drawback is the threat of cold and rainy March weather. This year we got lucky with three warm, dry, and mostly sunny days (March 16–18) of driving. It rained the night of March 15, so March 16 started out with some ground fog and a damp track, but the intrepid "white" run group went out first and dried off the track for the rest of us. (See the photos that go along with this text.)

The Shenandoah Region was well represented by drivers "Mad Mel" Brannan, Rachael Clark, George Coles, Jim Condon, Fritz Flynn, David Israel, Erin and Sean Israel (not driving), Scott Leopold, Jim Ottaway, Emmett Richardson, and Sherry Westfall. The usual suspects from the Richmond mafia in First Settlers included Brian Coey, Perrin DesPortes, Marco Estrada, Carl Gerster, Phil Grandfield, Bret Jacobson, Jacob Kay, Scott Reisenweaver, Cliff Reynolds, Steve Sarfaty, Bud Syme, and Damien Walsh. Zone 2 Rep Tom Zaffarano was the DE chairman and drove his silver 964 C4 (photo above), and PCA President Manny Alban showed up in his unmistakable polka-dot 964 "Wunderbred". Mel's 964 lost a throwout bearing early on, but he got back on track in a borrowed Audi. Emmett had major suspension work done on his 997S by Lufteknic, and he spent most of the weekend learning to drive an essentially new car. Four month old Sean Israel rode along on a few charity laps, and Erin will resume driving soon.

The horsepower arms-race continues: there were 44 GT3's at the event! Unmodified GT3's were the "momentum" cars in the "red" run group.

Non-Porsche entertainment included the really loud squealing sounds from a drifting school on the dry skidpad and a flyover by several Apache helicopters whose pilots circled the track a few times to enjoy the Porsche show below.

Photo of Weldon Scrogham and Jim Bailie judging 917s at Amelia Island 2010 Weldon Scrogham and Jim Bailes
judging 917s at Amelia Island in 2010
PCA's Weldon Scrogham a veteran judge at Amelia Island Concours   by Greg Glassner

Weldon Scrogham, founder of G&W Motorwerkes, Ltd. and a widely recognized authority on all things Porsche, has been a judge at Florida's prestigious Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance for 16 of its 17 years. To put that into perspective, peruse this sampling of the 2012 judges list at Amelia: former drivers Derek Bell, Brian Redman, Bob Bondurant, David Hobbs, Vic Elford, Sam Posey, and Johnny Rutherford, plus motoring journalists William Jeanes, Denise McCluggage, Jean Jennings, Ken Gross, Keith Martin, Matt Stone, and Robert Cumberford.

As Scrogham puts it, he had a good excuse for not being at the first Amelia Concours, even though event founder and chairman Bill Warner and Scrogham had known each other for years. "I was judging at Pebble Beach and Bill Warner came running up and said, 'Why don't you judge at Amelia?' I said I had a good reason because Sebring [race] is the same weekend."

"He changed it the next year," Scrogham said.

Scrogham and Amelia's Warner raced against each other in the International Motor Sports Association days and Warner was also an IMSA photographer. Since its start 17 years ago, the annual car show on the greens and fairways of the golf resort at the Amelia Island Ritz-Carlton just north of Jacksonville has grown into the premier mixed-makes car show east of California.

As you can deduce from the credentials of the judges, racing cars and Porsches play a big role at this show, but Warner and the charitable foundation that runs the event cover all bases, from the pre-WWI brass radiator years through the foreign and domestic classics of the 1920s and '30s, the flamboyant fifties, and the exciting sports and high-performance cars and dream cars of the decades since. The owners of 300 cars were invited to the 2012 event and 296 of them answered the call. (See these Photos by Greg Glassner from the 2012 event.)

Special displays this year included a variety of Shelby Cobras, a dozen of the 38 Ferrari GTOs in existence, Chevy Corvette show cars and one-offs, and cars raced by 2012 Honoree Vic Elford, including a Porsche 911 Rally car, two 907s, two 908s, and two 917s, and a Chevy Chaparral 2-J.

When each car represents the pinnacle of its manufacturer's craftsmanship, how do you judge a show like this? "I look at it much differently than most people," Scrogham said. "I ask myself, how original is this car?" He added that many factory racecars did not look as good when they actually competed as they do now.

Saturday's panel discussion included many of the aforementioned judges, plus Jim Hall and Porsche drivers Gerard Larrousse, Hurley Haywood, and Joe Buzzetta, all with some amusing and poignant anecdotes to tell. Hobbs took a lot of good-natured ribbing from the other drivers on how slow he actually drove.

Scrogham, who also judges many PCA events, began his long association with Porsches and motor sports in 1967 by racing a Speedster in SCCA competition. He graduated to the Daytona 24 hours and 12 Hours of Sebring endurance races by 1968. "Bob Holbert ran an RSK and I had a skinny-tired Speedster," he remembered.

His PCA associations also date back that far. He was president of the First Settlers Region in 1968–69 and was instrumental in founding the Shenandoah Region when the membership expanded. His wife Phyllis and son Cole have also served as presidents, and the Scroghams have kept our region going and hosted many events over the years. Although the cars are the stars at Amelia, Scrogham credits the people, from the volunteers, to entrants, to retired drivers, for making the event what it is.

"It starts out, like everything, with people. That's how things started out, with people. And you still have to go with good people," he said.

"When the people assembled include multiple race winners at Sebring, Daytona, Watkins Glen, Le Mans, the Nurburgring, and the Targa Florio, there is a lot of camaraderie and a lot of good stories get passed around," he added.

This year, Scrogham was also responsible for selling the Drendel Family collection of Porsches at Friday's Gooding & Co. Auction at Amelia Island.

He tells about lingering over a very entertaining lunch with Elford, Redman, and Bell, all former Porsche drivers, when he and Elford both realized they were due over at the auction on the other side of the island, and that Elford's ride hadn't arrived. "I said I'd take him, but Vic wanted to wait for his ice cream. So we grabbed two ice creams and raced over there," Scrogham said.

It turned out OK, an understatement. The Drendel Porsches broke 11 sales records for a total of $17.8 million, with one of the cars, a Porsche 917/30 Can-Am hammered down at $4.4 million. Although discretion prevents Scrogham from discussing who bought which car, Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, a noted Porsche collector, has been reported to be the purchaser of two big-ticket Porsches.

So I had to ask Scrogham a question posed by fellow PCA Shenandoah member Keith Welty, namely, how did a G&W Motorwerkes sticker get on the refrigerator in the apartment set of Seinfeld's TV show?

Weldon said he wasn't aware of it. Then he explained, "I guess I sold him three cars about ten years ago, a 550 Spyder, a Speedster, and a Carrera."

Photo of Harry Kennison at Amelia Island 2012 Postcard from Amelia Island
by Harry Kennison

Shenandoah member (and historian) Harry Kennsion just us sent this "postcard" collage of photos from the March 9–11, 2012 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. What an amazing collection of Porsches! I bet you wish you were there.

The photo on the left shows Harry next to the famous number 59 Brumos Porsche 935 turbo that Peter Gregg drove to the 1979 IMSA GT Championship. See Harry's "Vintage Corner" article on "Peter Perfect" and his domination of IMSA racing in the 1970's.


Hurst photo
Darrell and Chad Hurst
(2009 RPM Concours)
Darrell Hurst     by Cole Scrogham          March 8, 2012

Shenandoah has lost one of its founding members, Darrell Hurst, 73, of Staunton, VA. Darrell passed away on March 1 at Martha Jefferson Hospital after a long battle with liver cancer. He leaves behind a wife, Lida Hurst; two children, Chad and Holly, along with several stepchildren and grandchildren. Darrell was previously married to Ginger, who is a regular with Chad at many Shenandoah events. A brief segment from Darrell's obituary follows:

Darrel Hurst photo
Darrell Hurst
(2007 RPM)
Dedicated, energetic, distinguished—these words only begin to describe Dr. Hurst, a 1963 East Carolina University BA recipient with a double major in history and English, as well as an MA in English (1967). He completed his doctorate of English education at University of Virginia and then pursued his passion for teaching. He began his teaching career at Staunton Military Academy and in 1967 subsequently moved on to become adjunct faculty at James Madison University, University of Virginia, and for the SAKE and SHIGA Japanese-English Immersion Program at Mary Baldwin College. Dr. Hurst's longest tenure, however, has been as professor of English and humanities at Blue Ridge Community College, where he was a founding faculty member when the college opened its doors in 1967 and remained until his passing. A celebration of life service will be held at Trinity Episcopal Church in Staunton on March 17th at 11am.

I had known Darrell for many years even before trying to start the Shenandoah Region. He always enjoyed Porsches, and the connection to the marque was a way for Darrell and Chad to enjoy something together. It was quite a struggle to find 25 Porsche owners in the area that were willing to sign on as Charter Members, but when I called they were both very interested and helped get the momentum going.

Darrell was particularly interested in organizing tours to a fun destination. I remember one in particular to the Homestead that was a lot of fun. We caravanned over the mountains in a string of cars, from a new 1989 Speedster to my old 1967 912, following Darrell and Chad in their 911S. Was that Bahama Yellow? The 911S was easy to find: Darrell had one of the first "vanity" license plates in the area that sported a rather obscure name...HECUBA.

I wasn't sure what that meant and was a little afraid to ask since I knew Darrell was an English teacher and I didn't want a lecture. For a while I thought he was some kind of closet communist or something, but came to learn he associated the yellow 911S with an ancient Greek tragedy and the main character named, you guessed it, Hecuba.

Darrell was always willing to help out with the club, and always with a smile. He enjoyed his cars, but most of all he enjoyed being around them with his family. Whether leading a tour, or driving to Charlottesville for a UVA game, Darrell was one of the first who recognized "It's not just the cars, it's the people." His contribution, energy and friendship will be missed.


PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA February 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–210
Affiliate Members–154
Total Members–364

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Michael R. Fisher of Staunton, VA – 2012 Porsche Cayman R
  • Claire and Michael Plautz of Lyndhurst, VA – 2008 Porsche 911
  • Jeffrey and Linda Sivers of Grottoes, VA – 1987 Porsche 930
  • Edward and Connie Sowa of Penn Laird, VA – transfer from Maverick Region –
    1987 Porsche 911, 2006 Porsche 911

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

March History Quiz by Harry Kennison:             March 2012

Here is this month's history quiz to test your knowledge of the infamous and famous within the Porsche Club of America's Shenandoah Region as we travel in the "wayback machine" to 2007:


  1. In March 2007 the Shenandoah Region held its largest Autocross in Club history. Where was it? Who sponsored it? Who set Fastest Time of the Day?
  2. At the 2007 Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) who won the Concours "shine" award in the late model 911 Class as well as "Best of Show?"
  3. In August 2007 the Shenandoah Region added 29 new members to its ranks, an all time record for the Region. What caused this jump in membership?
  4. Which long-time Shenandoah Club member won the "Boomerang" Comeback Award for 2007?
  5. Susie and Phil Audibert led the 2008 Fall Foliage Tour for the second year in a row. What car do they drive in the Tour and what is its name?

Bonus Question: At the 2007 Porsche Parade in San Diego, what Porsche Club of America Zone Challenge did Zone Two which includes the Shenandoah Region win? Who represented the Shenandoah Region on the Zone Two team?




  1. The first Autocross of the 2007 season took place the end of March at Richmond International Raceway. It was sponsored by Euroclassics Porsche of Richmond and attracted 46 entrants. The event offered the opportunity to drive on a 14 degree, big-bank oval track just like the NASCAR boys. Despite all the heavy-hitter new cars entered (GT-3's, 997s, 996s, Cayman S's and Boxster S's) it was Safety Chairman Erik Boody in his 1973 911 who set fastest time of the day. Chess Earman hustled his Cayman S to second place and Tom Stenzel in his 2004 GT-3 finished third overall.
  2. At the 2007 Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) Alex Smith, RPM Chairman, won the Shine Award in the late model 911 Class with his GT3 and Alex also won the "People's Choice" Award for Best of Show.
  3. In the biggest single one month jump in its history, the Shenandoah Region added 29 new members during August to bring our total primary member count to 198. Although it had been rumored that the Membership Chair, Rebecca Morgan, was chasing down Porsches at stop lights and making them sign up on the spot, she claimed she had nothing to do with it. She gives all the credit to Mark Cooke at Euroclassics Porsche in Richmond who decided to pay for one-year memberships for everyone who bought a Porsche from Euroclassics throughout 2007. This is just one more example of the tremendous support Shenandoah has received from Mark and his Euroclassics team over the years.
  4. "Mad Mel" Brannan received a "Boomerang" Comeback Award for returning to the track after undergoing back surgery.
  5. Susie and Phil Audibert led the second annual Fall Foliage Tour in their green Porsche 356C affectionately known as "The Green Bean."

Bonus Question Answer: At the Porsche Parade in San Diego the Zone Two Porsche Club of America won the Sand Castle Challenge event. The team which consisted of 35 sand-digging members, including Shenandoah's Weldon and Phyllis Scrogham, completed "Wolfgang's Castle" in two hours which featured a bridge, moat and German flags lining the route to the top.

Bruce Russell photo Russ's Ramblings by Bruce Russell:             March 2012

This has to be one of the mildest winters I can remember here in central Virginia. So with Mother Nature giving us a "pass" from winter's grip, Mary Jean and I decided to capitalize on the mild temperatures and take a short trip in the Porsche.

We headed up to White Sulphur Springs, WV for a short stay at The Greenbrier resort. Timing was perfect because we were blessed with mild weather, winter room rates, and no crowds. In addition, The Greenbrier gives military personal (active, retired or veteran) a 20 percent discount off your room rate. You do need to show your military ID, so be sure to take it with you if you are planning a stay at The Greenbrier.

We have stayed at The Greenbrier a couple of times in the past, but we wanted to see what had changed since the specious property was purchased by Mr. Jim Justice from the CSX corporation a couple of years ago. In addition, since our last visit about four years ago, a night club and casino have been added and the Bunker has been opened for public guided tours.

First, let me say I was a bit worried about parking my "baby" in the self-park lot (no Valet touches my Carrera). My worries were allayed because I was invited to park in the VIP circle adjacent to the Grand Portico entrance of the hotel. I have to admit she looked good sparkling in all her Guards Red radiance against the celestial white backdrop of this grand hotel.

We had the Bunker tour scheduled at 1:30 pm on the day of our arrival. We arrived a little before noon and planned to get some lunch before the tour. We were advised by the front desk that our room was already available. Official check-in time is 4:00, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

The bunker was a secret US government facility opened in 1961 and is located under the west wing of the hotel. Its purpose was to provide an underground fallout shelter for the US Congress in case of a nuclear attack on the United States. You need to remember this secret facility was build during the Cold War and was to allow the government of the United States to remain functional even after a nuclear attack. The President and Vice-President would have gone to various other secret facilities located elsewhere in the United States.

The guided tour and the video presentation of the Bunker take about 90 minutes and are well worth the price of admission. It is a fascinating story and one you should not miss if you are in the area. The bunker tours are open to both hotel guests and visitors, but you do need to call the hotel and make an advance tour reservation.

The all new nightclub and casino are "Top Shelf" and a real first-class operation. I was a bit worried that the casino would be like the Atlantic City strip with tour buses streaming in 24 hours a day. That is not the case because only hotel guests are allowed in the casino and they have a "business casual" dress code that is enforced. It is a wonderful gaming environment with Slots, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and table Poker games.

I have never seen a one cent (i.e. penny!) slot machine before. I had to try it and after pumping about eight cents into the machine, it started playing all by itself and doing crazy things. After the festival of lights and sound, I was awarded 500 pennies! Now I can afford that coke. I spent about an hour playing the various gaming venues while Mary Jean enjoyed some nice wine in the nightclub. It was a lot of fun, even for a non-gamer like me. I must admit I played Craps and had NO IDEA what was going on, even though I won a few bucks on that table also.

The meals were great and you are offered several choices of dining opportunities. One night we ate in Jerry West's Prime 44 restaurant. Superb food (mostly steaks and seafood) at a premium price. If you do not care for the "5-Star" dining experience, you can get a burger and fries in the nightclub adjacent to the casino. I will just summarize by saying you will not starve while staying at The Greenbrier.

On our return trip from The Greenbrier, we made a side stop in my hometown of Clifton Forge which is located in the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia. My first stop in Clifton was to fill-up with premium ethanol-free gasoline at the East Coast Petro station on W. Ridgeway Street. My car runs so much better with pure gasoline. Just two blocks east of the gas station is a very nice eating establishment named Jack Mason's Tavern. It is a relatively new establishment with a very nice menu and an ample selection of beverages. It is clean, cozy and a fun spot to stop for a bite to eat and something to quench your thirst.

The primary purpose of our stop in Clifton Forge was to visit the Chesapeake and Ohio (Railroad) Heritage Center located on E. Ridgeway Street. Most of my mother's family had some direct connection to the C&O Railroad, so the railroad was a big part of my youth. We took the guided tour of the six acre facility. They had an old passenger depot, a freight depot, a switch tower, maintenance shed (w/handcars), a beautiful steam locomotive, a passenger dining and baggage car, and a couple of old cabooses. The tour takes about an hour and you are allowed to climb, wander and explore all the exhibits. If you are in or around Clifton Forge, I think you would enjoy this look back at the golden era of rail travel.

It was a great little winter getaway with spring-like weather. I took some of my favorite back roads and byways that the Carrera enjoys. I recently dialed in some addition negative camber on the front suspension and I am very pleased with the results. There was noticeable reduction in oversteer and the car now "glides" through the twisties and hairpins along old Route 60 and Route 42. It is darn near therapeutic medicine to drive these cars on a challenging road!

Until next time, drive safe.

Member Moment: Patrick Tolan           March 2, 2012

I joined the Shenandoah Region Club for my first breakfast and fun-run Saturday, February 25, meeting up with a large and friendly group at the Tip Top restaurant. I have been a member for a little over two years but this is the first I have been able to actually attend any event. I moved to Charlottesville in August 2009 and shortly thereafter bought my first Porsche in 30+ years. I found a 2003 911 Cabriolet (photo below) that had a clear history, only two prior owners, and was in the price range I wanted to spend, so I flew to Ohio to pick it up and drive it back. Coming into the Shenandoah at the end of the trip, brought back vividly, why my brother and I used to buy old Porsches to keep running even when we could not afford it. We started out with a speedster that we had to use tape to keep the gas pedal linkage together (going 120 one minute, 0 the next sometimes), graduated to a new 914-4 (lime green for some reason) for a while, and then an old but very sound 914-6 to get through graduate school, though it made no sense (but it was so much fun). Then marriage, kids, etc. and owning a Porsche became something I would get back to some day.

I came to Charlottesville to work at UVa, where I am a professor focused on youth development. My new wife and I came here after eight years of commuting between Chicago and Baltimore until our children went off to college (that's right: five in college at one time, 20–25 years old). We fell immediately in love with the university, the city, and the surrounding area. There is so much to do in such a friendly place.

I am very glad I took the time to get to this breakfast and to start to make some new friends. I found a friendly and informed group of people to learn from, spend time with, and share ideas and interests. I am looking forward to other opportunities to learn more about driving skills, the care of and capability of my car, and to see more scenic parts of the surrounds. Makes me think I might need to find a runnable speedster again—I suspect the cost will be a bit different than back in 1970!

Breakfast At The Tip Top And A Fun Run to King Family Vineyards

Twenty-four early risers in at least 15 Porsches showed up at 8 AM for breakfast at the Tip Top Restaurant on Pantops Mountain in Charlottesville on a chilly but sunny Saturday, February 25. Restaurant owner Terry Vassalos is a Porsche enthusiast and collector. He reserved a Porsche parking lot and tables for us, and he provided complimentary drinks. It was Drew Donaldson's birthday, so Malcolm Hopker made sure he received a birthday biscuit (see photos). Johnny Johnson designed the very scenic tour through Keswick, Gordonsville, Whitehall, and Crozet to King Family Vineyards. However, Johnny just sold his Porsche, so Clint Shuler drove the lead car with Johnny as navigator. Sixteen people in nine Porsches and a huge "Mini" made the tour.
More photos...

Flow Porsche 991 launch

Flow Porsche of Charlottesville 991 Launch

Flow Porsche of Charlottesville hosted their Porsche 991 launch from noon to 2 PM in variable (to say the least) weather on Saturday, February 11. (See the launch photos.) The Shenandoah Board met downstairs from about 10:30 to 11:30 AM. Meanwhile, General Manager Tyrone Lewis, Sales Manager Jason Robson, and Salesman John Slaughter led final preparations for the main event. Shenandoah Region members Eric Huggins, David Armstrong, and Mike Cirino directed traffic into the reserved Porsche parking lot, and six "ancestors" of the 991 were lined up along the west wall of the Flow Porsche showroom. There was a catered lunch, and two musicians provided live violin and guitar music.

For the "unveiling", Jason surprised everyone by firing up the white 991 Carrera S and driving it out from under its cover on the showroom floor. The first potential customer to sit in the driver's seat was John Francis, the older son of members Mark and Caren Francis; he was followed by Porsche fans of all ages. From the photos you can see the 991 is longer than the 997, and some of that length shows up in the larger front trunk space. The Panamera influence on the cockpit is clear and apparently will also be found in the new Boxster to be launched later this year. Under the rear lid you can't see the engine anymore.

Euroclassics 991 launch
icon Euroclassics Porsche 991 Launch

Euroclassics Porsche held their Porsche 991 launch at the Science Museum of Virginia on the evening of Thursday, February 9. The Science Museum is located in the old Broad Street train station. The massive stone globe in front was illuminated by the PORSCHE logo. A Foucault pendulum hangs from the high dome above the center of the huge waiting room. Two covered 991's were placed in front of and behind the pendulum; a wine bar was on the left and a buffet line of hors d'oeuvres was on the right. You can see some of the beautiful people from Shenandoah in the these photos.

At about 8:15 PM the covers were removed from two 991 Carrera S coupes, one gray and the other black. The 991 still looks like a 911, but it has evolved to look more like a Panamera coupe—notice the raised shift lever on the sloping console covered with switches, the wider hood, and the larger (20 inch) wheels. The rear wheels have been moved back a few inches to reduce the 991's rear weight bias and lengthen the wheelbase. Despite it's larger size, the 991 is lighter than the 997 thanks to several aluminum body panels. The engine is no longer visible from above; lifting the rear deck lid only exposes an engine cover and two fans.

February History Quiz by Harry Kennison:            February 2012

Here is this month's history quiz to test your knowledge of the infamous and famous within the Porsche Club of America's Shenandoah Region as we travel in the "wayback machine" to 2006:


  1. Heat Exchanger editor Phil Audibert was disturbed by the number of vehicle/deer accidents that plague Virginia highways and decided to do a little research. According to the Virginia Transportation Research Council, how many deer are killed annually on Virginia highways?
    a. 12,500
    b. 21,000
    c. 34,000
    d. Over 50,000
  2. Andy Chisholm, a First Settlers Region member, recounted his 1974 trip to the Porsche Parade in Pennsylvania where his 912 dropped an exahaust valve. With a lot of help from Weldon Scogham and a bunch of his friends, he was able to get the necessary parts to replace the faulty valve and make the Autocross held at Pocono Raceway. The overnight repairs were almost completed, but no one had a can of lapping compound needed to lap the valve. What did Weldon come up with to solve Andy's problem?
  3. Porsche ceased production at their Leipzig, Germany plant of what car on May 6, 2006?
  4. On a seven-day "boondoggle" (make that "business trip") to Stuttgart, Rick Ebinger had the opportunity to take a 1.5 hour tour of the Porsche factory where they make 911s. Each station along the production line is alloted 4.8 minutes to complete a task before the car is moved to the next station. How many 911s did each production shift put out?
  5. At the 2006 Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) Autocross held at the Southside Speedway who set the Fastest Time of the Day and what was the margin of victory? What happened to three-time RPM Autocross winner Bobby Smith?

Bonus Question: What was the largest Autocross event ever conducted by the Shenandoah Region through its first ten years and who won the event?




  1. According to the Virginia Transportation Research Council, 34,000 deer are killed by vehicles annually in the state of Virginia. This not only impacts the deer population, but also repair costs. In 2006 the average repair costs for deer related accidents was $3,000-$5,000. One could surmise that the cost for fixing your Porsche would be considerably higher!
  2. In order to complete the overnight valve repair on Andy Chisholm's 912 at the 1974 Porsche Parade in Pennsylvania, he needed to find a substitute for valve lapping compound. Weldon Scrogham, who had previously had the necessary parts sent up from his G & W Motorwerkes in Waynesboro "worked like some mad, ancient alchemist and mixed a magic potion" composed of Boraxo cleanser and Castrol motor oil that allowed them to lap the valve and complete the reassembly. How did Andy do? The next day he not only had his 912 running, but placed first in the Autocross 912 Class with a lot of help from his friends.
  3. On May 6, 2006 Porsche ceased production of the mid-engined V-10 supercar, the Carrera GT. In all, 1,270 cars were produced between 2004 and 2006 at their Leipzig, Germany plant, with nearly half of the cars being sold in the United States.
  4. On his business trip to Stuttgart, Rick Ebinger had the opportunity to take a 1.5 hour tour of the Porsche factory where they make 911s. Each station in the production process has 4.8 minutes to complete their assigned tasks before the partially assembled 911 moves on to the next station. The Porsche factory operates two shifts with each shift putting out 88 cars each or 176 911s per day.
  5. Rick Ebinger driving his 914 took fastest time of the day in the Autocross held at Southside Speedway, nosing out friend and Safety Chairman Erik Boody in his 1973 911T by just 0.307 seconds. Chess Earman in his Cayman S was third fastest, less than 9/1000ths of a second behind Erik. Bobby Smith, the Fastest Time of the Day winner in the previous three RPM Autocrosses, had a driveshaft problem in his 914.

Bonus Question Answer: The largest Autocross event ever conducted by the Shenandoah Region through its first ten years was the July 2006 Autocross held at the notorious Richmond International Raceway. The 3/4 mile banked NASCAR oval track challenged 46 drivers with Chess Earman coming out on top with the fastest time of the day in his 2006 Cayman S.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA January 2012 Membership Report
by Phyllis Scrogham, Membership Chair

Primary Members–205
Affiliate Members–150
Total Members–355

Welcome to the following new members:

  • Andrew and Eva King of Keswick, VA – 2001 Boxster S

Farewell to the following member transferring out:

  • Dean Detrou of Madison, IN to Kentucky Region

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

January History Quiz by Harry Kennison:

Here is this month's history quiz to test your knowledge of the infamous and famous within the Porsche Club of America's Shenandoah Region as we travel in the "wayback machine" to 2005:

  1. Which Shenandoah members took top honors in their class at the 2005 Porsche Parade Concours as well as winning the overall Preparation award and what was their car? (Clue: it's black and quite fast!)
  2. Who won his class in the RC (Remote Control) Car Autocross at the 2005 Porsche Parade and then set Fastest Time of the Day against all comers?
  3. After finishing 30th overall at the 2005 RPM Autocross held at Richmond's Southside Speedway, what Shenandoah member said, "I'm an Early Model driver in a Late Model car"?
  4. Who hosted the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Shenandoah Region and who was voted the Club's official Head Cook?
  5. Why couldn't Rick Ebinger race his 1974 914 at the August Autocross held at the Augusta Government Center in Verona, what car did he drive, and where did he finish?

Bonus Question: Any Porsche Club member who has taken part in one of Shenandoah's driving tours over the past few years will attest to the large number of cars and participants. However, it wasn't always that way. How many cars turned out for the May 2005 tour to the Luray Caverns Auto Museum?




  1. Weldon and Phyllis Scrogham took best in class honors as well as the overall award for Best Preparation at the 2005 Porsche Parade Concours held in Hershey, Pennsylvania with their stunning, black Porsche Carrera GT. They scored 299.6 points out of a possible 300.
  2. Zane Johnson, son of Shenandoah members Johnny and Lisa Johnson, won his class in the RC (Remote Control) Car Autocross at the 2005 Porsche Parade. Zane then entered the Adult RC Class and set Fastest Time of the Day. Not bad for a 15 year old!
  3. After finishing 30th at the 2005 RPM Autocross, Regional Vice President Herb Distefano, defended his result by stating, "I'm an Early Model driver in a Late Model car."
  4. Rick Ebinger couldn't race his venerable 914 at the August 2005 Autocross because he didn't have time to trailer his car to and from the Augusta Government Center and still catch an afternoon flight out of Charlottesville. Instead of his 914, Rick drove the 1973 911 of his friend Erik Boody, winding up second overall after doing a spectacular slide into the cones on an early run. John Kessler ruled the Autocross that day setting Fastest Time of the Day in his 1971 911.
  5. The 10th Anniversary Celebration was hosted by Herb Distefano at his beautiful home on Lake Anna, and Bill Sanders was unanimously voted the Shenandoah Region's Head Cook after grilling burgers and hotdogs for the 39 members and guests.

Bonus Question Answer: Maybe it was the proximity to the upcoming RPM event, but only two cars and two people turned out for the Luray Caverns Auto Mueum tour in May, namely, tour organizers Robert Whissen and Mike Shutty. According to these two, those who couldn't make it missed a spirited drive and interesting museum tour!

Greg Glassner photo John Zilles and the IMSA/ALMS Porsche Cayenne Rapid Response Vehicle, by Greg Glassner:

When drivers try to take a corner at eleven/10ths instead of ten/10ths, or when the red mist descends and they turn expensive prototype or GT cars into armored personnel carriers, disaster can strike. Medical teams and fire crews need to respond within seconds of racetrack incidents and they must get to the scene quickly and reliably—lives literally hang in the balance. So it should come as little surprise that the Rapid Response Vehicle at International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) sanctioned events is a specially equipped Porsche Cayenne.

John Zilles, 63, a retired paramedic from Green Bay Wisconsin, drives the Rapid Response Vehicle, a 500 horsepower twin-turbo Cayenne at all major IMSA events, including the American LeMans Series (ALMS).

My curiosity was piqued when I saw this white and blue Cayenne on the grid before the 2010 Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta. So, when it pulled up to the Porscheplatz before the start of the Baltimore Grand Prix ALMS race in September, I grabbed my camera, borrowed pen and paper, and sprang into action.

"I've been doing this a little over 20 years," said Zilles obligingly. Zilles said he alternates two emergency room physicians riding shotgun in the Cayenne during race weekends. At Baltimore it was Dr. Greg Summerville, who is based in New Jersey.

If race control spots something on the track that warrants instant response, Zilles and his traveling doctor are dispatched, even if cars are still traveling at speed on the track. Zilles said he believes IMSA/ALMS is the only sanctioning body and race series that does this. "The twin-turbo Cayenne is fast enough to not get in the way. We get going pretty good," he noted. "I don't drive it at 100 percent, but I drive pretty hard. We have a mutual understanding with the drivers [who race]."

"When we get there, we are equipped to do anything needed to save a driver's life. We can take a driver with us, if necessary. Sometimes the worst accidents are the ones that don't look that bad. We have pre-treated most of the drivers, which helps in concussion evaluations."

The design of race cars and their safety equipment has improved dramatically over two decades, Zilles said. "In the early IMSA days we had a lot of rollovers and some major fires," he added. Zilles was dispatched to the dramatic wreck in 1998 when Yannik Dalmas flipped his Porsche 911 GT1 at the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta. (You can still view that one on

An experienced crew of Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel follows in two trucks on the heels of the Porsche Cayenne. "For the first 12 years it was just me and the doc. We have added a Fire/EMS crew of eight guys, four on each fire truck. All of them are from the Sebring and Atlanta area. An airline pilot dispatches the team. He really knows how to communicate in emergency situations," Zilles added. "The firefighters are the best problem solvers. We practice at Sebring, extricating drivers and dealing with the different fuels used in ALMS. We get the fuels and start fires and practice getting them out."

Zilles had some dirt track racing experience in his younger years, but after he was hired by IMSA, he went to a road course driving school to sharpen his skills behind the wheel. Before the Cayenne came along, IMSA had a Porsche 928 as a safety vehicle. The Cayenne provides room for more emergency equipment and can hold Zilles, the doctor and an injured driver.

Zilles worked for the company that set up a hydraulic extrication system on the 928. That led to his being hired to drive the Rapid Response Vehicle. Before that, a retired racing driver drove it.

Although Zilles and his emergency team are paid to work race weekends, he said, "We're not doing it for the money. We get pay and per diem. Nobody's come out ahead on that yet." The pilot and the ER doctors take time off from lucrative professions and one of the Fire/EMS crew is the Chief of the Sebring, Florida Fire Department, Zilles said. "We do it for the sport, the drivers and the people. It's not all about the race cars, but we are all huge race fans," Zilles said. And, yes, the trackside hospitality and race weekend parties are also part of the lure, he admitted.

When Zilles turns back the keys to the Cayenne at the end of along race weekend and heads home to Green Bay, does he have a Porsche of his own in his garage?


"I've got a Chevy Tahoe and an old BMW. I can't afford one of these," he said, laying a hand fondly on the Cayenne's hood.

During a presentation Zilles made to PCA members at the Baltimore G.P. Porscheplatz, he mentioned that the Cayenne is placed in the IMSA hauler at the end of a weekend, where it rides from race to race. "When it's turned back to Porsche, you might try to buy it. It would make a great buy. It's got very low mileage and was only driven by a little old man on weekends," he joked.

Bruce Russell photo Russ's Ramblings by Bruce Russell:

Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful holiday season. My holiday was great except for the fact that Santa missed one small item on my Christmas list. The Cayman R w/PDK was missed! When I confronted Santa about this small oversight, I was given "the look". Oh well, maybe next year.

I don't know about you, but January is always depressing. "Why?", you ask. For starters, all of my holiday bills come due in January (ok, call me Scrooge). Second, I start receiving W2's, 1099's, etc. which reminds me of what looms ahead. And lastly, it is usually a dismal month to drive a Porsche although this is not always the case, so read on. Enough of my grumbling.

I attended three very nice Shenandoah events that were held in the fourth quarter of last year. I was able to make the Fall Foliage Tour, the New Member Dinner/Social, and the Holiday Party.

The Fall Foliage Tour was postponed one week from its original date due to a early-season winter blast that hit western Virginia in late October. It was unfortunate, because the planners and hosts, Phil and Susie Audibert, were unable to attend the re-scheduled event. The tour started with a wonderful reception hosted by Weldon and Phyllis Scrogam at their G&W Motorwerkes showroom. If you have never been to G&W Motorwerkes and you are in the Waynesboro area, do yourself a favor and stop in. You will not be disappointed.

It was a beautiful day for a drive in the country. As in years past, we were treated to a scenic route through the central valley area and ended up at the Fareways restaurant located in the beautiful Massanutten Resort. The weather actually was warm when standing in the sun, so I removed the top from my Targa. All was well until we got out of town and starting traveling at highway speeds. The radiant heat of the sun was replaced by a brisk wind chill. Ever try to put on a coat while driving a Porsche? It can be done, but I recommend you stop when making wardrobe adjustments. In summary, it was a wonderful event and one that I look forward to every fall. Again, my thanks to Phil and Susie.

Our Region had a Member Social/Dinner Party in mid-November that was hosted by Flow Porsche at their Pantops showroom. A special effort had been made to get new Shenandoah members to attend. Based on some unfamiliar faces, I think they were successful in getting some new folks out for the event. The buffet dinner was prepared by the C&O restaurant; it was fabulous. On a side note, I highly recommend the C&O for a very nice dining experience; the restaurant is located in downtown Charlottesville across the street from the old C&O rail station.

The staff at Flow Porsche treated us to a guided tour of their facilities, and I must say I was impressed by their service area and overall operation. After dinner, the Sales staff entertained us with Porsche-related trivia questions; correct answers were rewarded with a door prize. I won a very nice Porsche 918 hat after correctly answering the question, "How many M8 bolts are used in a 1957 Speedster engine?". Just kidding...

My final event of the year was the Region's Holiday Party that was held at historic Michie Tavern. We were treated to a wonderful private dinner party that was hosted by fellow Shenandoah member Sam Morris. Sam just happens to be the General Manager at Michie Tavern, so you know we got the VIP treatment!

Michie Tavern is a wonderful venue for a Holiday party with its colonial (real stuff!) decor, holiday decorations, large cozy fireplace and gracious servers. The food is served buffet style, but "seconds" are brought to your table by the numerous servers. The food is a traditional southern feast! I doubt very many folks leave Michie Tavern still hungry.

After dinner, awards were presented to several special individuals for excellence on the Auto-X circuit. The evening concluded with the awarding of a bounty of door prizes. It appeared the vast majority of folks left with a prize, which is nice. Mary Jean was unable to attend the party because she had left earlier in the day on a business trip. A couple of weeks later I treated her to a surprise lunch at Michie Tavern while we visiting some wineries in the Charlottesville area. It was not the same as the private Shenandoah party, but we had fun and enjoyed the lunch.

This is the time of year that most PCA activities slow down, unless you live in California or Florida. That does not mean you are forbidden from taking the car out on a nice day and enjoying the winter here in Virginia. So far, this winter has been fairly mild and there have been ample opportunities for me to take the Carrera out for a nice drive in the countryside. I hope you have similar opportunities.

I hate to admit, but I am thinking about selling my wonderful '84 Carrera and trading up for something newer. We bought the Carrera in 1997 and it has become part of our life. We would love to be able to keep the Carrera and buy something newer, but honestly we can not justify that scenario. I am still "on the fence" with this wacky idea, so I will keep you posted. Not sure what I would buy, but I was very impressed by the Cayman R that I drove at last summer's Parade.

I am planning that my next installment of "Russ's Ramblings" will start you thinking about getting your car ready for the Spring driving season. I will share some of my tips for making the interior and exterior sparkle. I will also share some preventative maintenance tips, so until then...enjoy Winter.

Drive safe.

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