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Holiday Party Dec 4


photo of fireplace
in Michie Tavern 2016 Holiday Party Reflections
by Jim Kaczorowski          Posted 2016 Dec 18

Most members in the Shenandoah Region have been to Michie Tavern at some point in their lives, but it is hard to beat the camaraderie and warmth of our annual Holiday Party held on December 4. A hearty fire, greetings from close to 80 old friends and new, and even a Museum tour complimented a generous cocktail hour.

Traditions continued as host and Porsche owner Sam Morris provided a history of the tavern followed by an overview of the always delicious Southern fare.

After 'seconds' by a few hungry patrons, the formal part of the program began over coffee or tea and peach cobbler a la mode. Our new President Hank Weil and Co-Vice Presidents Randy Bell and Mark Doherty and continuing Secretary Lynne Taylor and Treasurer Carey were welcomed by retiring president Clint Shuler. An awards ceremony followed, which included presentations for a number of autocross competitors. Autocross Co-chair Rick Ebinger cited the avid participation of a record number of 27 ladies this year. Improved Class winners Jeffrey Elmore and Jonathan Newhall tied for fastest overall autocrosser. This year Rick and Co-chair Erik Boody created unique wooden awards with a silver dollar embedded in each. Not to be overlooked was the annual drawing for Porsche memorabilia prizes which provided just about everyone in attendance with a desirable remembrance.

To give you an idea of the abundant cheer, no one other than (wife) Anne had a bigger surprise than when she found out that sitting across from her at our dinner table was a young man, Jonathan Newhall, whom she taught in first grade many [many] years ago in the Valley...who wants to give odds on that happening again next year?

The year has certainly brought us all we could have wished for - and more. So we hope it was the same for you and yours as we look forward to seeing each of you behind the wheel in 2017.

Click here to see photos from the 2016 Holiday Party.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   November 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 December 10

Primary Members–262
Affiliate Members–159
Total Members–421

Two new members, one transfer in, and two transfers out:

  • Todd Jankowski of Waynesboro – 2017 Macan S (Volcano Gray)
  • Justin Wilson of Charlottesville – 2014 Cayman S (Guards Red)
  • Kenneth Nachman from First Settlers (FST) – 1984 Carrera (Blue)
  • David Licciardello to First Settlers (FST)
  • Chuck Volpe to Gold Coast (GCT)

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Shenandoah Region 2017–2018 Board Election Results
by Jim Condon, election committee chairman        Posted 2016 December 1

The votes received during the November 15–28 balloting period have been counted. The Election Committee (Jim Condon, Gary Hagar, and Deane Parker) congratulates the newly elected 2017–2018 Shenandoah Region Board of Directors:

  • President: Hank Weil
  • Vice President: Randy Bell
  • Vice President: Mark Doherty
  • Secretary: Lynne Taylor
  • Treasurer: Carey Lockhart

President: Hank Weil of Crozet, VA
It is an honor to have been elected to be the President of the Shenandoah Region. Jolly and I moved to Crozet two and a half years ago and built our retirement home in Old Trail. I spent 35 years working for Tenneco and have had the opportunity to live in many towns in the United States. I first joined PCA in 1970. I sold our 914-6 in 1975 when I began working toward an MBA. I did not acquire another Porsche until all three of our children graduated from college. We purchased our 1994 Speedster in 2000 while living in Illinois. I was a member of the Chicago Region for 14 years and served seven years as the Chicago Region Concours Co-Chairman. I have attended 12 Parades since rejoining PCA in 2000. I transferred to the Shenandoah Region in July 2014. I am currently the Membership Chair and have had the opportunity to meet many of the Shenandoah Region Members over the last two and a half years. I look forward to continuing to grow the Region, listening and learning from our members, and getting more members involved in planning and participating in Region and Club activities. I value the great memories and lifelong friends I have made as a member of PCA.

Vice President: Randy Bell of Richmond, VA
Randolph (Randy) Bell has been a member of the PCA's Shenandoah Region since 2011. He has been a volunteer at several Richmond Porsche Meets and has designed and led several countryside rallies.

Randy is an enthusiastic Porsche owner and an avid student of all things Porsche. He is a member of the Drivers' Club at Dominion Raceway, where there are always numerous and diverse Porsches on hand. His own car is a 2011 Boxster Spyder extensively modified by TPC Racing, which he treasures enough to know that it deserves a much better driver. Randy has attended the Porsche Sport Driving School at Barber Raceway and the Bertil Roos three-day Racing School. He wishes more of the instruction had taken, but he has learned enough to know that there is not much that is better in life than mastering turns and techniques on a track in our special cars.

Randy attended the College of William and Mary and Cambridge University before entering the U.S. Foreign Service, from which he and his wife Karla retired to Church Hill in Richmond. They have one son, LCDR Christopher Bell, a Naval Aviator.

Vice President: Mark Doherty of Charlottesville, VA
Mark has been a member of the Shenandoah PCA for 15 years. He currently serves as the Tour Chair and has served as the Nominations Chair. Over the years, he has enjoyed — for the most part — working on/ driving/ restoring cars including TR-3s, MGAs, a MK IX, and an E-type Jaguar, prior to attaining automotive enlightenment with the purchase of his first Porsche in 2001. Since then five Porsches have graced his garage, including currently a '14 Carrera S and a '16 Macan S — the pride and joy of his wife Marty. Both he and Marty have been active in the region as participants in many touring and social activities, tour planning, and other volunteer work. He has also participated in the '16 SRPCA annual planning meeting and two Zone 2 Presidents meetings. Both he and Marty are recently retired from UVa and are actively engaged in community and local volunteerism. Other activities include motorcycling, travel, scale modeling, and diorama building.

Secretary: Lynne Taylor of Crozet, VA
Lynne is a veterinarian who works in public health. She has been a PCA member since 1981 in the First Settlers, Maverick, Peachstate, and Shenandoah regions. She has owned four 914s, two 911s, and now owns a Boxster. After completing a Bondurant performance-driving course, she enjoyed competing in autocross and track events (especially Road Atlanta) and currently enjoys touring scenic Virginia. Other interests include riding her two horses, playing flute, riding motorcycles and bicycles, hiking, and running. Lynne will be serving her third term as Secretary of Shenandoah.

Treasurer: Carey Lockhart of Midlothian, VA
Carey is married and has two daughters. He is a licensed CPA and is controller for Markel/Eagle Partners, LLC in Glen Allen. He has been a PCA member since 1995 and has owned Porsches since 1990. His favorite Porsche activities are our Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) and social and technical events. In addition to his passion for Porsches, Carey enjoys old British cars (He has a 1959 TR-3.), running, photography, and football, especially rooting for LSU and the New Orleans Saints. Carey will be serving his third term as Treasurer of Shenandoah.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   Octoberber 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 November 29

Primary Members–262
Affiliate Members–161
Total Members–423

Four new members, one transfer in, and one transfer out:

  • Jeff Blatter of Crozet – 2008 Cayman (Silver)
  • Hector Cruz of Scottsville – 2008 Cayman S (Macadamia Brown)
  • Mike Gassman of Waynesboro – 1963 356 (Champagne Yellow)
  • Michael Wren of Amissville – 1985 911 Carrera (White)
  • Hal Fredrickson from First Settlers – 2005 911 Carrera
  • John Taitague to First Settlers (FST)

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Approval of the Shenandoah Region PCA 2016 By-Law revisions:

The Board of Directors and the appointed By-Law Update Committee have worked very hard to update our region's By-Laws to comply with PCA National's By-Laws and to update them to our not-for-profit status as well as allowing more seats on the Board in a hope to increase engagement of our leadership. The Board of Directors and the membership met and voted to approve this revision on Monday, November 21, 2016 at Flow Porsche of Charlottesville.

photo at the food bank
Shenandoah Region members at the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
Turkeys in their Frunks
by Hank Weil          Posted 2016 Nov 28

On Saturday, November 19, a group of Shenandoah Region members met at Flow Porsche for the first annual "Turkeys in their Frunks." This new event is a way to make a contribution and to give back to the Charlottesville Community. Participants included President Clint Shuler, Hank & Jolly Weil, Mark & Marty Doherty, Bill Sanders, Gary Hunter, Tim & Andrea Messer, Kevin Dean, Peter Chapin, Stephen Heim, and Ray Tinsley from Flow Porsche. The group drove from Flow Porsche to take their food contribution to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank on Harris Street in Charlottesville.

The event was a resounding success and all participants felt such gratification about being able to provide food for those less fortunate in the area. A total of 531 pounds of turkeys were donated along with a couple of hundred pounds of non-perishable food items. Some members who could not attend provided financial contributions via checks made out to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. These members, plus those who attended contributed an additional $800 which we were informed would feed 3200 individuals in the immediate area. After this event, the group drove to the Tip Top restaurant for lunch and to socialize and to know each other better. Terry Vissalos, the owner of the Tip Top Restaurant and a Club member, had a table waiting for the group. It was a wonderful experience and something that the Shenandoah Region can look forward to supporting again in the future. Imagine if we had as many Shenandoah Region members attending this event as we do for some of our tours and drives through the Virginia countryside. Our goal in 2017 is to triple the number of participants and make an even bigger contribution to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

Thanks to all those who participated and made a contribution.

photo of Porsches on
2016 Fall Foliage Tour Eleventh Annual Fall Foliage Tour
by Clint Shuler          Posted 2016 Nov 28

Fifty-one Porsche enthusiasts enjoyed Shenandoah Region's 11th Annual Fall Foliage Tour, held on October 15th. In addition to driving their Porsches through the eastern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on twisty scenic roads, the group enjoyed perfect weather. Special thanks is in order for the event chair, Randy Bell, who planned the route and led the drive.

We gathered in Gordonsville, VA in the Food Lion parking lot and signed the waivers. Randy gave a drivers meeting with a little local history; then we mounted up and followed Randy to the traffic circle where a local police officer helped us stay together. Off we went, twist after curve after turn. We passed through Madison, and after paralleling the mountains and enjoying the beautiful views of the farms at their feet, we arrived in Sperryville and parked at the Headmaster's Pub.

The Headmaster's Pub served good eats as ordered and is attached to an antique shop, which we walked through. Sperryville is full of shops and such that folks could visit.

If you haven't taken the opportunity to participate in one of the Shenandoah Region Tours, I highly recommend it. If you have participated in one I'm sure you will agree it is worth doing again. Great job Randy!

Click here to see photos from the 2016 Fall Foliage Tour.

photo of Porsches at
VIR in Euroclassics 2016 DE Euroclassics 2016 Columbus Day DE at VIR
         Posted 2016 Dec 31

The 2016 Euroclassics Columbus Day (October 10) DE at VIR was covered by professional track photographer Art of F & S Enterprises. Click here to see some of his photos.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   September 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 October 27

Primary Members–261
Affiliate Members–161
Total Members–422

One transfer out:

  • Michael Teu to Florida Citrus (FLC)

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photo of Porsches driving
to Stable Craft Brewing
Sunday drivers
Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill Tour
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Oct 23

Linda Sivers came up with the idea for this relaxed driving tour from the Augusta County Government Center (where we have our autocrosses) through scenic country roads in Augusta County to Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill. Shenandoah Region president Clint Shuler ran the driver's meeting, and Jeff Sivers was the lead driver in his easily visible (and heard) white 930. We had perfect "tops down" weather for this early fall (October 2) Sunday drive. Click here to see photos from this event.

Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill is one of the many breweries (and cideries, and distilleries, and wineries) popping up in central Virginia. It is a working farm and has a large stable, as advertised in its name, and its logo features their huge Clydesdale horse, Morocco. The official part of the tour ended when we arrived, so everyone could enjoy a good lunch and try some of the dozen different beers produced by Stable Craft Brewing.

photo of Richard Gray 
in his 2004 911 Turbo
Richard Gray
Autocross #5 at Verona
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Sep 16

The fifth and final Shenandoah Region autocross was run in Verona on September 10. Rick set up a more technical course this time, with circles to enter or drive around, a Chicago box, and several slaloms. A total of 41 drivers were timed in 37 cars. The Gary Krichbaums Jr. and Sr. shared their 2001 Corvette, Tyler and Shelley Teer took turns in their 2008 Corvette, Bradley Fischer and Rob Leslie shared a 2008 Saturn Sky Redline, and Ray Schumin and AJ Greely both drove Ray's 2000 Honda S2000. Click here to see the photo gallery for this autocross. Note Steffen Clark's hacked Mazda Miata, Christopher Salzman's red Audi whose license plate honors rally champion Walter Röhrl, and Maksim Samoylov's BMW 540i with a right-hand drive! Last but not least, see the photo of Jeffrey Elmore's newest track weapon—a 2016 Fiat Abarth. Jim Condon and Sherry Westfall had to sit out this autocross because their 2007 Cayman S put a lifter through the valve cover during the Potomac DE at VIR the week before and was "in the shop."

Perennial FTD Gary Krichbaum, Jr. did it again in his 2001 Corvette with a final run at 64.885 s, just quick enough to get by Jonathan Newhall, who turned a 65.030 in his improved 1973 914. Richard Gray came back in his 2004 911 Turbo to capture third place with a 66.491. Here are all of the results by time and by class.

See you next year!

photo of the Porscheplatz
The Porscheplatz overlooking VIR Turn 4
The IMSA/Weathertech Races and Porscheplatz at VIR
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Sep 18

The IMSA/Weathertech races were the big events at VIR this year, on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28. Click here to see the photo gallery that goes along with this article.

PCA Zone 2 sponsored the Porscheplatz tent on the hill overlooking Turn 4 and the adjacent Porsche Corral. This location provides a good track view and was perfect for watching the practice session on Saturday morning. See the photos of the Porsche GT3 cup winners Jesse Lazare (the winner in #21), Lucas Catania (second place in #26), and Jeff Mosing (Platinum Masters winner in car #01) practicing. The Platinum Masters class is for drivers age 45 and older. Factory-supported GTLM (the "pro" GT class) cars like the Porsche #912 often climb the very bumpy gators in Turn 4 in order to straighten and shorten the track. They probably replace a lot suspension parts after each race. Factory drivers also push the limits so hard that they frequently go off—see the Audi mowing grass coming out of the Hog Pen turn.

The Porscheplatz offered tours of the Alex Job Racing transporter and workshop to PCA members who signed up early on Saturday morning. We got to see them preparing their GTD-class GT3 RSR for Sunday afternoon's enduro race and to ask questions about strategy. Most Porsche teams (even the sponsor Weathertech) skipped the GTD race because they were unhappy with the "balance of performance" handicap imposed on Porsches, which is intended to keep any one manufacturer from dominating the race series.

The whole paddock was full of fast cars with spectacular paint jobs on full view of anyone who was willing to walk around.

Saturday afternoon was dominatd by the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge (CTSC) 2.5-hour endurance race. The qualifying cars were lined up in the hot pits for viewing by spectactors just prior to the race. The #33 Cayman GT4 clubsport driven by Danny Burkett & Marc Miller won the race, which started out in sunshine, had several restarts following incidents, and was hit by a monsoon in the middle. After a number of cars went off due to low visibility and high water on the track, the race was interrupted for almost an hour. See the photo of a mechanic waterskiing on a piece of plywood while being pulled through the paddock by a golf cart.

Sunday morning started with the Mazda MX-5 race. This "entry level" race was quite competitive and fun to watch. It was followed by the agressively driven Supertrofeo (SuperCup) race for angry-looking Lamborghinis. One unfortunate driver spun in NASCAR bend, overcorrected, and shot across the track into the Armco on the inside of the bend. The final event of the morning was the Porsche GT3 Cup race, which was won by Jesse Lazare. Many of us couldn't watch the whole GT3 Cup race because we had to line up for the Porsche parade laps immediately following.

During the noon break, Sherry Westfall got to ride in a new GT3 for one of the "hot laps" with a PCNA pro driver. These "hot laps" are fairly fast, but not quite as fast as Sherry driving her Cayman S in a DE.

The main event of the weekend was the GTLM (GT Le Mans for factory pro drivers) and GTD (GT Daytona for others) enduro race in the afternoon. In GTLM, the #3 Corvette won, followed by the #66 Ford GT and the #912 Porsche driven by Earl Bamber and Frederick Makowieski. Somehow the "Eco Boost" label on the side of the Ford GT doesn't seem appropriate for a 600+ horsepower twin-turbo racer. The #911 Porsche was slowed down by several off-track excursions at South Bend. See the resulting grass-covered radiator grill, which must have caused an overheating problem until it was cleared. The only Porsche racing in GTD was the #23 GT3 RSR driven by Mario Farnbacher and Alex Riberas for Alex Job racing; it came in 5th in class.

These annual races and the Porschplatz at VIR are quite an experience for Porsche fans and amateur racers, who get to see what the best teams and drivers can offer. Just be sure to bring your hearing protectors—it can get painfully loud!

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   August 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 September 13

Primary Members–261
Affiliate Members–163
Total Members–424

Welcome two new members into the Shenandoah Region and a transfer out:

  • Bill Nabers of Basye – 2001 Boxster S (Artic Silver)
  • Ben Saadatmand of Harrisonburg – 1986 Carrera 3.2 (Black)
  • David Henry of Williamsburg to First Settlers (FST)

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photo of Evans Reynolds 
1998 911
Evans Reynolds in his 1988 911 Carrera
Autocross #4 at Verona
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Aug 25

For the August 14 autocross at Verona, course designer Rick Ebinger found a way to fit an even longer route into the same space. Consequently the average run time was about 70 seconds, despite high average speeds, thanks in part to a very long straight that exceeded the RPM limits of second gear in some cars and tested (and occasionally exceeded) the driver's ability to estimate braking distances. Click here to see the photo gallery for this autocross. Note Eric Huggins setting up cones defining the Chicago Box. He must be getting paid by the cone, not by the hour.

Thirty-five drivers braved the summer heat to complete their timed runs, and there was an especially strong showing of "other" cars. The pavement started our hot and got even hotter during the afternoon, so traction did not improve and many drivers got their best times early on. This year's regular FTD winner, Gary Krichbaum, Jr., did it again in his 2001 Corvette with FTD = 63.683 seconds. The Jeffrey Elmore versus Jonathan Newhall "improved" Porsche duel to fill out the podium continued, with Jeffrey in second at 64.390 seconds and Jonathan 305 milliseconds behind. For them, that is actually a big difference. Eric Huggins' 2006 911S was the fastest "unimproved" Porsche; Eric turned in a 67.086 second time. Here are all of the results by time and by class.

Our final autocross of the 2016 season will be on Saturday, September 10.

photo of Evans Reynolds 
1998 911
One of two birthday cakes for the Shenandoah Region PCA
The Shenandoah Region's 21st Birthday Party
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Aug 29

The Shenandoah Region PCA turned 21 this year! To celebrate, Beverly McNeill proposed we get together on August 8 at Stevenson Ridge near Fredericksburg. She brought the two birthday cakes and organized the event with the help of Clint Shuler. The Stevenson Ridge property covers 87 acres and has a lodge with a large dining room plus a number of restored private buildings that can be rented for getaways. In the woods behind the building complex there are old earthworks remaining from the Civil War. The owners are Dan and Debbie Spears, and the managing partner is their daughter, Debbie Mackowski. Dan is also a Porschephile with several older Porsches undergoing restoration in his garage. Click here to see photos from this event.

The buffet lunch concluded with birthday cake and ice cream. When we left the lodge, we were surprised to see a genuine Bugatti Veryon in the driveway. This Volkswagen on steroids is powered by a 1200 hp 8 liter VW engine with 16 cylinders in a W-shaped (double V) configuration boosted by 4 turbos. It reaches 150 mph in 10 seconds from a standing start, and its top speed is supposedly 250+ mph, for those who can find a place to drive that fast. Needless to say, if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it.

photo of Evans Reynolds 
1998 911
On Route 220, heading south from Monterey
Monterey, VA Tour
by Joe Topinka          Posted 2016 Aug 30

Friends, good food, drink, an interesting inn, winding roads, warm sunny skies, and Porsches: the Monterey Tour was all of them in a weekend. Click here to see the tour photo gallery.

Highways 250 or 220 and smaller back roads provided a warmup of turns and beautiful scenery. The Highland Inn and town of Monterey are quaint. The entire population of Highland County is fewer than 2200 folks. The town is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains and looks like a scene from Switzerland.

The 1904 Highland Inn is a work of art awaiting revival. It has hosted famous personages such as Ford, Firestone, Bell, and Sousa. The accommodations are quaint (e.g., no air conditioning). The food is very good. The lamb "slider" appetizers on Saturday were outstanding, made from locally raised lamb.

The inn served a nice wine and a variety of beers. A few steps away in town is the tasting room of the Big Fish Cider Co. Their offerings of ciders are unique, refreshing, and a pleasant change from wine.

The ride to the Homestead on Saturday was as exciting as any roller-coaster, and perhaps a bit faster. It was designed for Porsches by motorcycle rider Brian Richardson of the Highland Inn with help from Shenandoah Region PCA President Clint Shuler and Membership Chairman Hank Weil. Clint met Brian last year when Clint was working on a renovation project to convert an unused Monterey school into a conference center. Now that Monterey has a modern conference center, it needs a modern hotel, so the Highland Inn is up next for restoration.

All of the cars (and drivers) performed flawlessly and arrived safely to park in front of the luxurious Homestead Resort. Needlessly to say the guests of the hotel enjoyed looking at the cars and talking to the owners. A classic hotel and Porsches combined with a great buffet lunch made a fantastic break in the day.

The ride back to Monterey was as challenging, however, as reaction times were probably somewhat slower. Back at the Highland Inn the day was capped by appetizers, a couple of drinks, filet mignon, and pleasant conversation.

Sunday's drive home provided more wonderful scenery and winding roads.

photo of Jeffrey Elmore
Jeffrey Elmore, FPD (Fastest Porsche of the Day)
Autocross #3 at Verona
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Aug 9

The July 10 Shendoah Region PCA autocross at Verona was sunny but mercifully not hot. The great weather attracted 48 drivers of Porsches and a variety of "other" cars. Rick Ebinger squeezed a very long course onto the parking lot. The first half was fast for the high-power cars, and the second half was more technical to give the smaller cars a chance. Even so, the 55.234 second FTD was produced by Gary Krichbaum, Jr. (again) in his 2001 Corvette. Jeffrey Elmore had the next fastest time, 56.207 seconds, and the fastest time in a Porsche. Rick Ebinger rounded out the podium with 56.646 seconds in his 1974 Porsche 914.

Here are all of the results by time and by class.

Click here to see the photo gallery for this autocross. Check out Ross Shull's 1987 BMW E30 "zebra" model, Bates McLain's 1966 Morgan 4/4, and the nicely restored two-tone VW van brought by two spectators.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   July 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 August 8

Primary Members–260
Affiliate Members–161
Total Members–421

Welcome two new members into the Shenandoah Region:

  • Shannon Kennedy of Charlottesville – 2015 911 Turbo Cabriolet (Black)
  • Timothy Messer of Keswick – 2013 Boxster (Blue)

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

photo of Sherry & Jim
with a 718 Boxster S at PEC Atlanta
Sherry & Jim with a 718 Boxster S at the
Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta
The Porsche Experience Center & Driving the 718 Boxster S
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Jul 22

At the Euroclassics "New 911" launch in April, Sherry Westfall won a prepaid Porsche Driving Experience (PDE) at the Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Atlanta. We bought another ticket so I could go too. Our PDEs each included 90 minutes of track time in a Porsche of our choice, lunch, and a tour of the PEC facilities. For additional fees we got 30 minutes in their driving simulator and hot laps riding with one of their drivers. We both chose to drive the new 718 Boxster S that had just become available at the PEC because it is very similar to the 718 Cayman S that will be launched later this year, and we wanted to compare it with our old 987 Cayman S. We reserved PDEs for Wednesday, July 6 and drove down to Atlanta on July 5.

The PEC is conveniently located next to the airport in Atlanta. We arrived at the PEC at 8:30 AM as requested to sign up for our scheduled track time starting at 9:00 AM. We recommend scheduling early in a mid-week day to minimize the number of other drivers on the track and to avoid the frequent afternoon thundershowers. After signing in, we wandered around the main PEC building to look at the cars on display and check out the gift shop. Click here to see the day's photo gallery.

We were each assigned an instructor and a 718 Boxster S with the PDK automatic transmission, PASM (the active suspension), sport chrono, and PTV (torque vectoring). The 718 Boxster S has a four-cylinder 2.5 liter turbo engine instead of the six-cylinder 3.4 liter normally aspirated engine of earlier models. Sherry's car (shown above) also had ceramic brakes. I started out driving on the main road course, which is about a mile long. My instructor knew that I drive in the black run group at PCA DEs, so he allowed me some "lively" driving, but not at real track speeds because we weren't wearing helmets, there were no corner workers, and less-experienced drivers were sharing the track. My main impressions were that the PDK in "sport plus" mode shifted far more quickly and accurately than I could with a manual transmission and that the 350 hp turbo produced a lot of torque at even moderate engine speeds (3000 RPM). This car is very easy to drive on the track, even by someone who just got in for the first time. I believe that for most DE drivers it will prove to be faster than the 2016 Cayman GTS, and that it will nearly keep up with the current Cayman GT4s, all of which have the manual transmission. The 718 S Boxster/Cayman has more torque than a GT4 below 5000 RPM, so it should be just as quick for most street driving, and probably quicker if equipped with the PDK. On the other hand, the new turbo engine sound is just wimpy. If you want performance, get the new turbo; if you want sound, snatch a 981 while they last.

Next we went to a long rectangular area marked with cones and tried out the "launch control" available on cars with PDK and sport chrono. All I had to do was to put my left foot on the brake and floor the gas pedal with my right foot, then release the brake to take off. Wham! The car takes off violently and hits 60 mph after 4.0 seconds. It felt pretty brutal to me, so I asked my instructor if it was hard on the transmission. He said they use the launch control all day long every day at the PEC and haven't had any trouble.

In the same rectangular area was a long slalom marked off by traffic cones. I think the 718 has quicker steering than my 987, because I didn't have to saw the wheel back-and-forth as much to get around the cones. Even with the Pirelli P-zero street tires, the traction was quite good. I suspect that the 718 Boxsters and Caymans equipped like mine (with the PDK in particular) will also be very quick in autocrosses because the transmission can shift from second to first very fast and the torque is always there.

The trickiest exercise for me was going over the "kick plate" onto a wet and polished concrete slab. The kick plate randomly kicks the rear end of the car right or left, and the driver tries to avoid spinning on the extremely slippery (like ice, not just normal wet pavement) surface. To avoid spinning, it is necessary to steer sharply into the skid and add gas; lifting is fatal.

As we ate lunch in "Restaurant 356" we watched other drivers battle the kick plate. The two-wheel drive sports cars such as the Cayman GT4 were very difficult to control, but the four-wheel drive Panameras and Cayennes would quickly straighten out as the front wheels pulled the nose forward and kept it ahead of the rear end. On ice or snow, the four-wheel-drive cars are clearly much safer. At the PEC there is also an off-road course for Cayennes and Macans, but we didn't get to see it.

There was also a wet circular skid pad that we used to practice drifting, and a short road course of dry but polished concrete that was just slippery enough for safely getting the tail out on corners.

After our driving was done, we got to ride in some "hot laps" with a factory driver in a 991.2 Carrera S. It has a 3 liter 420 hp turbo engine, also with lots of torque, so it is much stronger than the 996 I used to own.

After an elegant lunch in Restaurant 356 we looked at the displays of racing Porsches old and new, and we visited the Classic Center Workshop where older cars are being restored.

We highly recommend spending a day at the PEC, especially if you are interested in trying out a new model. If you decide to purchase a Porsche Driving Experience, contact your Porsche dealer for discounted tickets. We are fortunate to have the support of Euroclassics Porsche in Midlothian and Flow Porsche of Charlottesville in our region. You can book your experience online by clicking here or by phone at (888) 204-7474. If you make your reservation by phone, contact the PEC around 10:00 AM to avoid being on hold for a long time.

We left the PEC around 4 PM and spent the evening at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, which is currently exhibiting the fantastic blown-glass "plants" created by Dale Chihuly. If you are in Atlanta any time before October 30, be sure to see it. And the garden, even without the Chihuly exhibit, is worth a visit for its wide variety of plants, labyrinth of paths, and interesting horticultural displays.

photo of Zone 2 Club Race
at VIR
Two of the new Cayman GT4 Clubsport racers at VIR
The 2016 Zone 2 Club Race and Advanced DE at VIR
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Aug 6

Zone 2 sponsored a combination PCA club race and advanced DE at VIR over the weekend of June 24 through 26, 2016. Nine members of the Shenandoah Region drove in the advanced DE, which is open to experienced solo drivers in the white, black, and red run groups. They were Jim Condon (2007 Cayman S), Randy Copeland (2014 991 Turbo S), David Israel (996 GT3), Erin Israel (race-prepared 993), John Kessler (1971 911), Emmett Richardson (2016 Cayman GT4), Clint Shuler (2009 Cayman S), Bill Speidell (Cayman GT4), and Sherry Westfall (2007 Cayman S). Click here to see the photo gallery of this event.

A few exotic cars usually show up in the advanced DE, and this year was no exception, with two DP cars, an "improved" Cobra, and a NASCAR-style Mustang.

There were three race groups as well: the new Cayman GT4 Clubsport class had its own separate race. All of the faster PCA classes raced together, and all of the slower PCA classes also raced together. There was a fair bit of carnage in the GT4 qualifying sessions as drivers got used to their new cars, so three GT4s failed to start the race itself.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   June 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 July 11

Primary Members–262
Affiliate Members–162
Total Members–424

Welcome one new member into the Shenandoah Region:

   Albert Dewey of Luray – 2001 911 Carrera (Blue)

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

photo of 2016 RPM
Dick Pitman's 356B being judged in the concours
Shenandoah Celebrates 20 Years Of Our Richmond Porsche Meet
by Sherry Westfall          Posted 2016 Aug 19

On June 3–5 in the Richmond, Virginia area the Shenandoah Region Porsche Club of America celebrated the 20th anniversary of our Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM). Shenandoah member Alex Smith started RPM in his back yard and hosted it for 19 years. RPM began with about 20 Porsches and has grown to attract Porsche enthusiasts and over 100 Porsches from all over the East Coast. Many thanks to Alex for his love, dedication, and hard work in creating Shenandoah's signature event! To see the photo gallery covering RPM 2016, click here.

About 60 volunteers and consultants from Shenandoah, other PCA regions, and other organizations came together to continue one of the club's favorite traditions. This Porsche-packed weekend included a visit on Friday to Euroclassics Porsche for a tech session on the new Porsche 991.2 and a detailing demonstration by Joel Dryden of Flawless Finish. Shenandoah member Kevin Leonard topped off the evening by arranging for an elegant dinner at the nearby Stonehenge Golf and Country Club.

RPM's home base this year was the lovely Colonial-style Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center in Glen Allen, where participants enjoyed onsite lodging and dining as well as a tops-only concours and people's choice car show in the center courtyard on Saturday. Click here to see the concours judging results. Congratulations to our concours winners and to Bruce Russell who won the Gay Jewett People's Choice Award with his red 1984 Carrera Targa! Both of our Porsche dealers, Euroclassics Porsche in Midlothian and Flow Porsche of Charlottesville, graciously brought Porsches for us to ooh and ah over (and possibly buy). A tremendous thank you goes to Head Concours Judge Dave Lasch who has led the RPM judging teams for 20 years! Many judges volunteer year after year because of the camaraderie and the opportunity to get up close and personal with so many beautiful Porsches. Thank you judges!

Our friendly onsite registration team worked like a finely tuned Porsche as they checked guests in and sent them on to other volunteers who directed them to parking and the RPM festivities. An enthusiastic team of volunteers at Info Central sold Shenandoah and RPM merchandise, handed out maps and event freebies, and gave directions to participants. Shenandoah member and Deputy County Manager of Henrico County Tim Foster prepared detailed maps, arranged to have the traffic light held at busy Route 1 for our fun run/gimmick rally to pass, provided his expertise on county regulations and area roads, and helped with numerous other tasks. Lisa Abernethy kept a record number of children entertained at Kinder Korner, a play and rest station for kids and kids at heart. She was so popular, they didn't want to give her a break!

We had a "Grab-and-Go" lunch in The Tavern, and then Randy Bell led a large group on a lively fun run/gimmick rally on winding country roads to Meadow Event Park in Doswell, birthplace of horse racing's Triple Crown winner Secretariat. After a visit and photo op with one of Secretariat's descendants, Mo, a.k.a. ATM Machine, a movie about Secretariat and the Chenery family, and a tour of The Mansion, our congenial hostess Leeanne Ladin took participants on a trolley ride to see the rest of the property. Meadow Event Park has become an event venue and hosts a variety of activities and productions such as weddings, the State Fair of Virginia, horse shows, and the holidaytime Illuminate Light Show and Santa's Village.

Back at the Wyndham that evening, guests enjoyed an awards banquet dinner with guest speaker and racecar driver Michael Keyser who entertained the crowd with stories and photos from his Porsche racing days in the 1970's. Michael generously donated some great racing books for door prizes and signed RPM posters for us. Thank you Greg Glassner and Deane Parker for exploring speaker options. (See Greg's article for more on Michael Keyser and his talk.)

RPM wouldn't be RPM without a chance to satisfy our need for speed and desire to see what our Porsches can do. Co-autocross Chairs Erik Boody and Rick Ebinger put together a challenging and fun autocross on the "Bus Lot" at Richmond International Raceway for 23 drivers. What a great way to top off 20 years of RPM!

Much gratitude goes to the Shenandoah Region PCA Board and the many people who pulled together to host RPM this year! In addition to the people named above, many others worked in front of and behind the scenes (some in multiple capacities) to make RPM happen in the areas of site selections; contract negotiations; finance; insurance; sponsorships; publicity; awards, prizes, and gifts; guest speaker research; online registration via; packing packets and other pre-registration tasks; onsite registration; parking and directing traffic; manning the car wash station; event set up and take down; and photography.

A very special thank you goes to Jim Condon, our club's webmaster and photographer, who produces an award-winning web site and beautiful photos and also helps whenever and wherever needed.

Many thanks to the following sponsors and contributors who made our 20th Annual Richmond Porsche Meet a success:

Title Sponsors

T-shirt Sponsors

Contributors of Other Gifts, Prizes, and Goods & Services

  • Autosports Marketing Associates, Ltd. – Butler, MD (Collector's poster Battle of the Titans and assortment of books by Michael Keyser)
  • Griot's Garage (Car care products)
  • Keswick Hall – Keswick, VA (Gift certificate: Foursome of Golf at Full Cry at Keswick Golf Club)
  • Meadow Event Park – Doswell, VA (Two tickets to the State Fair of Virginia and the book Secretariat's Meadow: The Land, The Family, The Legend by Kate Chenery Tweedy and Leeanne Ladin)
  • Michie Tavern (Sam Morris) – Charlottesville, VA (Gift certificate: Lunch and tour of The Tavern for two)
  • OG Racing (Mark Francis) – Sterling, VA (Awards and prizes)
  • Jack Woodfin – Richmond, VA (Awards)
  • Zone 2 Porsche Club of America (Zone 2 Rep Cheryl Taylor) – (Variety of Zone 2 and Porsche goodies)

RPM is a major production. I sincerely thank all of you who gave your time, talents, and resources to make this very special event happen and those of you who brought out your family, friends, and beautiful Porsches. If you volunteered and your name was not mentioned in this article, please know that you and your contributions are very much appreciated. If we work together, Shenandoah's Richmond Porsche Meet will continue for many more years to come!

Sherry Westfall
RPM 2016 Chair & Shenandoah Past President

photo of Michael Keyser
Racer Michael Keyser
Racer, author, photographer and filmmaker Michael Keyser speaks at RPM banquet
by Greg Glassner          Posted 2016 Jul 30

What would you have done if you had inherited a serious chunk of money when you were a young man or young woman?

You might have invested it wisely, or purchased a big house, or just frittered it away on luxuries and high living.

Or you might have purchased a Porsche and driven it in the world's great endurance races. That's exactly what Michael Keyser, our 2016 RPM (Richmond Porsche Meet) banquet speaker, did in 1972.

Not only did he drive his Toad Hall Racing Porsche 911 2.5 S/T (which carried a Porsche Club of America banner across its windshield) to a 10th place finish in the Targa Florio and 13th place finishes at the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Nurburgring 1,000 Kilometers, but he also finished third in the 1972 IMSA Camel GT series, winning the Mid-Ohio 6 Hours, and finishing second at the Daytona 3-hour and Virginia International Raceway 250.

Keyser also took his cameras and a film crew along on this adventure across two continents and produced The Speed Merchants, a critically acclaimed book and documentary film about the fast, dangerous and legendary endurance races and racers in the early 1970s.

Porsches were already in Keyser's DNA before he embarked on this remarkable season. As a lad, he learned to drive by running his father's Porsche 356 Speedster up and down the road on the Maryland cattle farm where he grew up.

As a prep-school graduation present, Michael was allowed to journey to Germany with several friends and take delivery of his father's new Porsche 911, driving it to the family's vacation villa in Italy.

"You could say I was spoiled, so spoiled that I smelled," Keyser said.

After his father passed away in 1968, Keyser quit his job as a reporter with the Baltimore Sun and started a commercial photography business. The following year, he and his business partner fielded a Porsche 911 2.0 in the SCCA Trans Am series with veteran Bruce Jennings driving for them.

photo of Michael Keyser
at LeMans 1974
Michael Keyser racing at Watkins Glen in 1974
After a handful of SCCA driving schools, regionals and nationals in 1970, Keyser felt ready to compete in the 1971 FIA sanctioned races at Daytona, Sebring, and Watkins Glen, sharing driving chores with Jennings, second-generation German driver Jurgen Barth, and Richmond's Bob Beasley. (The Glen in the early 70s was where I first saw Keyser and his Toad Hall Racing Team, an homage to the car-loving Toad of Toad Hall in Kenneth Grahame's children's book, The Wind in the Willows.)

Keyser regaled RPM banquet attendees June 4 with the story of that memorable 1972 season.

Michael Keyser speaking at the
RPM Banquet
Michael Keyser speaking at the RPM Banquet
It included taking two Porsche 911s and a GMC transporter loaded with Firestone race tires and a new 2.5 liter 911 S on a madcap dash from the Porsche factory to Sicily, where he had to unravel a tangled web of red tape just to be allowed the start the grueling race of nine laps over a 44-mile circuit of twisty mountain roads.

After running as high as sixth, they finished a remarkable 10th after an off-course excursion and hasty repairs. Keyser's team then dashed back to Germany for the 1000K at the Nurburgring, where they finished 13th. After a refreshing and engine change at the Porsche race shops, it was on to LeMans, where Keyser, Barth, and their French co-driver Sylvan Garant again finished 13th.

Back in the States, Keyser and co-driver Beasley took the Porsche to a 7th place finish at the Watkins Glen Six Hour, which was part of the FIA endurance series.

While doing all of this, Keyser was pulling the strings on an international film crew for The Speed Merchants, which is still regarded as one of the best racing documentaries ever produced.

Michael continued racing Porsches through the 1970s, both in IMSA and the three American FIA races at Daytona, Sebring, and The Glen, teamed up with Beasley, Barth, and Al Holbert, and competing against racing greats Peter Gregg, David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Hurley Haywood, and others.

In 1976, Keyser and Holbert won the 12 Hours of Sebring for Porsche. Both drivers switched to wickedly fast DeKon Chevy Monzas for the rest of the season. Keyser won the Mid-Ohio and Daytona IMSA races and finished fourth in the championship.

After seeing expensive factory-backed efforts move into IMSA, Keyser scaled back on his racing after 1976.

He launched a home-delivery balloon business, continued writing and publishing books about racing, designed programs for major races and car shows, and created his current business, Autosports Marketing Associates, which produces and sells books, photographic prints and DVDs.

Keyser lives in Butler, Maryland, with his wife Beth and their dogs.

In addition to entertaining the RPM crowd, Keyser generously donated a number of his books for door prizes. Lucky ticket holders also received RPM posters signed by Keyser.

photo of Sherry Westfall
Not tire smoke: Sherry Westfall finds the flour line
Autocross #2: The RPM Autocross at RIR
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Jun 20

The final event for the 20th anniversary Richmond Porsche Meet (RPM) was an autocross at a new location: a large parking lot at the Richmond International Raceway (RIR) instead of the usual Southside Speedway. The RIR lot is much bigger than the Southside Speedway oval, and it is not bounded by unyielding concrete walls covered with menacing iron plates bearing numerous dents and battle scars. That meant that Rick Ebinger could design a big, fast course with wide sweeping turns and long straights. Although the course was long, it was very quick (the FTD was only 46.870 seconds), especially for the high-power cars. The overall winner was Randy Copeland who used the PDK launch control in his 2014 911 Turbo S to rocket off the line faster than anyone else. Richard Gray was close behind at 46.968 seconds in his 2004 911 Turbo, and Jeffrey Elmore's 47.061 seconds showed that a determined driver in an "improved" 2000 Boxster S could keep the turbo drivers honest. Here are all of the results by time and by class.

The pavement at RIR is much smoother and more uniform than at Verona, and there is no gravel to degrade traction. Other significant advantages of the RIR lot are shade trees and real bathrooms, as those who have baked in the sun at Southside Speedway or used their Porta-John can attest. Last but not least, the predicted rain never materialized, and the sun actually came out in the afternoon.

Click here to see the photo gallery of cars driving in this autocross.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   May 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 June 13

Primary Members–265
Affiliate Members–163
Total Members–428

Welcome four new members and one transfer into the Shenandoah Region:

  • Bill Blodgett of Charlottesville – 1984 944
  • Daniel Bracey of Charlottesville – 1989 911 Carrera Targa (Dark Gray)
  • David Doehler of Strasburg – 1968 911L (Silver)
  • Vincent Soetanto of Charlottesville – 2006 Cayman S (Black)
  • Peter Zimmerman of Lexington from Blue Ridge (BRI) – 1973 914 1.7

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

photo of Eric Huggins
Eric Huggins' first autocross in his "new" 997S
Autocross #1 at Verona
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 May 21

Shenandoah Region's 2016 "official" autocross season opened on May 14, following the autocross school on April 9. There was a huge turnout (47 drivers) at Verona for Rick Ebinger's unusually long (the average time was about 80 seconds) course that had two distinctly different parts. The first half covered most of the asphalt pavement with long straights and fairly open turns favoring the high-power cars, but the second half included three slaloms, two U-turns, and a final Chicago box to favor smaller cars and bring the speeds down at the finish line. Here are links to the results by time and by class. Gary Krichbaum had the 69.927 second FTD in his 2001 Corvette, and Jonathan Newhall was the fastest Porsche driver at 71.361 seconds in his "improved" 1973 914. Click here to see the photo gallery from this event.

photo of Ron Sallade in the rain
Ron Sallade piloting his 1968 Camaro SS (Steam Ship?)
The first run session (Porsches and Ladies classes) ran under sunny skies, but a front moved in around noon, and the second session (Other cars) did more swimming than running. The pavement gradually dried out during the third run session (Porsches and Ladies again) and was nearly perfect in the final session of the day (Other cars). Eric Huggins had a good first day in his 2006 Carrera S, as did Erik Boody in his salvaged 2006 Cayman S. Ed Weidner is back after a long down time while his 2006 Carrera S was in the shop getting a new engine. Pete Zimmermann drove his sharp "new" black 1970 914 for the first time, and Randolph Kohr II brought his impressive 2016 Carrera GTS.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   April 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 May 19

Primary Members–262
Affiliate Members–162
Total Members–424

Welcome three new members:

  • Jacque Landry of Charlottesville – 2001 Boxster S (Silver)
  • Gamble M. Bowers of Afton – 1965 356 (Red)
  • Juan Olazagasti of Charlottesville – 2014 Boxster S (Black)

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

photo of Automotive Aestheic
Porsches & Pastromi: Automotive Aesthetic
Porsches & Pastrami: Concours Judging Clinic & Automotive Aesthetic Tech Session
by Paul Felts          Posted 2016 May 5

I'm what you call a Noob. I have only been in the Porsche Club for about two years. So compared to other members I'm a big time Noob. I have been around Porsches my whole life as my father always had at least one and we lived in Germany (I am an Army brat and proud of it!). One of the first events I ever attended as an official club member was Shenandoah's Porsches & Pastrami at Dürty Nelly's Pub in Charlottesville in 2015. I was nervous and didn't know what to expect and got there early to learn about Concourse Judging. I learned so much that I was able to be a judge at the 2015 RPM using the knowledge that I gained. I judged engines and learned even more about Porsche engines at the meet from other judges as we discussed the different cars, an amazing experience.

Fast forward to 2016 Porsches and Pastrami. (Click here to see the photo gallery covering this event.) Again, I have to say it was another event that I'm so happy I attended because of the Porsche education that I get from all the friendly members. It opened again with the Concourse Clinic, but I mostly floated around and looked at beautiful cars and met new people like Mike Higgins, who was attending his first Porsches & Pastrami. Again I picked up so many tips from the non-noob members. For instance, I got advice on where to send my Fuchs for restoration—Harvey Weidman of Weidman's Wheels was the recommendation. Everyone there is either in the middle of a Porsche project or has done many already and has a plethora of information to share if you just ask. It really helps you to avoid mistakes that can be expensive. Water cooled and air cooled cars were both well represented and lunch was great. This year I got the Hot Sicilian (Don't let the college pub reputation of Dürty Nelly's fool you; this joint makes an awesome sandwich, oh, and they have beer!) I had a fantastic time chatting with members about their cars and picking up tips about restoration from wheels to interior. Shenandoah PCA has amazing members like Sherry Westfall and her husband Jim Condon that make me look forward to every event.

The second part of Porsches & Pastrami's activities was a detailing clinic at Automotive Aesthetic with Daniel Wendell and Daniel Offield of Clear Detail in Richmond. You think "What can I learn about washing my car? That is stupid!" You would be wrong as I learned in the first 5 seconds to use two buckets when you wash. One for soaping your Microfiber wash mit and the other for rinsing it after you have washed a panel. Another tip I learned in the first 10 seconds was DON'T "Wax on wax off Danielson!" Never make circular motions, wipe your car panels in long straight strokes. Most of the scratches, swirl marks and hazing comes from washing. Sigh, I have been messing my cars up for years. They used two product lines at the clinic—the first GTechnic, the other Swissvax—and again advising us amateurs to use longitudinal application. These products are only available on line, but I will be purchasing some for myself, especially that GTechnic wheel cleaner, Iron and General Fallout Remover. (Luckily GTechnic will not sell you the products that can really screw up your paint, you have to be a licensed detailer to get those, so order away and go crazy!) I did ask the detailers some tough questions, for instance "How much does it cost to get my paint corrected?" The Daniels were very honest and explained it in hours. It depends on how bad your paint is and how many hours they believe it would take for them to correct the issues. The other factor is the customer's ultimate goal. A perfect looking car to you and me is not the same as a car being prepared for Pebble Beach. They demonstrated washing, drying, and paint correction. They gave us tips about products from clay bars to microfiber towels. It was extremely educational. Both Automotive Aesthetic in Charlottesville and Clear Detail in Richmond offer a wide variety of services beyond cleaning, so please go to their websites linked above and check them out.

The event was well planned and executed. Lunch and comradery at Dürty Nelly's was great, and I have to say that I also enjoyed the refreshments and noshes at the detailing clinic. If you haven't made it out to one of these yet you are really missing out. I'm already looking forward to next year!

photo of Tucker Special
A "Preston Tucker Special" Indy Car at The Mitty
Competition Report: The Mitty at Road Atlanta
by Greg Glassner          Posted 2016 May 4

As I have mentioned in other dispatches, I am cognizant that I am on the downhill side of life, so I seek out "two-fers" when I venture far from Caroline County, Virginia.

So, when I invited my sister to a week in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee as a birthday present, I was aware that "The Mitty" would be taking place when we capped off our trip at her daughter's house in Greenville, S.C.

While "the girls" bonded, I headed off for Road Atlanta for a day of HSR vintage sports car racing. If you are not familiar, The Mitty (a tribute to James Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty") is one of the nation's oldest vintage racing events and always draws a strong and interesting field.

Once again, I was on the lookout for Porsches and Jaguars; and there were plenty of both to see, along with Lola, Royale, and Lotus sports racers, Ford GT40s, Corvettes, Mustangs, Morgans, etc., along with a few choice surviving Can-Am and F-1 cars and NASCAR stock cars.


All photos by Greg Glassner Click on any small photo to enlarge it
Porsche lineup in the Mitty car corrals Some of those racing 911s are pretty complex systems. Recent Flying Lizard 911 GT3 now runs in "vintage" racing

A featured race, and crowd pleaser, was for Historic Can-Am Association racers, and 20 HCAA cars answered the bell. Dave Handy driving a UOP Shadow Tribute DN4 won, with Toby Bean in his rapid Lola T70 MK-IIIB was second overall followed by William Thumel in a Lola 111B.

Back in the day, Can-Am cars were faster than either F-1 or Indy cars, and taming 1,000 horsepower in a dated chassis can be a dangerous hobby. A perennial favorite, Craig Bennett, crashed his Shadow DN4 in Saturday morning practice and will be recovering from serious injuries for weeks.

The HCAA will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Can-Am this year with "When Excess was Barely Adequate," a series of four races with as many as 80 McLaren, Chaparral, Lola, Porsche, Ferrari, McKee, Genie, Lotus-Ford, BRM, and Shadow race cars participating. Remaining events are July 7–10 at Circuit Mont-Tremblant, July 14–17 at Road America and August 18–21 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

I witnessed the fourth-ever Can-Am at Laguna Seca in 1966 when stationed at Ft. Ord, and will never the forget the high-winged Chaparrals coming down the corkscrew. I took in several Can-Ams at Watkins Glen and was at the Road Atlanta Can-Am in 1974 when Jackie Oliver and George Follmer finished 1–2 in Shadow DN4s, the final year of the old, anything-goes formula.

So I was disappointed that both DN4 Tribute cars did not get to duke it out beyond practice and qualifying.

Other races involved a gaggle of Porsche 356s, 911s and 914s. "Vintage" is in the eyes of the beholder (and sanctioning body), and an ex-Flying Lizard GT3 acquitted itself well in a race for more modern machinery.

One car I have never seen before was a Preston Tucker Indy car from the 1940s. Like Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, Tucker was an early advocate of mid-engine race cars and rear engine road cars.

A few retired professional drivers like Doc Bundy and Elliott Forbes-Robinson were on track during the weekend to keep the wealthy gentlemen drivers on their toes, and the infield midway had attractions as well.

All-in-all, it was a good outing and I was happy I made the detour in my trip. There is a little of Walter Mitty in most of us.

Click on any small photo to enlarge it
Ex-F–1 cars like this Benetton require laptops as well as wrenches. 1974 Can-Am Shadow with "eye candy" of a different variety A rare mid-engine "Preston Tucker Special" Indy Car

photo of the bridge
at Dominion Racewayr
The bridge over the road course at Dominion Raceway
Dominion Raceway Tour
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 May 1

The Dominion Raceway & Entertainment complex combines a 4/10 mile banked oval, a 1/8 mile drag strip, a festival concert venue, and a 2 mile road course in a single facility just off I-95 in Thornburg, VA. The oval recently opened, and the rest is still under construction. To see the photo gallery covering this tour and the raceway complex, click here.

Randy Bell led our April 16 driving tour in his Boxster Spyder. Randy is member number one of the Dominion Raceway driving club, which is conveniently located close to his home. When we arrived at Dominion Raceway, there was a long line of racers waiting to sign up for the oval-track race scheduled for that evening. Some of us drove around the line and parked along the pit-out area of the road course, while others parked beside the entrance road and walked to the main building.

The director of the driving club, Jim Lorimer, took us to the roof for a bird's eye view so we could easily see the oval and most of the road course. The 2700-foot front straight passes beside the main building and ends in a left turn named after the nearby Po river. As we watched, the base layer of the front straight was being patched to repair damage caused by the wet winter weather. The road course is 36 feet wide everywhere, has 12 turns, and has 70 feet of elevation change. It is driven counterclockwise and passes under the bridge in the photo above.

We ate lunch in the main building, and co-owner Steve Britt explained the planned operation of Dominion Raceway. Free passes to the evening's oval race were offered to those who could stay, but most of us had to head home during the afternoon.

The PCA First Settlers Region (FSR) planned a DE for the weekend of April 30 and May 1, but that DE had to be canceled because the road course was not ready in time. Their next DE at Dominion Raceway is scheduled for July 9 and 10.

photo at the new 911
Euroclassics Porsche launches the new 911
Euroclassics Porsche
Launches the New 911

by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Apr 24

Euroclassics Porsche held their "New 911" launch event at Beecroft & Bull in Richmond on the evening of April 14. Click here to see the photo gallery covering this event. The weather was perfect, Porsches old and new filled the parking lot, and three New 911's (a.k.a. 991.2's) were in a tent next to the Beecroft and Bull store. Last but not least, drinks and food were served inside the tent.

Emmett Richardson's new GT4 was parked in front of the tent. After it is broken in, it will no doubt be passing a lot of cars in upcoming DEs at VIR. Nearby were two even faster Porsches: a Carrera GT and a new 991 GT3 RS. Although it is normally aspirated, it has the turbo-like air intakes just in front of the rear wheels, and it also has conspicuous cooling vents above the front wheels.

Three 991.2's were unveiled: a gray targa, a black coupe, and a white cab. The biggest visual cue differentiating them from the 991.1's is the vertically striped engine grill with a red brake light bar along the top. Under the grill is a 3 liter turbo engine, but only the air intake and two cooling fans are visible.

After the unveiling, door prizes were given out inside the Beecroft and Bull store, including prepaid Porsche Driving Experiences at the new Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. One of the two winners was a happy Sherry Westfall.

photo at Beverly McNeill
in her Boxster
Beverly McNeill in her 2013 Boxster
2016 Autocross School
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Apr 19

Cold and windy. The 2016 Shenandoah Region PCA autocross school at Verona on April 16 was cold and windy. Everybody was bundled up except Chief Instructor Rick Ebinger, who didn't get the memo and wore short pants! To see the photos from this event, click here.

Snell 2005 helmets are no longer legal for DE or racing, so our collection of autocross helmets has been augmented by several new donations. Erik Boody brought his bright red salvaged 2006 Cayman S for the first time, which he repaired over the winter and is now street legal. Note his truth-in-advertizing SALVGE 1 license plate. The car came equipped with go-fast goodies such as a GT3 throttle body and aftermarket headers and exhaust system.

After setting out the course, Rick gathered an audience of autocross students ranging from beginners to experts, brought them to the leeward side of the pavillion to prevent freezing, and explained what to expect from autocrosses in general and from his courses in particular. Then he led a track walk around the course to point out the gate options, pavement hazards, and various cone tricks designed to fool the driver's eye.

Then the drivers were divided into two groups that alternately worked on two parts of the course — one driving the keyhole and ending with a braking exercise, and the other concentrating on a slalom. Honda S2000 autocross expert Ray Schumin led one group while Rick led the other.

The day concluded with six timed but not scored autocross runs for each driver. Even in the afternoon, it was blustery enough that getting out of the wind and into a warm car felt good — just the opposite of driving on a hot midsummer's day.

photo at the new 911
Porschephiles swarming the new 911
Flow Porsche of Charlottesville
Launches the New 911

by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Apr 7

Flow Porsche of Charlottesville sponsored the new 911 launch event at the scenic King Family Vineyards on the evening of April 7. Several dozen Porsche fans, many of them Shenandoah Region PCA members, braved the fickle sunny/windy/rainy weather to socialize, drink some King Family wine, eat munchies, and see the new 911 for the first time. Click here to see the photo gallery covering this event.

To meet new European limits on fuel consumption and CO2 emission, all new Porsche 911 Carreras (model 991.2) have 3.0 liter turbo engines instead of the old 3.4 liter or 3.8 liter normally aspirated engines. The new turbos have only slightly more peak horsepower but significantly higher mid-range torque, so they should be much livelier for normal road use. Later this year, most Boxsters and Caymans will switch over to 2.0 liter (regular model) or 2.5 liter (S model) four-cylinder turbos. Again, the power increase will be small but the torque increase should improve performance in everyday use.

The evening concluded with a raffle drawing for several prizes, the best of which is a free Porsche Driving Experience at the new Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   March 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 Apr 3

Primary Members–260
Affiliate Members–163
Total Members–423

Welcome one transfer into the region and farewell to one transfer out:

  • Louis D. Herman of Woodstock from Potomac – 1978 911SC
  • Holly-Faye Jenkins of Chesterfield to First Settlers – 1988 911 Turbo (Guards Red)

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photo at Jonathan Newhall's 914
Jonathan Newhall's "Mobileworks" 914
Tech Session at Newhall Mobileworks
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Mar 27

To see the photo gallery accompanying this article, click here.

Hidden inside a windowless old metal building in a nondescript industrial park just north of Gotham City (a.k.a. Waynesboro) is Jonathan Newhall's Mobileworks automotive shop, the site of our March 26 Tech session. The two black Mafia staff cars (a 1957 Lincoln and a '30s Buick) parked nearby provide the first clue that something is unusual here. Inside the building are two rows of Porsches and other European cars in various stages of repair or construction. Only those who sign the oath may enter...

At the back, Rick Ebinger's black 996 was on the lift with its engine out on a nearby cart. Jonathan showed us the dreaded IMS (intermediate shaft) bearing responsible for the sudden and premature deaths of so many early water-cooled 986 Boxsters and 996 Carreras, and he demonstrated the special tools needed to install a more reliable IMS bearing. Rick pointed out some cording in the inner edge of the left rear tire, something that would be hard to see if the car were not on a lift; and he warned that cords have much less grip than rubber. He noted that tires more than six years old should not be trusted, even those with little use and deep tread. Jonathan and Rick also discussed the pros (less power wasted revving up the engine) and cons (harder to drive smoothly) of a lightweight aluminum flywheel.

We saw Jonathan's "batmobile" — an overpowered Allard with a big American V8 inside. Jonathan is also building a tiny 1000-pound Sprite with a 200 hp motorcycle engine for autocrossing. See the photos of other cars in his shop, including a 356 coupe, a Mercedes 190SL, and a supercharged 996 whose engine caught fire on the track last year.

Following the tech session we ate lunch at the Heritage on Main Street. After all, in the PCA it's not just the cars, it's the food.

photo at the Zone 2 DE
The Red run group in Left Hook at VIR
Zone 2 DE at VIR
by Jim Condon          Posted 2016 Mar 27

Every year PCA Zone 2 (the union of ten PCA Regions in Virginia, DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia) runs a very popular late-winter DE at VIR to satisfy the "need for speed" of drivers who have been off the track since last fall. This year the Shenandoah Region was well represented by nine drivers: Chris Beveridge, Hamish Brookeman, Bob Brown, Jim Condon, David Israel, Emmett Richardson, Clint Shuler, Bill Speidell, and Sherry Westfall. To see the photo gallery covering this DE, click here.

This time of year, getting ready for registration and the tech inspection starts at first light, and usually in the cold. It is light by the time of the drivers' meeting, and the first run group (normally the "intermediate solo" White group) is on the track by 8:30 AM. This gives instructors in the Red and Black ("advanced solo") groups time to meet with their students in the Green and Blue groups. The Red and Black groups are allowed to pass anywhere on the track, even in turns. Such "extended passing" requires the drivers to stay on their side of the track to avoid contact. This year, the first two laps in Red and Black were "side by side" exercises in which pairs of cars went around the track twice in pairs, to get used to staying on one side of the track and watching out for the other driver.

Shenandoah Region President Clint Shuler brought his enclosed trailer with new cabinets and woodwork he built himself over the winter, starting from his own trees. It was a welcome respite from the cold and wind on Saturday and Sunday. He also set up the new Shenandoah Region tent.

Past President Sherry Westfall was kept busy as the the volunteer coordinator who recruited and organized the dozens of volunteers needed to run event registration, tech inspections, and track entry. She also had time to drive, as shown by the photo of her white Cayman chasing down a blue Cayman at Turn 4. Bill Speidell replaced the stock toe links in his GT4 with Tarett Engineering to increase camber and reduce understeer; his formerly fast car is now even faster. Some cars of our friends in nearby Regions are also shown in the photo gallery. Note especially the white and blue 964 "Wunderbread" car formerly owned by past PCA President Manny Alban; it no longer has the multicolored Wonder Bread spots.

2016 Amelia Island Postcard
by Harry Kennison          Posted 2016 Mar 29

Harry Kennison has produced another great "postcard" of photos and captions, this one covering the 2016 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. Click here to see the postcard (2 MB .pdf file).

photo of Harry, Bates, and Jonathan
Harry Kennison, Bates McLain, and Jonathan Fields at Amelia
2016 Amelia Island Reflections
by Greg Glassner          Posted 2016 Mar 22

I have been making the long haul to the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance every March since 2008. I probably would have gone this year anyway, but the 21st edition of the best car show east of the Rockies was one not to be missed by Porsche enthusiasts. A total of 81 Porsches crossed the auction blocks there, endurance racing (and Porsche) legend Hans Joachim Stuck was this year's Honoree, there were special classes for early 356 coupes and soft-tops, and that other German marque, BMW, celebrated 100 years in business.

Oh, did I mention that 16 of the cars at the Gooding Auction on Friday belonged to comedian and Porsche-enthusiast extraordinaire Jerry Seinfeld. (Shed no tears for Jerry, he owns an estimated 150 cars, most of them Porsches.)

All photos by Greg Glassner Click on any small photo to enlarge it
A few of Jerry Seinfeld's cars: a 917 and an IROC 930, an RSK, and a 550 Spyder

My trusty Mitsubishi Endeavor had a full load as we departed Caroline County Thursday morning with me, PCA Shenandoah members Harry Kennison and Bates McLain, and Bates' 23-year-old Madison County car-guy friend Jonathan Fields. (Don't think we would have all fit in either Harry's Boxster S or Bates' 944 Turbo!)

Our first stop Friday was the Gooding Auction across the island which featured 29 Porsches of various vintages and price estimates as well as assorted Jaguars, Ferraris, Mercedes, etc. to drool over. (It was worth the extra $30 to get a close look at these 81 very special cars.)

photo of Vic Elford
Vic Elford
We spotted Weldon Scrogham, Bob Ingram, and the aforementioned J. Seinfeld there. (When Seinfeld whizzed by in a golf cart, pockets stuffed with cash, I was tempted to yell, "Hey Jerry: RPM, June 4, be there!" But he was too quick for me. Other familiar Porsche faces we spotted over the weekend were Alex Smith, Derek Bell, Vic Elford, and Magnus Walker.

We shuttled over to the Ritz-Carlton at midday to secure our tickets, check out the cars in Saturday's RM Sothebys auction, and browse the displays in the lobby. We also took my heralded garage tour and once again were thwarted by security after a quick trip through the upper level. (Amelia organizer Bill Warner must read my annual concours dispatches and tries to stay one step ahead of me.)

Garage tour 962
Garage Tour 962
Later in the afternoon we headed back to the Gooding auction to see the last dozen cars roll through. This included watching (and hearing) a well raced Porsche 908 fired up after much coughing and spitting. Roll over, Beethoven, vintage Porsches make music too.

We were up bright and early Saturday for the Heacock Cars and Coffee, which every year features 200-plus cars like you and I drive (well, maybe not me, but you, perhaps). This also included more Porsches than you can shake a driving glove at, most of them quite nice.

Harry and I forked over another $30 to attend the panel discussion of former BMW racing drivers, which included H.J. Stuck, David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Sam Posey, Boris Said, and John Fitzpatrick. They regaled an appreciative audience with racing stories and hilarious tales of post and pre-race hijinx, some of which I will retell when you are buying the beverages.

photo of 356 unloading
A 356 among the trucks
We used to enjoy Saturday afternoons at Amelia by watching the early show cars drive onto the Concours field under their own power, a truly special spectacle. Last year they tossed almost everyone out but I eluded the gendarmes. This year they made a clean sweep of it. I briefly contemplated hiding out in a porta-potty but it was fairly fragrant and it was a hot day. (Bill Warner, if you do read this, let us back in on Saturday afternoons, please.)

Fortunately, Bates and Jonathan discovered a pleasant public beach where we could relax on picnic tables and watch many of the concours cars unloaded from their gigantic tractor-trailer rigs. I asked one of the truck drivers if it was enjoyable work, or if the responsibility of carrying this precious cargo was overwhelming. He said he loved it.

We saw a matched pair of Hispano Suizas, a Voisin, several Ferraris, two Bizzarinis, several Porsches, a 1930s Bentley and a 1914 Mercedes emerge from these behemoths.

All of these activities are equally exhausting and thrilling to true car guys and gals and I was dragging by sunset Saturday. We all hit the hay at 9:30 or 10 each night and we ate in the same restaurant each night (the convenient and incomparable Millhouse in Kingsland, GA.)

Sunday's concours sometimes seems like an anticlimax after all of the other Amelia events. We rose and set off before dawn and got there ready to charge in when the gates opened as rain was in the forecast.

Click on any small photo to enlarge it
Hans Stuck and his old ride 962 The Stucks and Bill Warner Greg Glassner amid 962s

I made a beeline for the display of cars Stuck drove during his career. These included four F-1 cars, a 1974 March-Cosworth, 1976 Brabham-Alfa Romeo V-12 and 1977 Shadow DN8 and a BMW Williams FW22, three BMW CSLs, a Porsche 935, five Porsche 962s, a Porsche 911 Turbo, and several other interesting sports cars and sedans, including the tiny BMW 700 in which Stuck learned how to race as a teen.

The Gooding auction
At the Gooding auction
Stuck was the son of Hans Stuck, who won Grand Prix races in the 1930s for the Porsche-engineered rear-engined Auto Unions and won several races and hill climb championships in the 1940s and 1950s on up into his 60s.

Young Hans was driving on the Nurburgring at age 14, when his dad was a driving instructor there. He went on to be runner-up in F-2 and ran 81 Formula 1 races, posting two podiums and a dozen top six finishes. I saw him taking the pole at the U.S. Grand Prix in 1976 and leading eventual winner James Hunt in the rain at Watkins Glen.

I also saw Stuck lead a snarling pack of prototypes in a mid-1970s Glen 6 Hours race driving a BMW 3.5 CSL — also in the rain.

Stuck made his mark on endurance racing winning the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1986 and '87 in a Porsche 962, the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring three times, and the Sebring 12 Hours three times. Stuck's last race was in 2011, at age 60, when he ran the Nurburgring 24 with his two sons in a Lamborghini.

Amelia always has some unusual categories and this year accumulated 15 examples of the very rare Spanish Pegaso GT cars from the early 1950s. Cords, BMWs, race winners paired with their trophies, Bizzarinis, Italian motorcycles, and NASCAR racers also merited special displays.

Click on any small photo to enlarge it
A Beutler Porsche A Paxton Porsche A Siffert pit-stop sculpture

We drove home to Virginia Sunday afternoon and evening completely satiated on cars, Porsches notably among them.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   February 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 Mar 22

Primary Members–263
Affiliate Members–163
Total Members–426

Welcome two new members:

  • Leland Miller of Bumpass – 1970 911T (Black)
  • Nathaniel Ricca of Charlottesville – 2001 Boxster (Blue)

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

photo of Porsche Corral
The PCA corral at Daytona 2016
Daytona 24 Report
by Greg Glassner          Posted 2016 Feb 9

While watching 18 inches of snow fall outside my window in mid January, I realized it was nearly time to go to a sports car race and forget winter for a week.

I set up a condo rental in Orlando to coincide with the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, and I started looking for a race package in early January. It was already too late to sign up for the Grassroots Motorsports package I'd used in the past (which nets you an infield parking pass and dinner at the track). Also booked was the Porsche Cars North America hospitality package that PCAers Keith Welty, Deane Parker, and I snagged at Sebring a few years ago.

Also off the table was the PCA ticket package, since you have to drive your Porsche to the track to park in the Corral, and a 2,000 mile journey was not in the best interests of either my 33-year-old 944 or my aging backside.

So I opted for the NASCAR Foundation's Taste of Daytona package which netted me a parking pass outside the track, an all-access ticket for the infield and grandstand, and a charity dinner event featuring edible delights from 33 Daytona Beach restaurants. (Proceeds go to scholarships for local high school students.)

I figured after strolling around the infield for eight hours I'd have an appetite by sunset and would be willing to watch more of the race from a grandstand seat while digesting the repast. (And I needed to before tackling the hike back to my parking space.)

On the morning of race day, I faced a long hike from my parking lot to the front-straight grandstand and then on to the nearest infield shuttle stop opposite the track's Turn One grandstand. (Only later did I learn I could have walked through the Turn 4 tunnel.)

Porsche factory driverss
Porsche factory drivers
Fortunately, I stopped to rest near the entrance to the aforementioned Porsche Cars North America suite and chatted up a young woman with a golfcart, saying that I was a Porsche owner. She offered a lift to the PCA tent in the infield. (It never hurts to ask.)

A word to the wise: If planning to attend a major race like the Daytona 24, or Sebring, or Circuit of the Americas, plan in advance and check out the various ticket packages. Any of them will enhance the experience. (If you are driving your Porsche there, snag the PCA Corral, as it is the best deal and you can park with fellow Porsche owners. If not, your PCA Membership card will gain you admittance, but you will have to walk in.)

Thanks to the young woman who gave me a lift, I arrived at the PCA tent in time for a complimentary coffee and doughnut and snagged a seat for the introduction of the drivers of the Numbers 911 and 912 factory team Porsche 911 RSRs that would contest the GT LeMans class honors that weekend. (Many of you got to hear from these talented drivers at the PCA Corral at VIR's IMSA weekend over the past two summers).

photo of 912 Porsche wtih BMW and
Ford GT
The #912 Porsche goes outside a BMW and Ford GT
When asked what it was like to follow the new Ford GTs, which resemble prototypes more than assembly-line GT cars, Porsche driver Patrick Pilet replied dryly, "Actually, I've never followed it. It's always been behind us."

That comment got quite a laugh from the Porsche owners.

Pilet did allow that he'd followed the new BMW M6 GTLMs some in practice and they appeared formidable, as did the Corvettes, as it turned out.

The factory Porsches had stunned and out-qualified, not only the GTLM cars, but the entire field Thursday, as times were taken in a heavy downpour.

I asked if they were disappointed that the weekend had dawned sunny and dry, conditions that deprived the rear-engined Porsches of their traction advantage in the wet.

The reply was that a nice race day was better for the fans, and no driver wanted to race for 24 hours with water sloshing around on the floor of his car. (As a fan, I had to agree.)

The #911 and #912Porsche 911 RSRs
The Porsche 911 RSRs
As it turned out, the #911 car had its mechanical gremlins during the race. The #912 driven by Earl Bamber, Frederic Makowiecki, and Michael Christensen ran relatively trouble free and finished third in GTLM, on the same lap as the factory Corvettes, which required zero repairs and whose drivers made no mistakes in 722 laps of racing.

The Black Swan Racing Porsche 911 GT3R driven by Patrick Long, Nicky Catsburg, Andy Pilgrim, and Tim Pappas finished second in the GT Daytona class, also on the class lead lap.

The overall race winner was the Tequila Patron ESM-entered Honda-powered Ligier JS HPD Prototype 2 car driven by Scott Sharp, Luis Felipe Derani, Johannes van Overbeek, and Ed Brown, completing 736 laps.

In all, it was not a bad debut for the rejuvenated Porsche GTLM and GTD cars, one of each having remained in contention in class after 24 grueling hours of racing.

Hopefully, the Porsche factory 911 RSRs will hold their own this season against formidable GTLM entries from Corvette, BMW, Ferrari, and Ford; and the 911 GT3Rs will do the same in GT Daytona against Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Viper, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini.

I can't wait to watch them on TV and the Internet — and in person at VIR in August.

photo of tower
Waiting for the vintage race: a Kremer 935
photo of tower
and a 962


photo of Pardue, Storm, 
and Britt
The Vintage Race at Daytona.

PCA logo Shenandoah Region PCA   January 2016 Membership Report
by Hank Weil, Membership Chair        Posted 2016 Feb 7

Primary Members–257
Affiliate Members–162
Total Members–419

Welcome two new members:

  • Jonathon den Hartog of Charlottesville – 1992 968
  • Marcia Butler of Staunton – 2013 Boxster (Lime Gold)

Please verify and update your postal and email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. Here are instructions on how to change your PCA member records or renew your PCA membership.

And the Winner Is...          Posted 2016 Jan 19

Eric Huggins. He is the winner of the $100 prize at the PCA Web store for the participants in the recent survey conducted by The Shenandoah PCA Board.

We would like to thank all participants in the survey. Very valuable information and suggestions were obtained.

Additionally, several people volunteered for upcoming events. We are an organization run by volunteers. We still need more volunteers for tours! Get involved.

If you are interested in anyway in helping with an event, contact one of the Board Members listed here. Again, thanks to all!!!

Phillip Noel, Vice President

photo of Michie Tavern
Michie Tavern
Annual Holiday Party
by Gary Hunter          Posted 2016 Feb 12

Once again, the Porsche Holiday Party was a pleasant opportunity to gather with fellow Porsche enthusiasts in the historic ambiance of Michie Tavern. We were warmly welcomed by manager and fellow Porsche enthusiast, Sam Morris, who hosted and poured beverages during the pre-dinner hour. Jim Condon graciously provided a photo presentation of the past year's driving events to spark conversation among those gathering. When dinner was ready, we were invited to gather at tables for a traditional Southern fried chicken meal. The evening would not have been complete without Rick Ebinger reviewing the past years autocross events. Congratulations go out to the following:

  • Class Improved, Fastest Overall Auto-crosser for 2015:Jeffery Elmore
  • Class Improved, Driver of the Year: Jonathan Newhall
  • Class PO4 2004 911 Turbo: Richard Gray
  • Class PO5 2014 Cayman: Charlie Passut
  • Class Ladies 2007 Cayman S: Sherry Westfall

Following the awards, "grab-bag" door prizes were awarded to the people lucky enough to have their names drawn from a hat. This event was another fine end to a year made better by the hard work of so many people. I find this is one of the best opportunities to gather with friends, catch up with acquaintances, and meet new members. Good job everybody!

Click here to see the photo gallery covering the December 6, 2015 Holiday Party.