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Good advice on car care, maintenance, and upgrades for your Porsche is available on both the regional and national levels. The PCA maintains an extensive archive of technical questions and answers for all models of Porsches. Chances are, if you have a question, it has already been dealt with on the PCA TECH site; and, if it hasn't been, you can submit a new question for a prompt and expert answer. Tech Tactics articles from the Shendandoah Region newsletter The Heat Exchanger are available from the archive below.

We have a tech session at every RPM and special tech sessions at other times. The photo above shows master technician Wayne Hall and Euroclassics Porsche service manager Chris Stone explaining what they look for in a Driver Ed tech inspection, using Alex Smith's GT3 on the lift as an example.

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HE Issue

Airbag Warning Stickers Jeff Elmore Sep 2007
All I Want For Christmas... Jeff Elmore Dec 2007
Antenna Fix Jeff Elmore Jun 2009
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Brakes Jeff Elmore Jun 2007
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Cleaning your Wheels and Engine Jeff Elmore Jun 2008
Clear Film Protection Bill Sanders Sep 2009
Detailing your Car Jeff Elmore Apr 2008
Engine Cooling Robert Overholser Sep 2006
Garage-Door-Opener Remote Control Jeff Elmore Jul 2007
The Importance of Genuine Porsche Maintenance Chris Stone Jul 2006
M96/M97 Engines–I Jeff Elmore Apr 2009
M96/M97 Engines–II Jeff Elmore May 2009
On-Board Diagnostic Codes Jeff Elmore Mar 2007
Paint-Chip Repair Jeff Elmore Jan 2009
Plastic Model Scripts Jeff Elmore Aug 2007
Porsche Technology 2009: PDK and DFI Jeff Elmore Nov 2008
Products That Worked (2008) Jeff Elmore Dec 2008
Revitalizing Black Plastic and Rubber Trim Mark Lee Aug 2006
A Rolling Toolbox/Workbench Jim Condon Feb 2011
Short-throw Shifters Jeff Elmore Jul 2008
Soft-touch Interiors Jeff Elmore Aug 2008
Spare Tire for 2005+ Porsches Jeff Elmore Oct 2008
Taking Tunes With You Jeff Elmore Feb 2008
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Tops and Back Windows Jeff Elmore Oct 2007
The TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) Blues Jeff Elmore Nov 2007
Updating the lights on your 986/996 Jeff Elmore Sep 2008
Wax on, wax off Jeff Elmore May 2008