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Every year the Shenandoah Region PCA organizes several group driving tours and fun rallies over the many scenic and twisty back roads in our hilly region that are perfect for Porsches. Most tours begin at 10 AM on Saturday mornings in the spring, summer, and fall. From the starting point of a tour, everyone simply follows the leader along a preplanned route to the chosen destination. There is usually a stop for lunch, and the tour group returns in the afternoon. Fun rallies differ from tours in that cars leave the starting point individually at intervals of several minutes and follow written directions instead of a lead car. For photos and links to news articles about past tours, check out the photo gallery.

One of the real challenges of organizing a tour is actually coming up with an idea for one or more destinations, and an interesting route. Luckily, Virginians are blessed with an abtndance cultural, historic, and natural points of interest, together with some of the best Porsche roads in the country. Virginia's Travel Blog contains a wealth of information on destinations, festivals, wineries, natural wonders, places of historic importance, and a number of suggested tours.

If you are interested in helping to organize a tour for you fellow Club members, or simply looking for some good possibilities for your own Porsche adventure, please give this a look.

Arrivng at the Saudé Creek Winery (click here for details)

If you just want to get away for a day or weekend trip on your own, check out some of our members' favorite Tours & Trips in the Shendandoah region. If you have a favorite drive or destination, please post it to share with other members, by contacting the Shenandoah Region Tour Chair at The Club is in process of building an on-line library of favorite individual drives, tours, and related photos, and looks forward to your contribution!

photo of Janis Joplin's 356
Marty Doherty admiring Janis Joplin's 356
The photo on the right shows Janis Joplin's psychedelic 356 displayed at the Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art, part of a weekend tour that include a visit to the Ingram Collection and a presentation by Vic Elford (click here to see the whole photo gallery).

Volunteer to lead a tour:

If you have been a member of the SRPCA for any length of time, most likely you have heard one or more people say, "The life blood of the Club is the talent and energy of our volunteers." That is particularly true regarding leadership of drives and tours, enjoyable activities that combine driving in company with other members who share your passion and perhaps exploring a road not previously taken.

In addition to the Virginia Blog mentioned above, the web sites listed below offer several viewpoints on three-season scenic drives within Virginia. Whether for your own enjoyment, or hopefully as an inspiration to put a tour together, enjoy the beautiful "Porsche Roads" of Virginia!

If you are interested in learning more about what is involved in leading a tour, or would be willing to "get your feet wet" by helping another member do so, please contact the Tour Chair at

Whether a veteran of the Club willing to take on an overnight adventure, or interested in a first effort involving an afternoon drive, you may be sure that support and advice is readily at hand throughout the planning process and during the event!

The Porsche-only private car on the Cass Scenic Railroad (click here for the story of the "Wild and Wonderful West Virginia" tour)

Adult participants must sign the waiver form that will be provided at each driving event. Minors may attend PCA events only if their parents bring the appropriate parental-release waiver forms. There are PDF forms for minors as observers only or for minors in restricted areas, riding or driving.